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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

8 thoughts on “Weed and the Gym: Just The Science

  1. I find weed and running are like coffee and cigarettes so mellow and relaxing, that's my point of view and experience.

  2. I think weed can make you very intense in whatever you do, but you have focus on actually doing it and then it can be powerful. Focusing though is difficult, but it's doable.
    What I do a lot is go workout after downing some edibles, by the time they kick in I'm mostly finished, do some stretching already high with some great music, then go to the sauna. When I get home I have to carry my bike and stuff up to the 4th floor, which is pretty difficult after a legday for example, but when I'm high I can unfocus my mind from the carrying and totally ignore it and just arrive like it was nothing. As an example to my thesis

  3. Dopamine highjacking aint it. Thc also fucks up your testosterone. Its no longer normal weed its 20% thc and barely cbd. If you're gunna smoke go high cbd.

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