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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello everyone, my name is Priti Nath Guru. In my last video I had discussed that lifestyle & dis-balance of eating habits That is the major reason behind weight gain. Here we are failed to understand that how we have to change our eating habits according to our life style In result we gain weight. I have discussed about 1 stage but there are so many stages in our life When we have dis balance in our life style & eating habits, and then we gain weight. I’m presenting this video to share all these stages. Teenage is the first stage. If we see children below 13 years, 90% of them comes under normal category Neither they are too fat nor thin because They take their diet according to their life-style where they eat and digest their food very well. But after 13 children start having pressure on them That is studies, sport level & activity level get reduced. In result they gain weight. In my next video, I’ll explain about the reason behind obesity in kids. Another stage is when our children start going college This time their activity levels are extremely low. Physical activity gets reduced and mental pressure get increased. Friends and outing with friends get increased. Along with this there is one more thing, during this stage their physical development is done. Their height has increased but still if they’ll continue the same diet & eating habits So this time their weight will start getting increase. So at this age, they have to be very careful as in there is no control on eating They start getting pocket money, going college so their esteem demands are also the reason behind weight gain We should counsel them and make them understand . Although they are not ready to understand anything. But we should try our level best to make them understand. And if we shall also understand that if we’ll not control over eating habits, we’ll gain weight. We have discussed the third stage in our last video. That how a college going person’s weight increases when he joins a job. Also females who don’t join jobs but they get married and goes to a new home. Also boys who got married after joining their jobs That is also a difficult phase for boys & girls because even if you are in nuclear or joint family Various types of food is cooked, you have various gatherings, you got various invitations for parties Your calorie values and your fat content in body get increased because you got ample of food items served. Specially if you are newly wedded groom & newly wedding bride also cooks new-new dishes. She serves to others and eats too, so that’s why too they put of weight. Because in marriages two families merges so we got to have new types of dishes And that increase the process of weight gain. Here we need to be little conscious and careful If our eating habits are increasing, we should do exercise & change our lifestyle. We should also try to compensate that, as in at this stage we need to be very careful and conscious. The next stage comes in females only And that is the most difficult stage called pregnancy and lactation period. At this stage women are usually given food made of clarified butter according to their body requirement. But after that we have to be little conscious about this, but unfortunately it couldn’t happen. In my next video I’ll discuss about this stage in the detail. After that there is stage in the age group of after 40 Where this situation is more problematic for gents as compare to females Because at this stage gents tend to put on lot of weight specially on their tummy area. Due to this there are lot of chances to have rise in their medical problems It could be diabetes, BP. So at this age they should give more attention towards physical activity. Also they should give attention to their diet . In the case of ladies this crucial stage comes between 45-50 years of age. When they face menopausal phase where they have lot of hormonal changes in their body. They get irritated, hunger cramps. So ladies should also be conscious at that stage. And after this I would say after 50 years if you are male or female. They should be little conscious about their diet, after every 5 years then after every 2 years then after 1 years Because they have lot of medical problems, psychically they gets weak, activities also gets reduces. So after that at all the stages we need to be very much careful. If we constantly measure our weight, try to balance our life-style & eating habits Then I hope people will gain less weight and will be able to maintain & balance their weight. I hope you’ll like my video & keep watching my upcoming videos. Thank you…

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