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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

How to Gain Weight in 1 Month with Simple Food and Tricks – Tamil Beauty Tv Hello Tamil Beauty Viewers, Today we are going to share an interesting tips. All of us take food but some of us gain weight and some remain lean even though they take more food. Being obese is a disorder and remaining very lean is also a disorder. There are many reasons for remaining lean like genetics, hormonal imbalance. But especially malnutrition and unhealthy food is the main reason. Being thin and skinny is also an unhealthy form. In today’s video we are going to share how to weight gain in a healthy way by taking some tasty smoothies. In a mixie jar pour 1 cup of boiled milk (let it cool down before adding). Cut a banana into small slices and add with the milk. Add 3 spoon coco powder. As per your requirement add honey for taste. Grind it well to get a tasty banana chocolate smoothie. In a mixie jar pour 1 cup of boiled milk (let it cool down before adding). Add banana pieces in it. Add 5 spoons of peanut butter with it. Add honey for taste and grind to get peanut banana smoothie. Transfer it to a cup and if you wish refrigerate it or add ice cubes. Cut an apple into small pieces after removing the seeds in the centre and put it a bowl. Cut a banana into small pieces and add with it. In a mixie jar pour 1 cup of boiled milk (let it cool down before adding). Add the fruits and 2 almonds with it and grind it well. Transfer it to a cup and add your favourite nuts to make it more tasty. Boil 1 cup of milk in a pan. In a mixie jar add 5 almonds, 2 figs, 4 dates and grind it using pulse option. Add the ground dry fruits to the milk and let it boil for 3 minutes in low flame. Transfer it in a cup and taste it. Each smoothie has different taste and take your favourite smoothie for one month continuously after breakfast to gain weight in a healthy way.

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  1. Deivamae sema .. I was looking for this video only .. 2 kgs weight increase pannanum 😄.. very usefull with easy tips 💐💕

    Is there any alternate for milk dear ?
    Coconut milk use panlama?

  2. Sisy…nose 2sideum….winterla…. patches Mari.vanthu blackkkk….aiduchu….super tips……solunga……☹️

  3. பழம் என்ன பழம் ராஸ்தாலியா,புவன்பழம்மா

  4. நான் காலேஜ் போறரொம்ப ஒல்லியா இருக்க எப்படி குண்டா எப்படி ஆகுது

  5. Akka one month la kandipa weight gain aguma… Sollunga itha try pamnalama.. Na romba oliya iruken ellarum kindal pannuranga 😐😐

  6. Hi sis yes nice video morning mattum tha drink pannuma night itha try pannulama evlo naal la weight gain aagum nu sollavae ila

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