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BUCK: Without a doubt, I would definitely say we are America’s best looking couple, for a fact, hands down. COMM: For Buck and Michelle Miller, fitness is their business and the personal trainers
and competitive body builders certainly don’t lack confidence. BUCK: If there was a competition for the world’s best looking couple I would sign up right
now. We’re a power couple, making power moves, we’ve established a foundation, we know our
expectations, we just continue to grow. COMM: Body obsessed Buck, aged 26, and his wife Michelle spend a staggering £50,000
each year on manicures, pedicures, hair cuts, tanning, gym membership and supplements. Along
with their punishing schedule – which can see them visiting the gym up to six times
a day – 33-year-old Michelle has had surgery to enhance her appearance. MICHELLE: I went from a C34, to a double D. I had surgery done because of having
a child my body changed and I wasn’t happy about the appearance. MICHELLE: For a guy, great, he can build that chest but for a woman…you will lose your
breasts. Having plastic surgery definitely made a big impact on keeping my femininity, that was important to me. COMM: Pictures and mirrors adorn almost every wall of the image obsessed couple’s Las
Vegas home as they constantly strive to improve their physiques. BUCK: Every time we walk by a mirror we look, not because we’re cocky, but just because
you’re always critiquing yourself. We keep pictures of us around the house from our shows
as motivation. BUCK: That’s a reminder to never ever get comfortable with myself. Never get comfortable.
Cause people would die to have that. To me, that’s fat, I need to get lean ten times better than, I know that sounds crazy, but that’s just our mentality. BUCK: If someone were to say to me I’m vain… there’s two responses. If they were being
smart about it I would tell them to take off their shirt, and I’ll take off my shirt
and I would ask them to repeat what they just said. And then if they were being sincere
about it and very curious, I would be like listen, I don’t question that you
go out every Friday night, you drink, I don’t talk negative about your lifestyle, don’t
talk negative about mine. I don’t hate on your lifestyle, don’t hate on mine. MICHELLE: I can’t see anybody that look at their self in a positive way saying you’re
vain. But I can see it coming from somebody that wasn’t happy with their self. COMM: And they’re aware that people check them out wherever they go. BUCK: When we’re together it’s just you know people look, people look, I mean if you guys were
to follow us walking down the strip or in a grocery store, or even if we take our son to Chuck-E-Cheese,
everyone’s just looking like holy cow that is one jacked couple. MICHELLE: I work hard for it. But I still manage to look like a woman, so it’s nice.
You can still have muscles. Muscles are sexy. MICHELLE: One more. BUCK: That was good. Let’s see who’s got better abs real quick. COMM: Despite the amount of time the couple spend on looking their best, they still have
the full support of their 12-year-old son, Kyler. KYLER: Yeah I’d love to look like my dad, he’s a bodybuilder so that’s what he’s
supposed to look like, he’s supposed to look really fit nice, big, other words. …..Right
now I think I’m coming close. COMM: And for Buck and Michelle the hard work and sacrifices they make for their appearance
are completely worth it. BUCK: When you you think about it, it’s like who wouldn’t want a million bucks, who wouldn’t
want an eight pack and a small waist? Who wouldn’t want a nice butt and nice legs?
There’s people that would give an arm to have my body. MICHELLE: Confident not cocky. BUCK: We’re different, we stand out. I have yet to see a jacked couple like us. I have
yet to see a couple that imitates our lifestyle. And we’re not trying to prove anything to
anyone, it’s just who we are.

24 thoughts on ““We Are America’s Best Looking Couple”

  1. No one would give an arm to look like you, his comments are weird. I don't usually say this but there comes a point when you can go too far with something. I think this couple has in regard to their looks.

  2. There can be some really nice looking people and their attitude makes them so ugly. Then you can have some that just don’t know how good looking they are and their attitude makes them even better looking. My step daughter sucks at singing. Her dad always said she sang great. Had he just been honest with her she could have explored other things to find out what she really was good at. He said she was pretty too . . .

  3. I mean most muscular couple I don’t know about best most good looking couple. There’s tons of beautiful women that are competition to her. He not even all that.

  4. Just look at her face when he says; Who wouldn't want a nice butt and legs?" She seems so unhappy… 3:37

  5. the attitudes/egos are ridiculous, check out wrestling couples in real life most of them are not only jacked but nice looking people and as well have nice personalities

  6. Not "cocky"? Yeah right! Bodybuilders have to be cocky and a little self-obsessed. It's just the nature of the sport, there's nothing wrong with that. I do have to say the guys attitude irks me the wrong way a little bit.

  7. they're leaving out the fact that they're both on ROIDS. They are the ones who are vain and insecure, needing to use drugs to try and imitate people in bodybuilding magazines.

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