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Hey, what’s going on guys? Troy here with and I want to show you guys three awesome supersets for faster lean
muscle gains. I know its summertime. I know you guys want those lean muscle gains so I
want to show you guys one of my favorite work out strategies – it’s super-setting opposing
muscle groups. I’m going to walk you through three different
supersets. The first one is going to be a shoulder-trap superset and then the next two
are going to be opposing muscle groups so we’re going to go a chest-back combination
and then a quadriceps-hamstring superset. This is a perfect way to work out multiple
muscle groups in the same work out and I also notice it helps you with your strength. If
you guys are looking to get that big pump throughout your back and your chest and get
stronger on the bench, work out that opposing muscle group; shock that opposing muscle group
to failure and then blast the other muscle group. So let me dive right in and show you
guys three awesome supersets for faster lean muscle gains. Alright guys – first superset. We’re going
to really blast our deltoids and our trap muscles. This is one of my favorite supersets.
Really focusing on getting on those nice big deltoids and those big trap muscles. So we’re
going to go Dumbbell Lat Raise. We’re going to pre-fatigue. I usually like to go high
rep on this in the 12-15 rep range and then shoulders and deltoids nice and sore. We’re
going to go right into shrugs – get a good burn on our traps and our deltoids. Let me
walk you through the whole thing. So this one (Dumbbell Lat Raise) you want
to keep the deltoid under tension the whole time so don’t rest at the bottom. No rest.
I’m going to go right into barbell shrugs. It’s pretty light for me but it’s my second
work out of the day so I’m just going to lighten it up to show you guys good form. You want
to reach to the top of your ceiling as high as you can with those trap muscles. We got an awesome leg superset. Most gyms
have a really good hamstring machine and a really good quadricep machine located next
to each other. So what I do is I’ll superset those opposing muscle groups – you get an
awesome leg pump in. We’re going to start off here in the hamstring machine. There’s
usually two variations to these in your gym. You’re going to have the one where you’re
actually going this motion. You’re going to have the one where you’re curling the weight
this way. It’s good to switch it up but sine these are located right next to each other
so I’m going to go superset them back and forth – get that nice leg pump in. One of
the best supersets you can do is the opposing muscle group so for your hamstrings and quads
– is a perfect combo… We’re going to get a hamstring pump going – we’re going swing
over here to the leg extension machine… We got my favorite superset. I love working
out my chest and my back and super-setting them. This works out perfect because they’re
opposing muscle groups. A lot of people do push-pull but they have this machine almost
at every single gym. It’s my favorite back machine. Do it really nicely – get that ripped
back and then we transition this into a pec fly. I notice I’m really strong on the pec
fly – when I transition from back exercise straight into pec fly. You get that blood
pumping in your back. Get that nice chest pump – awesome superset. Let me demonstrate
how to do it. I do the rear delt back exercise a little different. I won’t do it sitting
down; I’ll kneel to get a better angle on my back – also hit my rear delts. And then
we’re going to load this up; stack it up all the way, switch the angle here and go right
into a pec fly. Focus on that inner chest. It’s probably my favorite inner chest exercise,
it really sculpts; gets that defined line on your inner chest going here. The only thing
you can do to make it harder is you don’t grip it. Touch your fingers together like
this. That’s an awesome superset. Alright guys, those were three awesome supersets
for faster lean muscle gains. So it’s really easy to come up with these opposing muscle
group supersets. Let me know what you guys come up with in the comments. I’m always interested
in trying new things and if you guys are looking for more great tips on how to bulk up and
get lean muscle mass, check out Thanks guys.

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    Weight Lifting Workouts: 3 Crazy Supersets For Faster Muscle Gains

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