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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What is going on guys? Troy Adashun here with Muscle Tactics and
it has been a while. Hopefully you guys missed me, remember who
I am. But today we got a mission on our hands. We’re going to do a little bulking season,
shopping at the local Whole Foods Market. Many, many great battles in society. We have the Red Sox verse the Yankees. We’ve got the new budding rivalry – the Cleveland
Cavaliers verse the Golden State Warriors. Shark verse Tornado. Alien verse Predator. But no battle is bigger than my paycheck,
aka my debit card, versus Whole Foods in the middle of bulking season. We’re going to try to keep this under say
– I don’t know – 75-100 dollars and I’m going to show you guys some awesome foods that you
can pick out for some bulking season gains. So we are going to start this little adventure
off with some dessert foods. Is it the French people or – I don’t know
– what country do they eat dessert before the main food? I don’t know. Let me know in the comments below because
I cannot remember, but healthy desserts for bulking season. Now you want to stay away from all the bullshit
calories like the Oreos and Doritos and cheesecake. All those things, although they do have a
lot of calories, they’re going to plummet your testosterone levels, just going to mess
with your stomach, so if you guys want to indulge in something really good, I recommend
some dark chocolate. So this is still 420 calories. Got a lot of antioxidants, which helps your
body produce more testosterone. It is a win-win. You get those calories. You get to eat chocolate. And you’re increasing your testosterone. So I’m going to throw this in. All right, so this is probably the easiest
section to fill out a lot of calories, peanut butter, nut butter, cashew butter, almond
butter, pistachio butter, hazelnut butter, sunflower butter. All these different kinds of nut butters. There are a million different ones. I’m going to show you my top three because
I know if you’re at Whole Foods, there are a million different options. My three favorite during bulking season are
– this stuff is amazing right here. Raw cashew nut butter. It literally tastes like raw stuff. One time – like the first time I had it, my
uncle had it at his house and I probably ate this entire thing in a span of 24 hours. It’s got 2,000 total calories, so 72 grams
of protein, 160 grams of fat and really cal related, so really good for bulking season
gain. And oh my God, this stuff right here, I don’t
know what they put in it, but MaraNatha, MaraNatha, whatever her name is. MaraNatha, she makes some really good almond
butter. She’s somebody’s sweet old grandma and she
makes some very good almond butter, so what do they put in here? The good thing about this – look at this. Organic raw almonds. Hit my camera guy. Sorry. Organic raw almonds are one of the best foods
for bulking season especially when you’re training really intensely because there’s
not only the proteins and the healthy fats, but almonds are high in magnesium and when
you’re training, you’re sweating, you’re stressed out. Maybe you got a bunch of girlfriends you’re
trying to keep up with and one’s fighting with you. You’re mentally, physically stressed. All these things lower your testosterone levels,
so what happens is magnesium deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in men,
especially young guys who are trying to work a lot. You might be going to school, trying to move
up in your career. You’re trying to find your – all that bullshit. You’re stressed out. You’ve got a lot on your plate and naturally
your magnesium levels get depleted, so a good way to counteract that is some organic raw
almond butter every single day. These are my top two and last but not least,
I just got to go with probably – where is it. Putting me on the spot here. Oh, right here. This stuff is really good. It’s got a little bit of sugar, but these
three right here – perfect for bulking season. Give you a little bit of flavor variety. Can I just get some organic grass-fed beef? We got an E! True Hollywood Story. I’m just kidding. It’s from a movie. Never heard that. The guys like – he just has a camera crew
and they film him all day and he says that he’s filming an E! True Hollywood story. No, it’s the – I know that movie, but there’s
another one. I’ll think of it in a second. But can I just get a pound of the 95 percent
organic grass – just for my YouTube channel. We’re doing a bulking season guys trying to
get big, build muscle. Yeah. Yeah. That’s some perfect grass-fed beef. Got to get your protein. How much? This is like one point five pounds. A little over. We’re all good. Well, moving on. I don’t know why I’m clapping. Okay. Getting on to some more protein. I know you guys got to load up on protein. I recommend 94 percent turkey patties. Actually, I like these a lot better. They have a lot more flavor. Now when it’s cutting season, I’ll go to the
99. It’s just really dry and ugh, really, really
dry. So 94 percent gives it a little more flavor,
a little more fat. And this stuffs really good too. Sugar-free, sliced uncured turkey bacon. Good for breakfast. Pair it with some eggs. This stuff is money for bulking season. As you can see powerhouse protein – we’ve
got turkey patties. We’ve got 95% grass-fed beef. We’ve got some sliced, uncured turkey bacon. Then last but not least I want to top this
off with some omega three rich fish, so we’re going to scamper on down to the seafood isle
where I see the manager standing right now and if he sees me he’s probably going to throw
my ass out because I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be filming right now. So I’m going to go on down. I’m going to load up on some seafood and then
I’m going to come back and show you guys what I picked up. So the best muscle-building carbohydrate during
bulking season without a doubt is going to be potatoes. Potatoes are actually far superior to say
quinoa and even brown rice when you’re trying to build muscle. They actually help you increase your testosterone
levels. They’re like the best carbohydrate source
that is going to help you boost your anabolic hormones. They’re loaded with vitamin C. And overall
they’re really calorically dense. Rice is too. But, for instance, one of these potatoes has
about 26 grams of carbs. They’re not real huge, so if you eat five
– six of these a day, get another 150 grams of carbs from potatoes, definitely help you
out and goes really good with any type of protein. So you can pair this with fish, chicken, throw
some olive oil on here to add in even more calories. And one of my favorite things to do because
I hate spending a lot of time in the kitchen, I’ll just throw these in boiling water and
super quick, they are done. What do we have here? We got some broccoli. I actually – this guy Thomas DeLauer, he’s
got an awesome channel, really informative on little health tricks to boost your hormones. As you can see I’m obsessed with natural things
that will increase your anabolic hormones because that’s the fastest way you’re really
going to be able to pack on muscle and just feel better and have more energy. So eating broccoli at night actually helps
you reduce the estrogen in your body. So a little trick during bulking season is
just have like a nighttime omelet and pair it with some fresh organic broccoli. One of the things I really try to stay away
from is non-organic dairy. I just – I kind of hate dairy food in general. It messes up my stomach and it’s like an estrogen
bomb. Dairy food comes from a female cow, which
obviously has estrogen. So I know you guys want to load up on the
ice cream and the sweets during bulking season, so I highly recommend you go with something
like a coconut milk or an almond milk ice cream and don’t knock it until you try it
because actually I think it tastes even a lot better than regular dairy food. And this one right here is amazing. Mocha almond fudge. Almond milk ice cream. We’ve got mint chocolate chip. I’m trying to think of the other ones that
I’ve had here. Here’s another one. Even Ben & Jerry’s. So this stuff is becoming pretty main stream. So even Ben & Jerry’s makes coffee caramel
fudge non-dairy. But if you guys notice that you just feel
kind of shitty after you eat a lot of dairy food or it messes up your stomach, definitely
switch to a like a non-dairy frozen dessert. Let’s see how many calories are in here. It actually has a lot of calories. It has 1,000 total calories, so it’s going
to help pack on some weight just through sheer calories alone and it keeps you away from
the estrogen bomb that is regular ice-cream. Pick up this for myself. By the way, I threw this in my cart before
I started filming, but avocados are really high in calories. One of these has about 300 calories over 20
– I think 23 vitamins and minerals total. And just loaded with mono-unsaturated fat,
so perfect for bulking season. I also threw in some coconut oils, so olive
oil and coconut oil are really easy way just to add in more calories. Anytime you cook your protein, your vegies,
different things, load up on the oils because even in – this is good in smoothies too. I know on the other channel Weight Gain Network
I talk about – I don’t talk about it – I show you guys dome awesome weight gain smoothies
and using MCT oil and coconut oil is a really good way to get in more calories. And oatmeal. Now oatmeal kind of makes you full, but one
little trick I do during bulking season especially for breakfast is I’ll put in a lot of peanut
butter or almond butter or even cashew butter and I’ll put in banana and blueberry. I’ll put in some honey and you can actually
make oatmeal that’s close to 6 – 700 calories if you add in the nut butter and the honey
and the fruit, so little trick for bulking season success. We got the bread section, but we’re going
to continue on down, find some perfect bulking gains food. Organic kombucha – kind of a weird thing to
pick out for bulking season, but kombucha is really high in natural electrolytes, so
you’re going through – you’re going to the gym. Hopefully you’re busting your ass doing some
really intense workouts. You’re naturally going to dehydrate your body
and you’ve got to replenish those electrolytes, so not only taking ZMA, but taking something
like kombucha or drinking kombucha every day is really powerful. Also got some natural probiotics, so it’s
just going to help you – what’s the word I’m looking for – so it’s just going to help kind
of your guy health because you’re eating a lot of calories. You’re eating a lot of food during bulking
season, so you don’t want to mess up your stomach and you don’t want to be dead lifting
and at the squat reps just having a bunch of stomach pain. We all know what could happen if you try to
go that route. So make sure you drink some kombucha and keep
your gut health on point. We’ve got the true x-factor to making bulking
season a huge success. You absolutely must have organic underwear. These organic boxer-briefs are going to increase
your testosterone because the organic material is going to be absorbed through your balls
and it’s actually going to help your body produce more testosterone. It’s been shown that men who wear organic
underwear instantly – instantly increase their dead lift and their bench press by a good
25 pounds, so absolutely you have to keep these on 24 hours a day during bulking season. All right guys, just got back from Whole Foods
and about to cook my organic grass-fed beef. 95% grass-fed beef. This stuff is just so healthy for you – not
only the protein, but just the zinc and the iron and the natural creatine. Highly recommend it. So I’m going to fry it up in some olive oil
and boil some potatoes. But hopefully you guys enjoyed the video. By the way, I was completely kidding about
the organic underwear. Don’t go and spend 30 – 40 dollars on organic
underwear. I just thought it was completely ridiculous,
so I had to just kind of make a joke about it. If you have any question about anything I
covered in the video, any foods that I talked about – specific foods that increase your
testosterone, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. Appreciate the information,very useful…Also instead of boiling potatoes,why not just steam them. It's more simple,it preserve the nutrients,and you don't have to monitor it as you would have to on stove top. I've been using the Electronic Oster 6 quart Steamer for years.It comes with 2 tiers and a rice bowl(for steaming)..

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