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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey it’s Jeff Masterson with
and if you’re a skinny guy and you’re struggling to gain weight and build muscle and you’re
trying everything you can think of… You’re going to the gym… You’re eating more food…
You’re trying to eat the right food and you just can’t seem to make it work… Then what
I’m going to share with you in this video is going to make things a lot easier and it’s
going to pretty much double, maybe even triple your chances of gaining weight. And really, gaining weight is not a matter
of chance it’s a matter of having a plan and executing that plan and knowing – obviously
– having a good plan to begin with, alright? But today I’m going to give you 1 very important
tip that’s going to speed up your gains and just make the whole process a lot easier and
more enjoyable. So the big tip is to cook all your food ahead
of time and prepare all your food ahead of time. So it sounds very simple but it has
a huge, huge impact on your results and your life in general. So let me explain… So this right here is a little Ziploc container.
I have about – probably 50 of these things in my cabinets. And I use these to prepare
all my food. Pretty much everything can fit in here as a portion. Like if I’m cooking
rice… And my diet calls for… A certain meal is a cup of rice – maybe a cup and a
half of rice. Brown rice. I’ll put that cup and a half of brown rice in this, put the
lid on it, and put it in the fridge. So every week – usually on a Sunday – whatever
day for you is convenient – I cook all my food for the entire week. Everything I possibly
can that will keep in my refrigerator or that I can store in my cabinets. But you know,
I’ll cook a whole week of rice, put it in this container, same with my chicken – well
chicken doesn’t usually last a week. So maybe 3 or 4 days I’ll cook chicken… But things
like – what else – ground beef, meatballs and spaghetti, pasta, things like that will
keep in the fridge for a week and you’ve got your food ready to go, you can just grab and
go. Otherwise, what happens is, during the whole
week you’re just scrambling, right? You’re just like oh I got to eat this, or I’ve got
to cook this meal, or oh my god I don’t have time, then you know, that’s what happens. Then what happens is, you make excuses – You
find excuses as to why you’re not following your diet plan. Because that’s really what
it comes down to. Besides the weight training, of course the weight training is a whole different
topic. But the second half is your diet. And that’s like every day, you have to be following
your diet or your weight gain plan isn’t going to work very well, right? So anything you can do to make it easier to
follow your diet is going to increase your results. So literally I don’t do any cooking
during the week. The only thing I cook during the week is maybe eggs. And the rest of the
time I’m usually popping these things in the microwave. I know these plastic things might
be bad for you so before you pop it in the microwave you can just dump it on a plate
or whatever. But literally, microwave your meals and you’re
ready to go. So hopefully that helps and if you want to get more advice and tips on how
to gain weight and build muscle fast, go to and I’ll see you

57 thoughts on “Weight Gain Diet Advice For Skinny Guys

  1. wow It is very use full video to who wants to improve their body. because i had a lot of confusion in maintaining my body now i really very cleared thank you very much.

  2. Beef lasting for a whole week? Hmmm i like the ideaof this whole video, but people should NOT be eating week old meat. 2/3 days Max. You will get sick if you eat old meat people, no risking it, if you get sick, u wont be training AT ALL

  3. @GymMuch I've been doing this for a few years now and have not gotten sick once. I know a lot of bodybuilders who do the same thing. As I said in the video, chicken usually won't last a week, so I usually cook that twice a week. And if you're worried about the beef, then sure, cook twice a week instead, that's fine. It still beats cooking every day. The point is to cook as much food as possible ahead of time, as long as it stays fresh.

  4. @WeightGainNetwork Cool, thanks for the tip Jeff, You're definately right. Its all about preparation to get all your meals in a day. I sometimes eat Tuna, which is convenient for me because I go away for 4-5 days for work. Good video!

  5. I think if i did this I would get bored so quick, and most meals can be made in 20 minutes, Id much rather eat fresh food than knowing im coming home to a cold bit of meat everyday sorry

  6. @xPlantpoTx You say most meals can be made in 20 minutes. You're right. So 20 minutes x 6 meals a day = 2 hours a day you would spend cooking. So you're going to spend 2 hours of your life each day cooking? THAT sounds more boring to me. If you want to gain a lot of weight and get UNCOMMON results, you have to do some UNCOMMON things. Ya know?

  7. @GymMuch "You will get sick if you eat old meat people." Who is this guy and why is he eating people? How do you stay motivated? I find myself burning out after 2 weeks-2months.

  8. @danielmacroberts Every 8 weeks you should take a week or 2 break from diet and exercise and just chill out. There's a lot of benefits to this but one of them is to prevent "burnout" or overtraining. Also, you'll find it's pretty easy to stay motivated if you're getting results 🙂 If you're not getting results then you're doing something wrong.

  9. @BadAssBen78 LOL it must be the camera angle… Check out my channel and you'll see my before and after pictures…

  10. I think he's right, and I do exactly that, except the meats because I like to eat them freshly cooked, and a steak only takes about eight minutes. For the guy that said "You get sick if you eat old meat people", are you a moran? You must eat out a lot, because you obviusely dont know how long food keeps.
    I precook pinto beans, rice, veggies, potatoes and even eggs for breakfast burritos. As for the meats, I insert each steak or filet into a zip lock bag and into the freezer.

  11. DUDE your a hero men i read your blue print and ITS amazing all you say is true and i believe you i will do this i will follow your work and hope for good results 😀

  12. Left over food loses its vitality and plastic containers leach BPA into your food! Use glass containers and cook more frequently.

  13. this world is so racist towards skinny people, everything in the shops is made for fat fucks, literally everything says its light or 99% fat free i went to buy sour cream the other day and they dont even sell normal sour cream its all fucking light? what about skinny people? why cant there be products that say heavy? or 99% fat? WHY IS EVERYTHING MADE FOR FAT PEOPLE? i hope you fat people get even more fat cuz everything these days is invented for fat people and you stil cant loose weight

  14. even the internet is all for fat people, for example type any food that you can think of in google saying "is this food healthy" i bet you a million dollars when you click it the question doesnt say anything about healthy it says will it make me gain weight? im on a fucking diet and all this bullshit about being fat but nothing to do with if the food is healthy or not its either dont eat it cuz it has fat in it or its healthy cuz it doesnt have many calories and wont make u fat?

  15. what about skinny people tho? why couldnt it say its healthy but it will make you gain weight? i fucking hate fat people

  16. Hi umm, I've been working out for a couple months, I am about 5'8", and around 123 pounds. I have a couple problems. One, my biceps are really short, and there is like a 1.5 inch gap between them an my elbow so when I bend my arm my bicep like, hides under my shirt and you can't see it. Second, my legs are really skinny. My upperbody is not that skinny, but my calfs are really skinny. I'm always embarrassed to wear shorts, and stuff. Any tips? Thank you.

  17. Wow..helpful videos guy! i just subscribed and love the videos. my boyfriend would really appreciate these hes skinny and not very muscly yet and needs help for it.

  18. @zomgmage damn man i feel u on that one bro fukin hate that shit i lift weights like crazy but im skinny event though i lift alot thats why im trying to bulk up and then get cut

  19. @hazzaglitches man dude i have the same whole i feel you on that one man i hate it but when i started to work out my chest it stated to get less noticeable

  20. Hey Jeff I'm doing your weight gain blueprint. Look on my page for results. I've gained 3.6 pounds so far and it hasn't even been a week.

  21. @sunnycoast4558 i like how racist is substituted for everything with a connotation of "biased" , its making me ~loose~ my mind. but i do get your point about everything being made with fat fucks in mind

  22. HAHA!! i cracked up so hard when i herd that he prepares a weeks worth of food! SUCH A GREAT IDEA I'M GOING TO DO IT NOW THANK YOU!

  23. Hey, thanks for this advice. I am actually a woman who's trying to lose weight, but I am going to try to get my husband to eat more of these foods because (this is bad I know) he skips meals because of his job and is getting skinny looking, I'd like him to gain some sexy muscles, while I slim down and get sexy too!

  24. … alright, so, you know the word "racist" applies to "race," right? I mean, I'm not going to embarrass you if I inform you that fat people aren't a "race," am I?

  25. hey bro im 18 and i used to be 125 pounds im know 135 pounds after a month. however know it seems i dont gain anymore even though ive been eating alot of food any advice

  26. True. But not all 6 meals need to be cooked. Weight gain shakes, smoothies, I eat a lot of raw foods, etc. Besides, microwaves are unhealthy too. I haven't used a microwave in 8 years, I don't even have one in my house.

  27. @Jon Q – You can pre-cook them and then heat them up in a toaster oven. That's what I've been doing lately instead of using a microwave.

  28. i have a question, Okay so im about 0-2% body fat but im 5'11 and 140 lbs, and i wanna bulk up… But my questions is that if i eat like 2100 calories one day then the next eat 2600, can i go back down the next day to eating like 2200 calories and still gain weight? then just progress with that… i guess im trying to say if that one 2600 day is gonna throw off my shit?

  29. @McAdamskinsky – Long story short you will be hindering your progress if you don't eat enough calories every day.

    If you mess up one day and eat less calories, it's not the end of the world, you can still make gains… it's not an "all or nothing" deal, but the more often you can stick to your diet the better results you'll see.

  30. I have a question. Every time I try to gain weight by eating more, I end up getting really sick (the runs, nausea, etc.) I'll stay that sick for a day or two, and then I'll just give up. It's happened every time. And I don't totally overdo it. I eat maybe a second serving of my main meals, I eat brown rice and baked potatoes, kale, and drink milk. So it's nothing that's not nutritious, yet I always end up getting so sick. Is there a way to counteract this?

  31. I had a similar problem, a friend told me that sometimes that could happen because your body is trying to get used to your new diet, either that or you're eating too much and your body can't process everything with the amount of food you're eating.

  32. As of two weeks ago I've started making my food ahead of time and it's actually working out cheaper as well. Like last week it was mainly chicken, rice, green beans and broccoli. This week I'm having salmon, rice, maybe pasta, greens.

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