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Hey Youtube. It’s your girl Lia. Back again with another video. This time coming on here with week 5 and week 6 of my weight gain journey. Now if you’re not familiar with my weight gain journey or any of my other videos I will link my weight gain journey introduction video up above so you guys could watch that and then if you want to continue on watch week 1 and 2 3 and 4 and now you’re watching five and six please do so. So everything kind of makes sense. But without further ado let’s just head on into week five of my weight gain journey. So now for week five of my weight gain journey. I have gained… drumroll please ….three pounds since my last weight gain video. So I am now 135 pounds. So it would probably help if you guys saw my week 3 through 4 video so you guys know that I ended on 132. But I ended that video 132 and I have ended week 5 at 135. So as I normally do I insert a picture of me stepping on the scale and that’s what you guys are seeing right now. I am 135 pounds which if you guys have seen my introduction video 135 pounds was my goal weight. That was my goal. That was my original goal. I said 135 and that’s it. Now 135 and I’m not seeing the results I want to see. Now I’m going to insert a picture of me standing up as I do in my normal videos and I’ll do something a little different now. ‘ll insert a picture of me side by side week 1 versus week 5 now. Week 1 I was 124 pounds I believe or my introduction video of 124 pounds. Now I’m 135. So I’m 11 pounds up from my starting weight five weeks ago. Which is great which is awesome 11 pounds in five weeks isn’t a bad thing at all. Especially the way I’ve been gaining weight. But I have up’ed my goal to 145 at this point. Just because I’m not seeing the proportions that I want to see at 135. It’s not going where I really want to go. Now I do see changes though this time. In my last couple of videos I’ve been saying had seen any changes I don’t see any changes I look exactly the same. I’ve seen changes in my arms. My arms are a little bit bigger than they were before. Not a whole lot but they’re a little bit. um my chest is of course bigger and my butt feels not be at pool pants up with ease don’t have to do the winter pants anything at all i’m so not to that point yet but i do feel like the limbs have gotten a little bit bigger my face a little bit bigger but I contoured today you can see you didn’t want my face to get any bigger but hey it comes with the weekend saying I’m so yeah I have m135i have up my goal and I have gained three pounds in the last week now epitome now you don’t tell me about me go I all the time taken is completely wrong like I think you’re supposed to go through a bottle week so i just bought my third bottle um I know my second bottle but I thought about my third bottle into different patient of be needing it and I’m yeah i bought my third bottle and I went on a pin and worksite not invite from epitome works i bought it from mine normal cellar which I’ll link down below but it said one bottle should be one-week supply and it took me three and a half weeks to go through the first bottle and it’s because I think I’m really supposed to really taken it three times a day like I don’t think I should be playing these games with it now like I said I’m still taking it two times a day but i’m kind of going through it faster if you guys are my week one video I only took it once a day and then we do I took it once a day for majority of the weekend I think I switched it over 2 times a day somewhere week too so yeah I was taking it wrong at first I think you really do need to take at least two times ten balut 15 lose a day to be successful at it you should take it three times can’t believe leaders the day as recommended but two times 15 milliliters I think should do this job the same so yeah I been doing a pediment I think I should have been going through more bottle i am I fire bottle or I have purchased my third bottle so I had my third bottle here with me um but yeah the site was like one bottle more weeks of plan what we supply one bottle left me three and a half weeks and so yeah I think this was a successful week for me so yeah without further ado let’s roll on into week six so now for my week 6 progress in my wii game 3 I am right now just gonna throw it out there 137 pounds which is up to Palace from last week and is up 13 pounds overall since week one so i think that’s been nominal you know as an average of about two pounds a week 13 pounds in 6 weeks like i said if you watch any of my other videos I’m not somebody out he was trying to get 13 pounds in a week I’ve click on a video with somebody had gained 30 pounds in a week and i had to click off immediately because I look I don’t want to know what you have to do that but I kind of want to gain the weight and feel you know confident in my weight gain and all that so yeah I am 137 pounds i’ll go ahead as always and insert a clip of how that 137 pounds looks on me i’m kinda one say I mean I want to put it out there I want to be a crazy person but I feel like my butt’s gonna be like I don’t really feel as though my butt is out here getting big and my friends think I’m crazy everybody and I’m getting I’m being crazy but I do feel like it’s growing i’m going to start this week inserting kind of my measurements and taking my measurements so i took my measurements of my chest area i don’t care about much as well over i should stay and grow it could i would hope it would lose I wish I could lose my chest wait but don’t start to clip my taking measurements of my breath I’ll take that the measurements of my way to my waist is a little bit bigger than i would want it to be what I’ve always kind of had a bigger way Syria I’ve had kind of a waste that kind of do in but it’s never been you know outrageously bad also insert the clip of me taking it around my butt region my measurement of my butt region so that when I i can definitively say look I was this many inches and now i’m about to be this many inches and then also my thigh area i wanted to take my measurement of my thigh i know that’s like that one characteristic spot and kind of take your measurement but I think it’s important because i don’t want to have if i do if i do get a but I don’t want to have a small guy like those people who like it injections and their thighs are small but their asses you know I want to have the definitive like but the Irish few be alright so I’m yes as you can see those were my measurements in those areas and i will start going forward doing that and if you’re somebody who looks at my body to see said all kind of feel like I look like her the end of 3rd then you guys should also take your measurements and I think miss taking your measurements kind of helps show you where the way it’s going instead of stepping on the scale you’re like okay so we’re going this week I was like okay now i feel the weight but where’s it going for real i think it’s my but people call me crazy I’m another thing the two pounds this week was a good thing for me just because I was off maybe up majority of the week so Thanksgiving with last week was weak yeah was last week so I was often majority of the weekend in my birthday was this week so I took a couple days off for that so you have been often have been awkward schedule and I think that I’m somebody who really needs to be on a schedule in terms of my eating when I’m at work or when they threw win or monday through friday i eat breakfast at nine thirty at lunch at one and then I eat dinner at seven and it’s really making its like clockwork and it’s like I know what times i’m eating when I’m also when it’s the weekend that I get real sketchy about my eating mighty breakfast i’ll eat lunch at a World time I spent a lot of time on the weekends filming so i gotta feeling stuff and I won’t eat when I need to eat or it’s hard for me to take a break from filming to eat so yeah I’m somebody who realize that I need kind of eating defined schedule whether it goes along with my work or go along with just my life events i need to be someone who hey I’m gonna eat what this time when he wants at this time and this time no matter what so I think going into next week even if it’s the weekend or days that i have upcoming for the christmas holiday i’m going to be more resumes about my eating and my patterns with that because we get off of a pattern you realize okay so I had one meal on saturday and it was only 2,000 calories so i was eating bad even if I was a normal eating person I think of normal recommended calories for somebody today is about 1,400 so yeah I i realized that about myself i also realized that i only took him in this week 2 times that’s not like two days no I want to get 2 times like dinner one day and breakfast on another ring them day and I still gained two pounds I’m i don’t see it changing my appetite at all i think i’ve been hungry this whole week I’ve eaten so you got to see me at the company holiday party I was packing it down there were many weird and I’m like I think that I can heavily say that a pitman did affect my you know appetite at first and now my appetite i think is where it’s always gonna be it’s like I am never find myself not hungry I’m hungry right now I 8 30 minutes ago so home i think it has successfully you know help my eating habits and I’m gonna keep taking yeah i did buy another bottle about a week ago so i’m on my third bottle of it now like I said I think in my last video then nobody telling me you supposed to go through a bottle week I’m only six and i’m just now finishing bottle too um I didn’t take it three times a day like I should have or what it recommends so final thing schedule that works for you don’t like the bottle isn’t cheap so you need to think about what works for you if if you want to be if you’re seeing success don’t all right off the bat by four bottles and say this is gonna work by one bottle see how it works for you know maybe buy two bottles to start off with see how it works for you and then kinda add-on for that I wouldn’t be someone who buys five bottles and get to the point when it doesn’t work out for you definitely test it out for yourself before you kind of the best for into it and like i said if you notice have two bottles that your appetite is staying consistent without it you can probably get rid of its gonna be like I’m really questioning whether after I get done with this three bottle I’ll border my fourth bottle I’ll got definitely you guys notice subsequent reviews for more videos what i will do make sure you like make sure you comment subscribe and I will see you in my next video bye


  1. yess girl, i see it too lol your not crazy! i noticed your butt before you mentioned it😁i love that you let us join the journey with you and see the process!! keep up the great work💖

  2. Wow I love your weight gain journey videos so far, I subscribed! Thanks for filming and documenting your journey, I am a skinny girl and it is so hard for me to gain weight but your videos are giving me the motivation again!!! Thank you so much 😊

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