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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

alright guys I’ve got an upper body
strength workout for you today focusing on the chest and back we’re gonna be
sculpting out these areas by performing multiple sets fatiguing those muscles
and really a building nice lean strong muscles yeah so four consecutive sets
that means we’re gonna perform each move four times before moving on to the next
we’re gonna be alternating some intense cardio type movements in between these
exercises it’s gonna be intense you’re going to be feeling the burn so make
sure that you stick around and stretch out afterwards if you’re following my
free 12 week workout plan here on my channel then guys this is the last workout of phase number two I hope you’re feeling good and strong and ready
to pick things up a notch because phase three is starting next week and we’re
turning that intensity up all right guys let’s get started with that warmup alright guys that’s it if you’re
following my 12-week workout plan you just completed phase two of this
program congratulations give me a thumbs up
comment below let me know if that’s you and guys rest up get ready we’re jumping
into phase number three make sure you’ve subscribed and turn that notification
bell on so you don’t miss any of the new workouts I’ll see you guys real soon

63 thoughts on “Week 8 Day 5 //At Home Upper Body Workout // CHEST + BACK

  1. My shoulders are dead. The push-ups I had to finish on my knees. Thank you for the challenge. I can't believe it's been 8 weeks already! Wow!

  2. Danke liebe Heather für die tolle Workouts🙏🏻❤️💋
    Ich habe mehrere Fragen an dich:
    Wie gross bist du? Ich möchte mir ein Stability Ball kaufen und weiss nicht welche Grösse.
    Wie schwer sind deine Hanteln, die du beim Training benutzt hast?
    Ich danke dir für deine Antworten 🙏🏻😀❤️💋

  3. Week 8 🔥 Phase 2 🔥 Done!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Feeling stronger 💪🏾 Moving faster 💥 Such a great way to start my day! Thank you so much Heather….Bring on Phase 3!! 🤩

  4. W8D5….fatigued shoulders and back, accomplished; Need the weekend after that for sure! 8 weeks already…how did that even happen! have a great weekend and see you on Monday morning!

  5. Pushed myself today. Feeling stronger but mad I still struggle with pushups! Just realized last night this completes phase two. Phase 3 side from pushups I am ready for you and hoping to get even stronger so I can conquer these horrific pushups!

  6. Woo hoo completed week 8 of this 12 week program. I’m feeling great with upper body strength improving each week. Thank you Heather for this workout program and nutrition guide.

  7. On to Phase 4 – wow! What a program, sincerely loving everything about it. Have a beautiful healthy weekend everybody – thank you Heather for pushing me, challenging me, and a great program!

  8. Yes! 😅 Phase 2 complete. Awesome job everyone 👏 whose made it thus far! Everything's a little 🔥right now after that workout! Can't wait to see what phase 3 holds for us.💕😀

  9. My CRAB DANCE has improved to intermediate level! My family no longer laughs at my struggle. I should hit a Disco and flaunt my middle aged Mum moves! Yas!

  10. Since this challenge has started, I noticed I’ve become stronger, more energy, no need for excuses to workout & that I CAN DO IT!!! Thanks Heather💪💪💪

  11. Wow stage 2 finished and day 5 of week 8.
    Feeling so much faster and stronger
    Was a great workout to finish stage 2 of.. Loved the weights in the stability ball and the cardio moves too bug my crab ones aren't as fast lol
    Thank you for another great week of workouts
    So looking forward to stage 3, well I think I'm 😂
    Feeling so good and stronger 💪

  12. phase 2 complete! the 'kick it up a notch' phrase has me feeling both apprehensive and excited! can't wait. Heather, thank-you again!!

  13. Week 8 done! Can't that Phase 2 is over. Amazed that I stayed doing this even when I thought I couldn't. I have learned a lot about myself thru these 8 wks than any other time in my 59 years. Thanks for creating this challenge! 💕💪😍

  14. Time sure flies, I remember the early morning I hit the play button on day 1 week 1 of phase 1… now look at me 12 pounds down and 3 inches skimpier…looking forward to the final phase!!!

  15. W8D5☑️ I just can't hold my body on the pushups are so hard and is sad that just finished the second round and I have a really bad time with that

  16. I never before understood the importance of working your back, this work out was amazing, so well structured and went by quickly , thx for your hard work !

  17. W8 complete!!! Woohoo! A little scared cause I don't know what w9 holds but excited about the challenge cause if I make it through the 12 week challenge…I will be a "HR Warrior"!!!

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