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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Most of us have been taught to train by completing
all sets for one exercise before moving on to the next. Quite monotonous to say the least. But, there are definitely alternatives. And one popular alternative is the use of
supersets. No, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean doing
sets like you have a logo on your chest nor busting out reps after being bit by a spider. The concept of supersetting is quite simple:
Instead of one exercise with rest in between sets, you go back-to-back with two exercises
with little or no rest in between. Fittingly, supersets are also known as paired
or complex sets. Now, the type of exercises mixed together
matter. Some suggest pairing two exercises targeting
the same muscle group, such as barbell and preacher curls. Some suggest pairing one upper body exercise
with a lower body exercise, like pull-ups and goblet squats. But the most popular type is known as agonist-antagonist
paired sets, or in the scientific literature, APS for short. In simple terms, it means you train two muscle
groups opposite of one another, such as the biceps and triceps muscles. One extends the elbow, and the other flexes
it. To do an APS-type superset, you can employ
bicep curls with triceps extensions. Another example would be back rows to train
the upper back paired with bench presses to train the chest. Now, many people might think supersets are
only good because it saves time. You’re essentially cutting your workout
time in half by pairing exercises. But, the big assumption against supersetting
is that it won’t be as effective as traditional sets because you will fatigue faster, thus
cutting down performance, and ultimately, cutting down your results. Well, good thing we have research to shine
a light on this. First, an 8-week study in 2009 found that
trained subjects were able to significantly improve their 1-rep maxes on bench pulls and
presses with APS training, whereas traditional sets saw little improvement. A 2005 study found that rugby players were
able to increase bench throw power by a modest 4.7% with antagonist training, whereas no
antagonist training saw zero. We see more of the same in another study where
supersetting resulted in 55% more reps versus traditional sets in the seated row. And again, a study on heavy failure training
observed supersets achieving 27% greater volume than traditional sets. Aaaand one more study found that superset
training burned more calories. So that’s benefits for strength, power,
muscle growth, and calories burned from supersets over traditional sets. And don’t forget, all the while they’re
saving time. How it actually works is not fully clear,
but many believe that it has to do with the stretch shortening cycle, which is another
topic for another day. But it seems like that initial assumption
about how supersets will kill your performance doesn’t really hold much weight. Now, before you run off and superset all the
things, note that it’s not so amazing for all situations. In fact, it depends. Where you’re best off with supersetting
is with accessory or some compound movements. Where it doesn’t fare well are full-body
type movements, like Olympic lifts. In fact, one study even suggest that squats
are worse off with supersetting. And if you think about it, squats can somewhat
be seen as a full-body movement with all the load held on the upper body. Also, all of these studies show improvements
with subjects that have extensive athletic or training experience. Beginners might want to limit their supersetting
because of their lack of conditioning. Chances are, beginners will need extra rest
to recover metabolically. And, if you’re in a busy gym, you might
not have the luxury of space nor equipment to do two exercises at once without looking
like the dude that hogs all the dumbbells while curling in the squat rack. But again, the time saving alone should be
good enough for you to at least try supersetting and see what it can do for you. That means less sitting, and more lifting. Share your super thoughts on supersets in
the comments below. Also, come support the channel by checking
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100 thoughts on “What are SUPERSETS and Are They Even WORTH DOING?

  1. More info on superset combos. What Can One super set on a back/bicep or chest/tricep/shoulder workout. What is the recommende resttime in between supersets specific Method in the mentioned studies?

  2. Hey, I have a question. Is it bad to have a cheat day every month when I'm not on a diet?? (I only restrict my daily snacks to 200cal and my daily diet isn't that healthy)

  3. so is it good to do supersets from one muscle group. for example-only chest exercises-Bench press-Dips for example

  4. @pictureFit
    Nice video man 🙂
    But i have a question. You made a video about resting time (1min vs 3min ).
    How can it be, that 3min of resting is better than 1 min, if combining sets (less resting) increase the results?
    Sorry for my english 😀

  5. I'm an avid user of supersets, but I have to say, I'm skeptical of the methodology of any study that showed an improvement using supersets and no improvement using straight sets.

  6. You should make a video on how long you should spend in between sets and if there's a perfect amount of rest

  7. Thanks for the great videos! Very informative and helpful. My favorite supersets are upper back and biceps…..and triceps and pectorals. But I think, after watching this video, I will mix it up a little and try to zero in on some more antagonistic movements! Thanks again!

  8. superset has absolutely no benefits for a natural athlete, except if training endurance.
    even if you do APS, your "resting" muscle group does not rest completely, because your overload your body twice at once.
    if you wanna have result, train heavy with enough rest and calorie intake. other ways you are screwed up.

  9. Maybe the results from super setting may have to do with the fact that people often do sets in ~20-30s so a superset puts the person into a state of ~50s of high intensity training which is often recommended for best amount of time under stress for gainz? possibly?

  10. hey @pictureFit what about a vid to talk about all the techniques in this sport (bodyvuilding or fitness ) you know what i mean like superset dropset fst7 everything i dont know what you call those techniques or idk

  11. 4 days a week. back and bi's 3 supersets. 3 different exercises. Chest and tri's same. legs and shoulders same. cardio and abs. 1.5 hours in gym a day. Massive gains and weight loss.

  12. I saw examples of strength building and extra calorie burning but I didn t hear any evidence of muscle growth according to the research results you presented in this video

  13. i'm an amateur i always did this super sets thinking it's how it should be done sometimes rest feels extra

  14. I would like to do supersets, the only problem is there is too many people working out at the same time, so I can't just left the weight/equipment I'm using.

  15. Contrary to popular belief, I DO superset Squats with calf raises and love it. I sometimes even alternate – so one squat then one raise, one squat then one raise etc.

    Bear in mind, I train at home with no squat rack and clean and jerk the barbell each set. If I didn't superset I'd need to double my clean and jerk, which isn't always bad, but could hinder my results to progressively overload.

  16. Hii, Can you tell me which software you used to make this animation video(whiteboard animation),Is it videoscript ?

  17. I don't have time to go to a gym so I do my exercises at home. My combo: close arm push-ups –> pull ups –> dips –> bicep curls –> 2min rest. Repeat for 5 sets.

  18. Superset is not the same as APS.
    Superset means hitting the antagonist musclegroup with no rest in between. APS allows for rest half the amount of rest time you would use between regular sets.

  19. I personally hate supersets, specially because everybody (but me) seems to be doing them nowadays and it makes it hard for one to train because some guy/gal is using the whole gym at the same time…

  20. Any idea how I can superset effectively though? I usually do chest/tri, then back/biceps, then lastly shoulders/legs. If I do biceps and triceps on the same day with APS then I'm practically doing arms whenever I go to the gym. Isn't that overtraining?

  21. Are bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups and push-ups seen as full-body movement exercises, or does full-body movement mean that (almost) every single muscle in the body is being used?

  22. PictureFit I have googled the stretch shortening cycle and think I understand it but PLEASE do a video on that. You can't just throw in a teaser in this video and jut leave it at that !!!!

  23. So would using accessory muscle groups in your superset give the benefits you would expect from an APS routine? Like an anterior, lateral and posterior deltoid routine? Or do you mean an entirely different muscle group such as deltoid into traps?

  24. When should I do supersets everyday?? Should I change my traditional workout routine to just supersets? I'm a begginer but I know how to lift properly and all that

  25. Dude can you make video about GPP workouts and are them efficent or not and can you compare with crossfit things? Thank for your concern…

  26. would it really save that much time? if you're waiting 30-60 seconds between sets then super setting wouldn't save time, i will say i cycle my lifting, a few months of power, a few months of slightly less weight with double the reps, i even cycle drop sets into non compound movements. i think unless you're trying to be a power lifter or a body builder cycling the way you lift is the most beneficial

  27. I prefer doing circuits and supersets while combining it with tabata workouts,it's more less hassle when you prepare your own workout routine while im not on the gym on off days and not constantly depending on your coach what to do. You gonna learn by yourself.

  28. MegaSuperSets – Doing shoulder press on a running machine while drinking over priced wheyacreatinecaseinsugarblob shake, followed by deadlift on a trampoline chewing on RXBS-LOL-RIP Energy Bar (with extra potassio-glutominminmin-min-nitrosmonofluriotinexide). Works for me. I now have a bigger wobbly butt than ever.

  29. But spider venom, especially black widow bites, have been proven to increase muscle mass, I personally have 15 tarantulas and black widows, in a tank, for my teeth muscles.

  30. Super sets increase exposure for injury, but other than that they're brilliant. I do super drop sets. 15 minutes feel like 45.

  31. hey picturefit i have question, I love doing calisthenic so for a workout I would four sets of fifteen pushups for each set a.k.a round. Then ill jump to squats and do the same. What would that be called?

  32. I've only been training for a few years, but found myself naturally moving to supersets, as a way of cutting down the amount of time to spend during each session. Only one question, is doesn't one's heart also need to be given a rest between the sets?

  33. I like doing supersets with a concentric heavy and an eccentric heavy exercise, eg bench press + pec dec fly

  34. Me: What's your favorite brand of adult diapers? PictureFit: It depends. Me: Awesome!, I've never heard you so decisive! PictureFit: I didn't say, it's Depends. Me: Oh… never mind.

  35. I hate supersets . it's a douchebag move. I have to wait to use one piece of gym equipment and these guys are hogging two .

  36. I actually am curious about the second type of super sets you mentioned, I believe it is called ‘staggered super sets’. I do it sometimes, because for example when I rest between my sets of Bulgarian split squats, I get ‘bored’ and do some push ups. I can’t find much information about that on the internet. I’m wondering if that is because it is bad or just because it’s not that common. Can you please explain?

  37. I usually do a superset of similar muscles but only on non compound movements ie; two push muscle exercises like lateral raises followed by triceps rope push downs; or incline shrugs followed by incline dumbbell hammer curls.

  38. Can I superset the same muscular GROUP but with two differents exercises?
    Ex.: 1 set of 10 intermediate leg shrimps + 1 set of 10 pistol squat
    (ye, I practice calisthenics)

  39. I mainly do superset as focusing on same muscles,like back row and anti back row,bicep curl and hammer curl
    it kills fat super fast and make my muscles pump every single time

  40. So super sets are workouts with little to no rest in between or working out different muscle groups like the tri and bi example he gave?

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