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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Honestly you don’t look like the vegan that I see in my head when I think vegan. – I actually left my hemp jacket at home. (laughing) (rock music) – This week we’re gonna live
like vegan bodybuilders. – I am the polar opposite of vegan. I used to work at a barbecue smokehouse.
(buzzes) – So I was a vegetarian
for the longest time, but when I got really into
fitness and I wanted to build muscle mass, I
switched over to eating meat. Because I figured that was
the kind of protein I needed. – Switching to all plant based is something that I’ve never done. And I don’t know how my
body’s going to react to it. – I want to learn how to
get the protein that I need without eating any animal products. – All right, let’s meet
the Vegan bodybuilder. – What’s going on guys.
My name is Nimai Delgado. I am a Vegan professional bodybuilder. I was raised Vegetarian, so
I have never consumed meat. About three years ago I did convert fully from vegetarian to vegan. There are myths. Especially when it comes to bodybuilding or fitness in general. You’d be surprised at how many delicious plant based foods there are out there. Tacos, pizza, nowadays you
can vegan-ize anything. All right, so you guys ready to start? – Yes.
– Yep. – The first is a workout. It’s a seven day workout. It’s gonna be pretty intense. And to go along with
that is the meal plan. The intent of this plan
is to keep you full, to keep you satisfied. Because one of the benefits
of plant based nutrition is that you do eat more volume. – This all looks good.
– Looks manageable. – All right, so I think
you guys are all set up. You guys are ready to go. If you guys have any
questions regarding your diet, your training, feel free to
reach out to me at any time. Don’t hesitate. Because I want you guys to feel
as good as I feel right now. – When I first saw the plan I was like these are a lot of meals. I’m trying to find, like,
the tempeh and the tofu. I’ve never felt more lost
in a supermarket in my life. – The first day, it was kinda hard. I mixed up this vegan protein powder, and to be honest, it tastes
like grainy play dough. I think the food will be better than this. – I think it took me off guard because I’d had to meal prep more. So I just stocked up my fridge. Full of vegan deliciousness apparently. Quinoa and lentils and some flaxseeds. I’m gonna fail. I’m not gonna, I don’t
think I’m gonna make it like three days. – [Swatsi] Doing the whole meal prep because this takes so long to cook that I won’t be able to
do it in the morning. – The first day I really, I fucked up. After I made my last meat meal last night, I sat down on the couch,
started to watch some TV, and was gonna get up and
prep and I passed out. I ended up having to go to a veggie grill for my first lunch meal. Just really disappointed in myself. I bought a boat load of food yesterday and I just didn’t prep it cause
I got lazy and I passed out. – So when I lived my life as a vegetarian, I assumed that I would be
acclimated to a vegan diet. It wasn’t so bad today. I have noticed that I am
getting a little crampy. Because I guess it’s a lot of fiber and I’m not used to that. – I know this is gonna sound gross. I’ve been pooping and farting a lot more. – It took a while, for me
to like get used to it. I didn’t expect that. (rock music) – Doing the workouts and
eating the food I was eating, I found that my body was
taking longer to recover. I feel tired. My muscles just don’t feel
like they’re recuperating or recovering enough. I think that was a combination
of my body cleansing itself. – The workouts, they
were along the same lines of what I usually do myself anyway. I’m walking back from the gym and I don’t feel any
more tired than usual. No fatigue on a vegan diet. – The first couple days the
food that I made was very bland. I’m about to have my
first homemade vegan dish. Here it is. Franklin does not look
impressed to be honest. Normally he gets really
excited when I put food down. – Most people have the
delicious catered lunch and I’m having this. It’s not bad. But like, it’s not as delightful
as Kaya Street Kitchen. – I realized that there’s
certain things I can substitute. Like instead of burgers
I can have portobello. So just made, finish making dinner. Got some tofu with sweet
potato crisps I made. Picking and choosing certain vegetables to go with each meal, really
brought out the flavor. – So we had Chinese food for lunch and basically this is what I could have. If I were to eat it. But I couldn’t even have that
cause I fucked my meals today. I’m glad to be out of the office, because honestly, it’s
really hard when you have all these really good snacks
just kind of sitting there. The workouts are good. They’re intense. It’s hard to not rest
as much as I usually do. (rock music) I definitely felt better
throughout the week. I guess my body just got used
to the food I was eating. – I ended up doing more night workouts because I didn’t have the
energy that I normally have. By day five, I started to
get this rush of energy. I feel really good actually. I think my body, still wants to eat meat. But I think that, going forward, I’m going to eat less
of it during the week. – Today is the last day
and I’m not gonna lie, it was hard. But, I’ve adapted and I’ve
become a better vegan chef. Moving forward, I mean,
I’m probably not gonna really ever commit to being 100% vegan. But, at least I know that there’s more vegan options out there. I also wanted to take the time
to kind of dispel some myths. It’s something that I hear a lot in general from vegans on the internet. You can’t say you care about
this if you’re eating meat. You know, we do care. It’s just hard when you’ve
grown up a certain way. – Today was, is, the
last day of eating vegan. Beginning of the week was really tough. You know, my body took a while to adapt, to get used to eating this type of food. As the week progressed, I
just felt, I felt better. I felt cleaner, I felt healthier. Overall I think my view of being a vegan has
changed significantly. – As someone who’s interested
in fitness, it’s good to know that you can be vegan and
put on that muscle mass. – It’s made me realize
that I don’t need to eat so much meat. Being vegan is definitely not easy. But it’s something that anybody can do and everybody should try. Because you can be a total
badass and be a vegan. You can be a fucking
bodybuilder and be vegan. (techno music)

100 thoughts on “We Became Vegan Bodybuilders For A Week

  1. “ I do care, but it’s hard because I have grown up a certain way”

    Um most people did not grow up vegan they switched later in life because they care more about their bodies than the difficulty of eating right.

  2. My problem with being vegan is when it turns it a self-pitying snowflake ideology. Then it gets incredibly annoying.

  3. Lmao this guy may be vegan but he’s definitely not that big because of him being vegan. He is on steroids.

  4. Show me tribal communities that prep all their food and squares it away in Tupperware containers in the fridge for the week ahead

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  6. Jeeze so many excuses as to why you "can't" do it. And a week is not that long. Please update this with a proper vegan challenge with people who actually want to do it. 🙄

  7. What is the point of vegan bodybuilding if balanced diet lets you enjoy more food take less artificial pills and have the same training results.

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  9. Just wanna put this out there because I hear it all the time. Been vegan isn't hard, it's easy and going vegan was one of the easiest things I have ever done. I did love meat and cheese and milk, but I couldn't lie to myself and say I cared about animals or the environment and continue to eat the things I ate. To be fair I could already cook and learning to cook vegan wasn't difficult. Every time someone has a doughnut or is eating cheese and I feel like I wish I could have some, I remember why I went vegan, Animals don't suffer and die for me anymore and that is the most freeing and liberating feeling.

  10. I m vegetarian, girl 15y and I want to build muscle but i don t know if being vegetarian is a problem. Can anyone help me ?

  11. Veganism is pretty simple, I appreciate that we all come from different places, our diet can be important because of culture, family, convenience etc. The environmental and ethical issues we've been born into aren't our faults, but they are 100% our responsibility. The question is what do you desire more, animal products in your diet or helping the planet, animals and your own health?

  12. How are you going to say FACT when you say the vegan diet MAY give you those certain benefits? Grasping at straws I see…

  13. i’m lactose intolerant, i don’t like seafood, and i feel like i could give up meat, but i would struggle trying to give up products that contain eggs tbh

  14. You can't feel tired bc of your diet after 3 days. If you feel tired it's probably bc of the diet you had for your entirely life before going vegan. It's common sense duh

  15. Nothing changes or happens or is different when you do vegan for 1 week.
    To change something you have to go to sleep and maybe just maybe after a few weeks you finally will be able to have a dream about what vegan does to you but then you wake up and realize vegan is BS. Focus your mind and it will eventually happen. 🙂


  17. Awesome you guys had the courage and discipline to try this, but for future reference, one weeks is not long enough to get adjusted or to see any lasting results!

  18. I stopped being vegan a month ago for like a week, because I had to eat meat to add blood because my blood pressure is too low (10'1) so I was forced to eat meat by the doctor until a week later because I feel bad eating meat bleh it's not even that good

  19. I think I'll stay on top of the food chain and I'm absolutely loving it!

    I respect the vegans total 0 on animal products and you can see the result of what they do. their skin and weight are the proof.. Im sure it takes a lot of discipline.

    The vegetarian on the other hand is diffident.. Veg veg veg and there they are eating French fries and mozzarella sticks, fried pickles . Hey I'll skip the meat but give me the whole bowl of mash potato and top it sour cream, scallions and go heavy on the cheese. I've seen it a lot of time 5,2" 200lbs vegetarian for the past 5 years.
    Sorry I got carried away 😮

  20. There is no problem wit bein vegan or vegitarian at all but i think its impossible to get that mass without enhancing drugs or steroids. Imma give u guys a fact animals who eat plant based food are the biggest animals on land but they have to eat at least 18 hours straight to continue growth or stablize there weight. So if u r doin a vegan diet u would have to eat most of the day to be a body builder. Im sorry but its fact. It is POSSIBLE but the body builder would have to eat for HOURS to grow muscle masss.

  21. “One of the benefits of plant based diet is you do eat more volume” never once heard anybody on a bulk complaining they want to eat more. Literally everybody hates the amount you have to eat and this guy is trying to sell you have to eat more than meat eaters as positive 😂😂😂 yeah good try bro

  22. The vegan body builder is on steroids he claims Natty but all the exposing channels have proved he's not. You can get that big naturally vegan or not.

  23. So I love these videos but they never do anything with a budget in mind. For instance, I'm in college and I can't spend too much on groceries yet I still created a diet and lost 30lbs. These meat substitutes are all expensive and while I want to aim for a more vegetarian diet, I can't when chicken is so cheap where I am.

  24. I’m fine with vegetarians but what’s the point of not eating animal products as well with vegans? I get that some animals on farms aren’t treated right but protest the government to pass a law to make them get treated better because THAT’S how it’s going to change! Besides, some animals were literally evolved by humans to produce products for humans to eat like milk and eggs. Like being vegan isn’t going to save the animals so stop with all that bs and do something that will actually help

  25. It would've been cool to see how you both felt after a month of trying it out. Curious to know how you both feel about it now a couple years on!

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