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For the conductor… Um… You’re not allowed to use your baton and you gotta conduct via dabbing. TwoSet takeover. With Melbourne Youth Orchestra 2019. Well, we’re here today with the… MYO, Melbourne Youth Orchestra summer camp 2019. It’s been awesome. We have just been going around… Meeting all the ensembles, different ensembles. There’s concert bands. There’s orchestras and string ensembles. – Oh, yeah. So…
– Oh, yeah. What we did with them was a bunch of challenges, we call it the Ling Ling workout. And we… Pick a piece that they’re learning now, and we present a challenge to them. Unorthodox challenges that you’ll never usually do. – Yeah.
– On a daily basis. So… Makes the music more… – Interesting.
– Interesting. Hi, everyone! – Good Morning!
– Hi! Is there anyone watches our videos? Just… – Okay, cool
– Wow, that’s nice. Um… You guys might know this thing called the… Ling Ling workout. Yes. Yes? If you – Yeah, if you guys don’t know what it is, basically it’s a… You have pieces you can play and then we randomly select… We will select the piece and then we’ll select the challenge. And we’ve never done it on an orchestra scale. It will be really fun to see how it turns out. So, if you guys seen the videos, you guys know what challenges might come up. Alright, let’s see. Which guys do you – Which one do you guys want to play? *Shouting different ideas* How brutal do you guys want it? Like 100%! *Shouting answers* – The swap one?
– The swap one. Okay. Alright, swap the instruments around, left hand right hand reverse. Three, four. Oh, this is terrible! Okay. Alright, guys. Alright, I think that’s – I think that’s as difficult as it will get for the Ling Ling workout. – You got five minutes.
– Five minutes? Okay. Let’s do one that’s more relaxed, not so intense. – Double speed.
– Would you guys have – Oh, double speed would be pretty cool. – Oh. Double speed.
– Yeah, that’s a good one. One, two, three, four! Woah, that was good. Nice one, guys. Oh, wow, okay. – TwoSet!
– TwoSet! TwoSet! Woah! Thank you! – Thank you!
– Thanks, guys! Alright, let’s try this one. Um… Do you guys know Lindsey Stirling? Okay. Um… Okay, probably not that extreme because we’re all in chairs and I don’t want like people kicking each other. But the idea I had was like I think it would be awesome if everyone just… Moves like insanely while having to play. Like you’re in the spotlight. You’re like… Rock it out. – Be careful you don’t hit each other.
– Yeah. – So don’t –
– Please. Oh, yeah, okay. Woah, woah, woah. – Oh, okay.
– Oh, yes! Yes! Yeah! – The viola side!
– Ohh! That’s a party. – Ayy!
– Ayy! That was awesome. Okay. Thank you everyone. Oh, that was so fun. You guys sounded great. And – We’ll go to your concert at one o’clock. – Yes. See you guys soon.
– Yes. See you guys there. Bye, bye. – Fantastic. Thank you!
– Bye, bye! Great, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. – Hello.
– Hello, hello. Hi, Eddy. Nice to meet you. Good. Great. Okay. So… You guys are wondering what’s happening. Hmm. We don’t know what’s gonna happen either, so… It’s this thing called the… Ling Ling workout. We’ve never done over concert band and this might be the first and last time. So, yeah, so we got your pieces. Select your pieces. And we’ve got a set of challenges for you guys just to see what… – What happens.
– What happens. Yeah. What happens. That’s basically it. Um… Everyone looks really nervous. That’s the quietest group for the loudest instruments. Amazing Grace. I know what we are gonna do for that one. It’s awesome. Beautiful. Alright. Um. – Okay.
– We have one in mind. I’m just trying to think how to adapt it to percussions. Let’s make it one mallet. One mallet? Okay, one mallet each. – Okay.
– Alright. Alright. Now this is where it is gonna get interesting. You want to explain it? Just the mouthpiece. And just the reed. Yeah, there we go. Oh, here we go. 1, 2. Well, that was suspense in the air. Wow, that’s awesome. I feel – I feel like… The brass sounded like you could hear like – the humming of the pitch.
– I know. And then the clarinet… The clarinet sounded like dying seagulls. And then the flutes just made it sound like a horror film. Dude, I think we’re good. Time? – Yeah.
– Three minutes.
– Three minutes? Dang, okay. Any questions? Anyone? Wanna ask us anything? – Oh here, we got one.
– How did you both get into music? – Asian parents.
– Yeah. I can’t remember how I got into music. No. It’s exactly that. Asian parents, yeah. If you had to, would you rather learn the viola or not learn music at all? Oh man. – Oh man.
– I’m glad it’s a band, the concert band. Um… I don’t know – *Eddy sighs* Okay, okay. – Okay, no, I wanna –
– Okay. Define not learning music. – Yeah.
– Like can I still listen to and enjoy music? No. – I would cop it. I would play the viola.
– I would learn to play the viola. Yeah. But if I could still enjoy music and not play an instrument, I’ll probably not learn the viola. That’s a secret. Cool. Okay, we got to run. – That’s good, time’s up.
– Thank you, guys. – Thanks, guys. See you guys later.
– You guys sounded awesome. Okay, so… We have 15 minutes to do something fun. So we thought… Sorry, we don’t have fun in this room. – Oh…
– Oh, no… Keep focusing, guys! – Keep focusing!
– Keep focusing… – We got the best one.
– The best one for it. Only the first finger on the left hand. You wanna make it more painful? – Yeah.
– Yeah, let’s do it. We’re gonna go at this speed. One and two and. Boring. Boring. Let’s do fast. No!! One, two. One and two! Aw… Can we do just for fun… Can we do nine? No… Oh my god. Okay. One and two and! Okay. Wow. That was amazing. Cellos and basses, you guys did that one really well. – Yeah. Well done!
– I’m very impressed. Violins… Hmm… Violas… Hmm… Cool, anyway we’re gonna go guys. But, thank you for participating. – Alright.
– Thank you. Cool. That was so nice. We forgot. We’re sort of listening the whole time. We’re thinking the cellos will just do it on one string. C string. – Everything on the C string?
– Yup – Yup. C string.
– What? – And then…
– Basses everything on the E string. Basses on the E string. He said no way. For violins and violas… Just the left hand first finger. One and two and one and two and – The violin’s alright. Smashing it. I had a feeling they were gonna – I need something else. Cellos are crying. – That was awesome.
– That was pretty good like… You guys are the group that I think nailed most of the challenges. If you can play slowly, you can play it quickly. – Yeah, that’s right.
– If you play it slowly, you can play it quickly. Um, okay, guys, thanks for coming. I mean… Yeah, thanks for participating. I was talking to myself. – Big thank you gentlemen. Thank you so much.
– I know. Thank you. – Thank you. Thank you very much.
– You’re welcome.
– Good job. See you guys around. – Great work. See you.
– Thank you.
– Thank you so much. Just the mouthpiece. And the reed. We need something for the percussion! And the percussion. Grab Shane’s drumsticks. Yeah, you guys are *inaudible* team work. Alright. One, two, three, four. Ooh!!! – Ooh!!!
– Oh god! Ooh! – That’s the worst idea ever.
– Ooh! Ooh! Yeah! – Woo!
– It sounds like a zoo. So many animals. But thank you guys so much for participating. It was fun. Alright. Let’s do it but uh… Double the speed. The viola working – – Okay, that’s cool.
– Wow. Wow. Wow. Cool. – Thank you.
– Yay! Thanks, guys. Okay, we’ve got one idea. We’re not sure if cellos and basses might have something. We’re thinking of – When you guys are playing it’s quite still, right? So let’s try… Do you guys know what a squat is? Yeah. Do we know what squats are? Yeah… Yeah, okay. One, two, off we go! Can we add some swaying hips to that? No! No! Or do you want to lift your legs? Da da da da da da da da~ Three, go! Okay. That’s it? Okay, oh, I had a good one. One more! One more! No, I think we have – Okay, okay. We have to – I think we have to bounce. One, two, three… – Cheese!
– Cheese! Let’s rock! El Rocko. Hmm. We’re gonna step it up. You guys ready? Do you guys know Lindsey Stirling? – Yes!
– No… No…? Basically, we want you guys to move a lot. – And stand up.
– A lot. And stand up if you can. But make sure you don’t – Just don’t hit each other please. Just improvise. Dance as much as you can. That’s right. Yeah. I wanna see some hips shaking, legs raising. Spins. Yes, squatting. Do whatever you want. Let’s rock! Now they’re enjoying themselves too much. Look at the cellos. – Yeah!
– Oh, yeah! Look at the legs. Something’s happening. Yeah. – Good job. Alright.
– Cool. Yeah! – Alright.
– Nice, Alright. Thank you, guys. Keep it up! Keep it up, guys! That was awesome. Thank you. Thanks. Woah… – Are you ready?
– Just to clarify… Yeah? This is challenge number one that the MYO symphony orchestra is giving to TwoSet Violin which is to play the violin parts of our Kabalevsky Colas Breugnon Overture sul G. On the G string! Oh god. Is it just us? It is just us. The rest of us will play it as written, – we’ll give them some moral support.
– Okay, thank you, thank you. I got the page turn. So I need you to do an extra quest, which is the same thing but all up bows please. Oh, okay. Same piece? Yes! That was so hard. Winds, just the mouthpiece. Strings, violins, first finger only on the G string. Violas, first finger only on C string and cellos same thing. Basses first finger on the E string. And percussions, you guys are tricky. I think you guys should face the other way. Who’s playing the marimba? Oh, no, no, no! And we got to give one to the conductor. For the conductor… You are not allowed to use your baton and you got to conduct via dabbing. Only if you are okay… So it’s like…Yeah, like 45 degrees. How do you explain a dab like… It’s kind of like a 45 degree. Yeah, like that. Okay. Look at that kid. Okay, okay. Thank you guys! Thank you everyone! Okay, thanks guys! Hey guys, we hope you enjoyed that video. But we have a quick little announcement. Do you like classical music? Yay! Do you like to have fun? Yeah! Do you like to laugh and maybe meet other people that like music? Yeah! Well… Announcement time! TwoSet Violin world tour is coming to an end. We have four final shows. So if you haven’t seen it yet… We want to see you there. Yes. Houston and Philadelphia are pretty much sold out. Well, Philadelphia is definitely sold out. We have St. Paul and… Atlanta left! Guys, this is a show that we worked on for the last 1.5 years. – Yup, constantly refining it.
– And definitely not – Yes, and definitely not to be missed and never to be seen again! – Yes.
– So… Please we’ll see you guys there.

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  1. I wasn't expecting them to go to concert bands too. But when they said just mouth pieces i took my earbuds out and turned the volume down i knew it was going to be loud 😂😂 flutes are so screechy and the reed instruments are so squeeky 😂😂

  2. I feel sad and happy, sad because they learned music at a young age compared to me my parents can't afford music schools like this I don't know if I am called a musician because I don't know how to read a music note, only the basic. lol, self-taught and watching tutorials on youtube. happy because I am inspired to learn something new in my life I played guitar and basic in piano, I want to participate in an orchestra using violin or viola.

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  5. Lmfao, do Asians realize that being called Ling Ling is an insult? Like I don't know if that's actually a legitimate ethnic name in some of their languages or something but I do hope that they realize that non Asian people calling them Ling Ling isn't meant to be a compliment. That's like my black ass doing a Shaniqua challenge. Like yeah, Shaniqua is a legitimate name in African American communities but I understand that a non black person making jokes concerning this name is not a compliment, lmfaooo. Folks are laughing AT you, not WITH you. Be proud of your names and stop making them into jokes.

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  7. I want to do this. I mean, us Mallet Percussionists are kinda lonely. Drummers are a bit wild, Electric basses hurt our ears, so playing whilst fooling around sounds cool.

  8. No offense to ensemble 8 but… Land of The Roaring Lion made my ears bleed. No ling ling challenge needed. It was already that bad. Ok… I guess they are kids… but when I started orchestra, there were kids younger than me (mind you I was 6-7 at the time) that could play better than me. You could say I was jealous, well I was, but I would say it was because those kids were like full-on Asian, all stereotypes included.

  9. I'm actually thinking that Brett and Eddy might have been more nervous than the kids :))))) The kids were soooo cute though! Loved the video <3

  10. The last conductor could dab easily on a slow(tip of you want to try it yourself):
    Dab on the first beat with your left elbow up, then right elbow, then switch side with the left elbow, right elbow downards after this you should be able to point the right direction

  11. When I heard the tan tan tan tantatan tan tan I KNEW IT WAS SPARTACUS I played it this year and it was one of my orchestras favorite pieces.

  12. it’s so sad how all these orchestra directors actually teach the students how to properly hold the bow/instrument and posture but my orchestra director doesn’t focus on how kids are holding the bow and all that. we still have students slouching a lot and just all sorts of things. it’s driving me crazy.

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