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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel
my name is Jazmine and today I’m going to be telling you guys about my weight gain
journey I’m going to be telling you guys the reason why I decided to gain weight,
all the products I took during my weight gain journey, all my mistakes because there
were a lot of mistakes there in my journey ok so the reason why I decided
to gain weight is because I’ve always been small on my whole entire life and
my brother and I have a fast metabolism so we’re able to lose weight a lot
faster than others and whenever I tell people that they’re like “oh my god you’re
so lucky me oh my god!” but I’m like am I really and because of that a lot of people will make
comments about my body like my family members, my friends, acquaintances people
that I don’t even know so they’ll make like a lot of comments about my body and
by my way some of them were like jokes like haha like whatever and some
of them were like critical those ones were like always in the back of my mind
so when I decided that I wanted to gain weight was when I was transitioning into
my ninth grade here in high school and I would get like made fun of and a lot of
people make fun of my size in middle school so that kind of reach me to the point
where I was like well you know I should gain weight so that way can they can stop making fun of me and that way I can feel beautiful when they’re eyes and stuff like that
which was totally wrong but that was like the reason why I started to gain
weight is so that I can feel beautiful and other people eyes so they can stop making fun of my size and so in ninth grade I was 92 pounds
during that time I didn’t really research how do you anyway I had no idea
the only thing I did from my ninth grade year to my tenth grade was that I did
the eat every two hours method so food out
eat would mostly be snacks and they would mostly be chips like I used to eat
a lot of the veggie chips I don’t really know if they make those anymore but I
used to get the really big pack or really big bag from Costco now always
eat a lot and then I will also eat the variety pack of chips that you can buy
from like Costco or they sometimes sale it at like Safeway or something like that
and I would also eat the shrimp chips that’s not everyone’s favorite but I
absolutely love those. I mean loved those back then and I would always eat that
all time I always try to at least keep like a snack on me so that when I eat
every two hours and because of that I went from 92 pounds all the way up to
100 pounds from my ninth grade year to my sophomore year in high school so at
least I got into the triple digits which I was really happy
so when I was 100 pounds I still try to do to eat every two hours method but it
wasn’t really working for me I will only gain at least like two pounds so I’ll be
102 and then I would like lose it and I was just kind of teeter from 100 to 102
so I just decided to stop because I didn’t know any other way to gain weight
and I will still get people making comments about my body like you’re so
skinny you look like a toothpick nobody wants a Skinnygirl or anything like that it got to the point where I just did not
feel comfortable in my body like I couldn’t look at my body in the mirror
with clothes on or without clothes on like really without clothes I just
was really just kind of disgusted with my body I just really wish that I gained
weight that also made me not want to wear like certain type of clothing like
I didn’t want to wear skirts, shorts, dresses like short dresses, any like tube
tops or anything like that spaghetti straps, or camis, or anything
showing off my arms and my legs I would not wear I will mostly wear like long
sleeve shirts and black leggings so during in my junior year I was dating
this one guy and he will also make comments about my weight especially like
about my butt but during the time I just didn’t I just didn’t take anything
he said seriously until like after we broke up and then I went into another
relationship after I graduated from high school and this guy I really liked a lot
and he made like one comment up on my weight. It honestly like took me by surprise
when he said this to me during my relationship with him but I didn’t want
it to affect me during the relationship that really affected me when we broke up
because I really liked the guy a lot and also the other guy I was dating for his
words start affecting me so then I changed my weight goal to mostly
focusing on gaining weight in my butt also my weight gain goal in high school was to be 115
after I dated those two guys it went from 115 to 125 and I mostly wanted to
gain weight in my butt man could see that was a beautiful women can see that
was beautiful then like I was beautiful finally which
was wrong totally wrong so in 2014 I started taking Ensure and Ensure
is a protein shake I believe that a lot of older people would drink to get
more protein in their own bodies Ensure has like at least 200 200 you know 200
to 250 calories and I got the very big pack from Costco it was like vanilla
flavor and to be honest and sure it tastes pretty good it was pretty sweet
but the aftertaste is nasty okay it tastes like iron like you know when
something is bleeding your mouth like your gum or your tooth – and then like the
aftertaste tastes like iron that’s what it tastes like in order for me to lease
and gain a pound would ensure I would need to drink three of those a day I
just I just wasn’t having it I would barely drink one a day so very
inconsistent when taking Ensure because I can’t stand aftertaste also I read
that in order for you to gain a pound you would need to eat at least
200 not 200 2000 calories but I was like how am I gonna do that if I couldn’t barely eat
from 1,000 let alone 2000 calories what I did was is that I went
into my kitchen and I wrote down like all the things that I can make for
myself I wrote down all the calories to create like a calorie list of like all
of the meals that I can create and all the snacks that can eat to equal up to
like at least 2,000 calories and what I did was one time I ate about 1,500
calories and I was able to gain a pound while I was taking an Ensure I would
always check the scale whenever I would eat whenever I would drink to Ensure
like I’ll always check the scale constantly to find why it was like my
crack just because I was just so desperate to get like a pound
at least and then when I did gain a pound I’ll be like really happy
I’ll tell like my parents and my brother and I was like I gained a pound yay
and then this will literally happen to me so many times where I would gain a
pound go to sleep lose about the next day so a lot of
people they will love that to happen to them but for me I did not enjoy it at
all so of course like when I happened to me on the extremely sad I’ll cry
about it I’ll pray and it’s just I was just a hot mess and now that she’s a
very desperate so I got to the point where my parents had to take away the
scale and because I became so obsessed with it that was probably like the
lowest point throughout my journey moving on I then tried Apetamin I got
my bottle of the Apetamin from Amazon there was a seller selling it on there
but they’re not selling it anymore on Amazon but I got it because I’ve read a
lot of reviews and then watched a lot of videos of people saying that they
gained like a lot weight with Apetamin so I wanted to give it a try and if you
don’t know what Apetamin is is from my research that I did now it’s supposed to
be it’s an appetite syrup and it’s supposed to be used for people who have
eating disorders like anorexia so what it’s supposed to do is supposed
to increase your appetite so that way you can eat a lot more and the taste of
it it tastes pretty sweet which I really like a lot and one side effect that it
does have is that it will make you very drowsy and I I thought I could beat the
drowsiness I was so wrong I have my little energizing tea already and
everything I was the first day I took it I drink my energizing tea with
it I knocked out within like 15 or 20 mins of taking it you’ll be drowsy
for the first three days you take it and afterwards he’ll be immune to it but you
won’t be like immune to it like all the time so for me since I was inconsistent
taking it the first time I’ll take it one day and I’ll stop taking it for like
a couple of days and then I’ll take it another day and the drowsy the drowsiness
would hit me again and I’ll get be like tired like I said before I was very
inconsistent when I was taking it because I was going into City for school
for I think three times three days a week or maybe four days a week and when I’m
out in the city for like six or seven hours I don’t eat at all
so I didn’t want to take it when I’m out in the city so when I did take it I
did notice that it did increase my appetite like a little bit like this
much like this is my appetite back then It only increase like that much it’s not a
lot compared to what everyone else was saying like how they their appetite
increased so much that they were able to eat like two meals like I only eat half
of a meal like half of my dinner and then with the Apetamin I was only able
to eat half and a little bit more of a portion so since I was very inconsistent it didn’t really work for me I didn’t
gain any weight towards like the end it just stopped it didn’t increase my
appetite at all it just absolutely did nothing so I decided to try it again and I
ordered my next bottle from a completely different website because at the time I
didn’t have a lot of money in my account and Apetamin was pretty expensive plus the shipping so I ordered it from a website called hairwigharlem
I got my product but when I looked in my account all my money was gone when I
ordered from hairwigarlem I got my product but then I have my little
banking app on my phone and when I went to go check my account a way glitch and
then when I checked it all my money from my account was gone and I was so
confused I was like what what just happened that was
like my first time anyone has stolen my card my card number or anything so yeah
luckily I was able to check my transaction and it said that it was my
money was spent on car service in New York (also on movie tickets)and guess who’s in New York hairwigharlem hence the Harlem part they’re in Harlem I don’t know if they’re
actually in Harlem buy another in New York and I know they have a story so
what I did was I sent a very nice email to haha hairwig problem!! because I just did not want to believe that they really
took my money so I talked about receive the present but then I was like maybe
someone from their company stole my card and I kind of want to discuss this you
know I’m not I’m just very confused I paid twenty dollars to your website for
our product and you guys are just gonna take my money out of my account also
during this time I didn’t know that I can give my money back not from them but
the the bank can like reimburse me for it so that’s one I was like freaking out
I was very distressed I was so sad about least I received my product but it just
it just really hurt me cuz I was like the first time that happened I didn’t
know that I was gonna give my money back didn’t care anything from them and I
left like a very bad review on during Yelp or Google page I don’t really know
a lot look other people who said that they got their card stolen too so it
didn’t happen to me what happened to me first and then didn’t happen to other people later so do not order anything from hair wig
Harlem do not don’t leave the order hair because I specialize in hair
and their hair is a piece of shit I read that from one of the reviews so I’m
going off of that review but I’m pretty sure their hair is a piece of shit anyways
they’re a piece of shit people taking people’s cards anyways I got my second bottle of Apetamin
this was also during 2015 when I tried Apetamin and um this time I was more
consistent with taking Apetamin and still it only increased my appetite much
most days but then on other days it wouldn’t even give me an appetite like
my appetite would either be the same or I just wouldn’t have an appetite
and also I had some stomach issues when I just stomach aches when I took the
second bottle of Apetamin and this happened to me twice and the first time
it happened to me I was on going on a cruise and the night before we were
boarding we ate at a restaurant and normally you’re supposed to take Apetamin 40 to 45 minutes before you ate and I did that that time I didn’t
increase my appetite and I just ate like the amount I would usually eat and then
when we got back to the hotel my stomach was like hurting so much like you know
like when you’re hungry your stomach growls and it’s like feels like it’s
like wants to eat the inside of your like body that’s how my stomach felt but
like 10 times worse like it felt like it was actually gonna eat my whole entire
body and then the second time it happened to me was it was also similar
like I took Apetamin it didn’t really do anything for me
I ate and then it started having that like hungry feeling again but it wasn’t as
bad as the first time so my second time taking Apetamin I
gained one pound but then I lost it but most part both times I took Apetamin and
I lost weight so moving on to I was on Amazon and I was looking for
other appetite supplements and I found a lot of people were talking about Maca
Roots so I read the reviews on Amazon and a lot of people saying we’re saying
that it helped them gain weight and also increase their energy it also made them
feel more awake I also increase their sex drive and so I was like you know it
did help them gain weight maybe I should try it cuz it was like only five dollars
and the Maca Root came in like a capsule so I can’t it’ll be easier to
take so this is the bottle that I got off of Amazon it was only five dollars
and I would take this twice a day along with matcha and milk because milk I’ve
heard that it helps like attach to your body yeah so take it with that twice a day and it didn’t do anything that the
people said and Amazon reviews but what it did was that it made my boobs a
little bit full. Like this is like TMI but like what I noticed is that my boobs
have stretch marks underneath them like at the bottom bottom of them and it
wasn’t like that before so that’s what that the maca root did
for me is it made my boobs a little bit more fuller which I’m not really mad
about because you know it’s only five dollars saying at least I got something
out of it so moving on to like later on in 2016 I then discovered
so I always known about protein powders because I will always see them in my
grocery store but those protein powders always had like 2,000 not 2,000 200 to like 100
calories and that was like that’s not gonna work out for me so I got all of my
protein powders from GNC and the first protein powder that I got was a mass gainer
so the mass gainer is supposed to be used for people who are trying to gain
muscle so some of the mass gainers can help you gain weight and they have high
protein in it but it doesn’t then it’s gonna go to the muscles I don’t really
know that’s what my brother told me he did a lot of research on this so I got
this one because it was small and I was being cheap I seen that this has 700 calories
in it so I wanted to try it and this one out first and plus the GNC
worker people said that this will help me gain weight and I was expecting
you this to last me like two to three weeks but no this was only supposed to
last me for five days it’s because you’re supposed to drink this twice a
day and I made it last for a week because I only take it once a day from
that I only gained one pound so the next protein powder that I did try from GNC I
believe it’s produced by GNC like they created it it’s called GNC performance
Pro OR Pro performance it comes in like an all-white – and like the fonts are red I
got the medium-sized one that had 1300 calories in it what’s that the
consistency of that was so thick like I have never drank anything or ate
anything that had a thick consistency like that like that was a thick bitch
for me to ingest into my body okay so when I was taking the protein shakes are
doing the whole protein powders I also had the cup that had the little plastic
thing or a little metal thing inside so that way you put the powder in put the
like milk or like whatever in it and you shake it and then you drink it the
little thing that had on the inside was plastic and it wouldn’t like get all the
powder the powder wasn’t mixing with in my milk and so I would have like very
big clumps of powder is still in my still in my cup so it was just it was
such a hot mess you guys oh my god also on the cup it has a measurement on a
from so it measured from like a hundred like 600 and since the consistency was
so thick I can barely get past the 600 mark so I tried drinking it like from
the cup with a little tube top I tried taking the top off and drinking it from
the cup I tried using the straw like a regular straw then I try using the Bobo
and that worked like I was able to reach like at least like to the 500 mark or at
least close to the 400 mark like a little bit halfway but it was still like
extremely thick and I will spend the most of my day trying to drink that and
because of that I wouldn’t eat anything what I was trying to focus on drinking
that because I knew that was at least 1300 calories and it all I had to do was
eat like extra 200 calories then I’m good because of that I wasn’t eating any
meals and these protein powders are not supposed to be used as a meal
replacement I did that by wasn’t intentionally trying to do it was just
focus on trying to drink that and I was going to eat that last it for a while and because
of that I kind of spent a lot of money at GNC you know it you know it got
ridiculous when I’m having the workers comment on my
reward points which was close to 600 points meaning I expect close to 600
dollars there no my proudest moment most of my money went to us because of
that me pre-purchasing a powder because of that one mistake so then like it got
to the point where my brother was like you know why don’t you just do one scoop
it was the most simplest solution ever I thought about doing it early on when I
was making this mistake but then in my mind I thought that it wasn’t gonna to
work out because I wasn’t gonna get the full 1,300 calories but it turned out to
be like really good because I was able to drink the whole entire drink because
the consistency was a lot more liquidy and easy for me to drink so I was able
to drink at least two of them a day so that way I was able to get to the full
1300 calories so yeah so I would drink my protein shake during the time that
we’ll eat so eat lunch out drinking with that sometimes I’ll be able to get it
all the way down till these two hundred two hundred mark and then if I wasn’t
able to drink a drink at all I will put it in the refrigerator and then like
when I’m eating dinner I’ll finish it so when I was doing that I gained a least
11 pounds so like a hundred pounds and then I gained like 11 pounds within like
two months of me doing that so I maintain my weight from like me like 110-
111 and so a situation happened and and I just kind of just stopped I was
inconsistent with taking my protein shakes yeah I lost all the weight
getting the weight I gained from the protein shakes I went all the way back
to a hundred pounds I tried doing the protein shakes but I just wasn’t really
into it so then in the beginning of 2018 I got on to birth control and in the
middle of 2018 I switched my birth control to the depo shot which I did not
want to get at all because I’ve heard from a lot of people that it hurts I
thought that you can only get it in your arm I’m a needle phob like
like do not like needles going into my body but I’m not scared of any needles like sewing
needles or any other type needles just the ones that go inside my body
that just and then also I’ve read a lot of posts about people saying that
thinking a ton of weight from being on a depo-shot weight from the first three
months or the first month of this being on the double shot a gain like thirty to
sixty pounds and during that time I believe my weight goal was still the
same I wanted to be like a 125 but then I was debating on whether I wanted to be
125 to 130 because like I thought like what if I reached like 125 and people
don’t see that I’ve gained weight or anything like that
but I was scared that if I went on the depo shot I was going gain the 30
pounds like really fast and it was gonna hit me like that like what I’ve read
before then I talked to some people that I knew who did the depo shot they said
that they didn’t really gain a lot of weight and they also didn’t have a fast
metabolism either and also I learned that you can that get the depo shot
on your butt cheeks so that is exactly what I did I got the depo shot on my booty cheek
and I will definitely tell you this it hurts within my first week of being on a depo shot I noticed that my appetite
increase tremendously like what the Apetamin was supposed to do that’s what the
depo shot did like my appetite was so big to the point where I was able to eat
like two meals it got to the point where normally whenever me and my family would
eat dinner I was like fix me like a regular sized portion and sometimes my
brother will fix a lot on his plate and then my dad was sometimes go back for
seconds and my brother will go back for a second but since I got onto the depo shot and my appetite increase I started putting more on my plate and I also
started going back for second so my brother and my dad we’re really happy with
my appetite increase but I was during like I believe the first month of me
being on a depo shot I noticed that I started gaining like a little bit of weight I
think once I got my second shot done I noticed that I was like 110 or 112 pounds
so then I just started so I really just realized that I wasn’t doing this
for myself like I was doing this for other people so that you can see that
beautiful and I’m attractive and that will make me feel a lot better
but then my body so I just started to slowly start falling in love with my
body and I was like you know what I really like being this size right now
who cares what they say who cares what men say who cares what
women say who cares about the guys I like what they say none of their
opinions a matter but mine PERIODT!! so I started to love my body for this
current size and I am extremely happy about it because now I can look at
myself look at my body and just be like so happy it feels so comfortable I’m
starting to wear more skirts I’m starting to wearing more short dresses
I’m starting to wear more like tops with like showing off my arms and yeah I’m
just really just loving my body right now and it just sucks that it takes so
long for me to actually realize this you know realize the love that I have for my
body so it sucks but you know at the end of the day I’m just happy that it
happened now rather than me actually reaching the weight goal that I want it
to be and probably be so unsatisfied who knows I don’t and I don’t really care
because I love my body now and I don’t want to gain weight so I’m stopping it
thats been the end of my journey right there so overall I would recommend
Ensure if you want to try it out just make sure that you drink it three times
a day I honestly wouldn’t really recommend Apetamin because it didn’t
really increase my appetite like the depo shot or definitely increased my
appetite but Apetamin did not and it also gave me stomach issues and I didn’t
I didn’t like the drowsiness at all it was just it knocked me out I would
definitely do your research if you are trying Apetamin also I will order
it from their website do not order it from any other website especially
hairwigharlem they are cancelled forever if you want to try the maca root
it’s only five dollars one of those things might happen to you
that might help you gain weight it might help increase your energy and might help
you feel more awake and my increases sex drive it might make your boobs little bit
fuller who knows I know I don’t I definitely would recommend out of
everything that I tried to try the protein powders I seen results with that
without doing the depo shot or anything like that I did see results
with that you just have to be consistent with it I would definitely talk to if
you’re able to talk to a nutritionist I have the option to but I didn’t because
I didn’t want too and so I would recommend the protein powders over the depo shot
because even though you will most likely gain weight on a depo shot you can
still have other issues with it because it is a birth control it does mess with
your hormones and everything like that like I’ve had a ton of issues with the
depo shot but the one thing that it did but it made me fall in love to my body
that is something I’m happy about other than that I’ve had a ton of issues with
the depo shot yeah I hope this video was helpful for you anyone who is trying
to gain weight yeah I hope you guys like this video please like comment and
subscribe I’ll talk to you guys next time

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  1. I commend you on your courage and bravery to share your story and journey to self-love. “Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”
    – Brené Brown

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