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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

The beginning of this video is going to be very quotidian, I guess As far as all we’re gonna do is eat or…just eat indeed So we are here in Kaunas to try the local cuisine and train the local athletes Good Saturday morning to you, guys Today we’ll conduct a seminar here We were not given any cards here. All they require is that you check your retina and have some blood tests done So.. As we can observe, it´s a huge sports complex Different kinds of sports There are also a CrossFit zone and a weightlifting zone available We were told that this gym is the biggest one in the Baltic States 6 thousand square metres You’ll be next You know, it´s very pleasant to see the weightlifting platforms in a fitness gym. In my opinion, Eleiko is the top trademark in weightlifting. That´s why I was pleased to notice that all the equipment here is by Eleiko By the way, some guys even complained that even a common mop here is white, by Eleiko and must be very expensive Much effort has been put to make this brand famous and not just famous for being famous…but famous for its quality It could be nice to see such mops in all the gyms, I guess. Training discs are not new on the market. When I was a member of the national team that was something extraordinary for us But nowadays everything changed A lot of gyms are equipped with such discs as they are very good for working on the skills and are very comfortable for kids and newcomers That´s why these discs are so cool and useful to be handy at gyms Just have a look at how this man is getting ready for the seminar on climbing getting ready very thoroughly though… concentrating on working with a barbell and a wall Focus, Bitch! In case you feel pain – just let me know Sunday, second day … people are receiving the theoretical dose by Sergei Putsov As we’re lacking time, we have to do the thrusters … thrusters or clusters, whichever At the end of the second day, we could see a special note hanging on the wall I don´t know what it means But the translation I was given says: ¨You can throw the barbell, but be ready to find yourself on the 1st floor¨. when we´re actually on the 2nd or 3rd one. But our team is fearless Everybody has got hurt already (feet, groin, etc) That’s why all of us will be throwing the barbell And falling down the floors is the least of our problems…and threatens nobody, I guess. Of course, I liked it. How couldn’t I? Two days has just been over. It was a nice group. About 25 people or so, half of which were trainers I was asked very interesting questions which we discussed actively 5 people achieved their best results during the seminar which makes me happy Wish you good mood and good metabolism! Bye! See you!

90 thoughts on “Weightlifting TIPS & DRILLS / A.TOROKHTIY

  1. Алексей ответь пожалуйста,я тренируюсь уже 5 лет и у меня боль в колене вышла как мне лечить,заранее спасибо

  2. Aleksey!! You have English speaking subscribers also…. please add sub-titles to your videos…. Thanks!!

  3. Давно мы не видели таких продолжительных серий.Больше картинки.Больше эмоций.Больше полезной информации.Спасибо Алексей!

  4. Есть идея: берем А. Новикова и делаем проект "Путь к Арнольду" в котором учим Алексея делать толчок. Зайдет на УРА!!!

  5. Can you PLEASE ADD SUBTITLES PLEASE…. there is so much we can learn from you here in the US but can't because we can't understand a dang thing.. lol

  6. Класс! Тежолый труд и высокое мастерство! Удачи! Спасибо за видео.

  7. На восьмій хвилині там уже не тяжка атлетика пішла то)))

  8. Не знаю.Чё у Вас там с Арямновым за тёрки, но я тебя Алексей один хуй уважаю.Всё правильно делаешь!

  9. I see a lot of peeps here wish for subs. Can a subscriber add them? I’m fluent in English/Ukrainian/Russian.

  10. Спасибо, Алексей! Как всегда очень интересно и познавательно! P.S. пользуясь случаем, передаю привет Алкашу и Зависнику с полностью пропитыми мозгами, арямнову!

  11. Какие всё же нелепые кроссфит блины,тренируют эго!

  12. Hi Aleksey, would you post a 3 second video to teach us how to pronounce your name properly? I talk with my friends about you all the time, but felt like butchered your name every single time and a little sadness grows inside me.

  13. Очень хороший канал, подписался из-за сына, он профессионально занимается плаваньем, а штанга это один из тренажеров для работы на суше, она моделирует старт. Спасибо.

  14. эх, Торохтия Клокова топить просят (
    А вообще супер семинар!!!

  15. English subtitles are a great final touch! Video, such as yours, have inspired me to start weightlifting in my late 40s! Keep up the content!

  16. Вот чем мне нравятся видео Алексея, так это тем уже, что использует приятную мелодичную музыку электронную, а не металл, задолбали металюги 😁

  17. If I have strong but never lifted Olympian weightlifting is it hard to learn ? I mean bench press 150kg and other lifts about 250kg.
    I think it is 80% technique and mobility ? Of course some power too 😉 . Power lifting makes poor mobility in some places in body ? Snatch seems harder because mobility ?

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