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Some of you all want it but you’re not even prepared for this shit. Preparation meets opportunity. Why are you so easily distracted? You may look at this as, that’s impersonable .. .. That’s emotional .. .. That’s this that’s that. We are here to produce RESULTS. The reason that you are there, is to produce results. Some people are so desperate for friends, Some people are so desperate to connect, You get off of your focus and steer away from your gift.. Focused, producing results Not letting your emotions get the best of you. So why are you threatened and insecure? About what everyone else has and their blessings and their opportunities Have you even spend enough time? To mold and shape and focus on your own gifts and talents and your craft? There you are mad and jealous about what somebody else is doing.. And you don’t even focus on your own shit. When you’re about to focus on your craft You dropped your craft … To go focus on some bullsh*t. You are one text message, phonecall, or one rumor .. .. Or one personal conversation away from somebody fking up your focus. I work hard. I never sleep!! You’re gonna either be on this train Or you gonna be knocked the fk out. Unapologetically I am going to get rid of all things, people and situations That are a distraction away from my vision. I am here with a PURPOSE. I will stop at nothing!! When you have a vision for your life Other people will not have that same vision So they will pass on you. It’s on us. We are here to produce results.

43 thoughts on “WE ARE HERE FOR RESULTS

  1. As you may have read on instagram, many people have asked for two youtube videos a week, so I've been working to make it happen and start uploading twice a week. Every Wednesday and Sunday as usual. Let's grow!!

    ''The reason that you're here is to produce results. Some people are so desperate for friends, so desperate to connect.. You get off of your focus and steer away from what you gotta do.'' #StayFocused

  2. PERFECT!! Just when I was loosing focus on my goal, just saw an youtube notification from Nick Vision and
    I clicked it. And as always, Nick Vision always got your back!

  3. Ese cuerpo se alcanza con muchos años de entrenamiento y disciplina aparte de fármacos suplementación y dieta estricta

  4. Dammmm….. This was so on point and spot on. F🤬🤬K everybody's drama and negativity. Stay Away !!!!!!

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