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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Yo, guys, what is going on guys. Troy here. In today’s video I’m going to share with you
guys a delicious 2,400 calorie mass building smoothie that’s going to help you make some
amazing lean bulking gains. I’ve been cutting for the past four or five
months. I just started doing a lean bulk and I have
a feeling I’m going to put on some size really quick just because my body’s been in a calorie
deficit. I was definitely not eating enough calories
to build muscle mass, but I was training like an animal. My body was kind of going through a weird
phase where I was putting in the effort in the gym and just going through these grilling
workouts. Actually still got a little bit stronger on
my squat and my dead lift, but I could tell I wasn’t putting on muscle mass, so I really
want to put on some size, trying to really bring up my shoulders. Definitely trying to build up that bicep peak
and also really trying to work on those legs. So the thing about going on a bulking phase
is sometimes it can be tough to eat all the calories, so I know for me, I just figured
out how many calories I need for my lean bulk. I figure that I need to eat 3,475 calories
to be about 250 calories above my maintenance phase. I’ll dive deeper into this in some other videos
how you kind of figure that number out. But the first couple of days, I was struggling
just to eat all of that food. I was just eating chicken and rice and I was
trying to eat really clean and it became really tough to eat all of those calories just from
whole food alone, so I’ve been working on a few different smoothie recipes and this
next one I’m going to show you is pretty crazy. It’s 2,400 total calories. So I’m going to make your bulking and your
supplementation and your meals to be really easy because there’s so much more to life
than just fitness and obsessing about your gains and your weight and how much mass you’re
building. There’s this amazing entire world out there
and I don’t want you guys to be obsessed and spend every minute of every waking hour trying
to eat your calories and get in your food. If you guys are having trouble, you figured
out that you need to ear 3,500 maybe 4,200 calories every day to be in an optimal muscle
building phase. If you’re having trouble, throw one of these
smoothies into your regimen, you’re going to have some amazing success. Let’s go on over to the kitchen and whip it
up. All right guys, in my kitchen. Got all the ingredients laid out here. So what we are going to whip up here – this
is going to be a chocolate peanut butter mass builder. By the way, I just have my shirt off here,
not because I want to show off, but I want to have some type of visual representation
of when I started my lean bulk, so I’m really just trying to bring up my aesthetics. Like really trying to get really wide lats
right here, really small waist, bring out my upper chest, really trying to bring up
my biceps. I’ve been doing a lot of close-grip bicep
curls to bring out that peak. So this will give me a nice visual representation
so in six months I’ll look back and hopefully made some really good progress. So let’s make the smoothie First ingredient
we have chocolate almond milk. We need two cups of this. This stuff is incredible delicious. Two cups is going to be 240 calories, so throw
this in the blender. I just buy the silk chocolate almond milk. Next up we’re going to use two bananas. So my calculations tell me two bananas is
about 240 calories. So banana one. Not the best looking banana in the world,
but it will do. Little trick too, it actually makes it a lot
better if you have frozen bananas. I currently don’t have any and these are about
to go bad, so I’m just going to use these. So I’ll hook this up. Next ingredient is an interesting one. The easiest way to add in a lot of calories
in a smoothie is going to be through healthy fats. I recommend with this recipe you buy either
MCT oil. This is actually the number one energy boosting
ingredient on Amazon or number one energy and boosting supplement. And MCT oil is an awesome healthy fat. If you guys don’t want to use this, it doesn’t
really taste like a whole lot, you can also do coconut oil. We’re doing four tablespoons of this and the
reason why we’re doing so much is because fat is nine calories per gram, so this alone,
this oil adds 480 total calories when you put in four tablespoons. Yup. Actually even a little bit more. One tablespoon is 135 calories. So I just threw in 60 total grams of healthy
fats. Next up, we’ve got more healthy fats. We are going to do a whopping six tablespoons
of peanut butter. So you can do peanut butter. You can do almond butter, cashew butter. I’m just going to throw a bunch of peanut
butter in here. I’m not going to – probably going to do closer
to like four heaping tablespoons here, but peanut butter is going to be one of the easiest
ways to get in a lot of calories. I don’t think I shared with you guys what
I’m using here. I just have all natural peanut butter from
Trader Joe’s. Another thing that you could do is if you
guys wanted to make a little more unhealthy smoothie, you can also Nutella. It would be incredibly delicious and it would
be a great way to get in some easy calories. I know in some other smoothie recipes a couple
of years ago, I was even using avocado. You don’t really taste it. It just makes it creamy. Avocados are really caloric, so I highly recommend
you guys try out those too. I’m just kind of guesstimating, but that was
about six tablespoons of peanut butter. And my hands are a mess here. Give me a second. Next up, two scoops of protein. I’ve been really leaning towards the beef
protein isolate just because it has some natural creatine, more amino acids. This type right here has some natural – actually
it has some maltodextrin, so it’s got a few more carbs in it as well. So I’m going to use a scoop of this chocolate
pretzel muscle mass. And I’m also going to do a scoop here of some
whey isolate. So got that and then what did I miss here. Oh, okay. Then we’re going to add four tablespoons of
honey, just some natural sugars. Throw in more calories. I’m just going to squirt in a bunch here. And that looks like about four tablespoons. So this is just some Golden Blossom honey. We had 240 calories in the almond milk. We got – oh one ingredient we almost forgot
and this would be your dark chocolate chips. So dark chocolate actually has natural antioxidants. Help you guys recovery with your workouts
and it’s such an easy way just to get in a lot of calories, makes the smoothie really
delicious. I’m going to do a couple of handfuls here. I’m just kind of guesstimating on the palm
of my hand. I would say that’s about two tablespoons. I got Toll House dark chocolate chips. And if you guys also wanted to, you could
add creatine. You could add some extra branched chain amino
acids. You can do leucine powder which is the main
branched chain amino acid. Really anabolic. Good after your workouts. You could do a lot of different things with
supplements, but it’s really not needed guys. Just make sure you have the whole food and
you will be good. We have two cups chocolate almond milk, four
tablespoons chocolate chips, four tablespoons MCT oil, six tablespoons peanut butter, two
scoops protein, two frozen bananas and four tablespoons of honey for a grand total of
2,400 calories. I’m going to blend this up and I will show
you guys the final result. All right guys, so here’s the final result. And it just tastes like a really rich chocolate
milk shake. So incredibly easy way to get in 2,400 calories. Guys, just like I said at the intro, don’t
struggle with trying to pack in a bunch of whole food if you don’t feel good and you’re
full and you just hate your life because you’re eating eight different meals a day. Start trying to incorporate these high calorie
smoothies and you’re going to make your life so much easier when you’re bulking up. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. We’ve got a ton more videos coming this following
winter on bulking, on lean bulking, how to calculate your calories. Some really crazy workouts, some really crazy
meals, so make sure you guys subscribe.

100 thoughts on “Weight Gain Protein Shake: 2,400 Calorie Peanut Butter Gorilla Mass Builder

  1. Hi bro, nice video, it would be great if you could leave us the ingredient list for ppl who are watching this on their phone, thx for the video ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I have a question Someone answer it!!! So should I eat this smoothie everyday or like only on the weekends because I will be eating other foods with high calories besides this smoothie

  3. Awesome, this solves my problem of lazily cooking and chewing all day. that's basically all the calories i need,lol. Not gonna chug on that oil though. I think a tablespoon of oil is more than enough per day. Even though these fats are labeled "healthy" they still do damage to your arteries…also, that beef protein is a no-no. you guys are seriously just going to burst one day like an overly inflated balloon with so many extra(synthetic) growth hormones. Ugh, I was expecting this to be healthy

  4. Let's shake actually looks good but in all honesty do the damn Shake leave everything else out of it I don't give a s*** how long it took you to gain weight don't care and I hate how people put music in this s*** just plain simple here's what goes into the shake here's how Blends up there you go end does it take 9 minutes to make a damn Shake

  5. 6 tablespoons holy cow don't know if I can afford that much peanut butter in a week and that would be hard on my digestive system ?

  6. What kind of protein mix could I use I have anxiety so I don't want anything that's going to make my heart beat fast

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  8. Fantastic videos. I really learned from it.
    But the music and the base at the background is really loud and annoying.

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  11. 250 ml of milk
    2 large bananas
    50 grams of oats
    2 whole eggs
    2 tblspoon of peanut butter
    40 grams of Almonds
    50 grams of Dates
    50 grams of protein 1500-1600 calories.

  12. Bruh, just mix full fat milk with a lean protein powder. 700ml milk + 1 scoop is like 700 hundo calories. Easier to digest and healthier, one in the morning and one after working out is 1.4k and the other 1.6k is easy with food. 20 chicken nuggets is 1k easy, make some seriously meat filled sandwiches to cover the rest.

  13. I scrolled down and read some of the comments here some thought it was a little over the top… Listen you can always replace some of his Ingredients and make your own. Example instead whey protein I use plant based protein, instead of chocolate chips I substitute it with cacao powder which is a great antioxidants. Overall I think itโ€™s a great video. He has veggies some fruit ๐ŸŒ using a great nut milk ๐Ÿฅ›. Good job. The moral of the story is you donโ€™t have to follow exactly what is being used. U can take away u can substitute. Make it your own. And make it a Great Day!!! To all the Happy muscles & weight gainers. And stop crying

  14. Milk, peanut butter, egg whites, oatmeal and a banana is all you need for a clean bulk shake boys and girls

  15. Made it and itโ€™s really good. Way better than the oatmeal/frozen berries one I have been living off of. Slightly concerned about it being too much sugar but oh well. Also, mine came out to 2,054 calories. I use pretty basic whey without a bunch of the other stuff in it that might be the factor. Also, this shake doesnโ€™t fill you up and make you feel obese like the oatmeal based one I was doing. Iโ€™m splitting my shakes half now, half in a couple hours and this one doesnโ€™t make me feel disgusting afterwards haha. Love it. Maybe Iโ€™ll follow up with what the macros end up being later. Thanks for the recipe

  16. Update: The macros for this shake are as follows.

    Fat:578 grams
    Carbs:218 grams
    Protein:63 grams
    Sugar:166 grams

    Way high sugar. Could substitute some other carbs for the honey, not sure! Maybe someone can whey in

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  20. Yall if u use mct oil only use 1 tablespoon the first time u do it, I used 3 and I basically poisoned myself and was in extreme pain for 4 hours, just start out with one and let your body get used to the amount u intend on using slowly

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