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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Ask
A Trainer. Today I’m here with Pro Result® trainer,
Kayla. Kayla, are you ready for another question? Ready as ever. Alright, today’s question comes to us from
Joseph E. Joseph asks, “What are the best exercises for strengthening the hips?” That’s a great question. The hips are really important to your core
and they definitely have a huge impact on your knees, your back, they really support
your entire body and it’s really important to strengthen those muscles in order to prevent
injuries in other places of your body. So, things like hip thrusters or bridges,
whether they’re on the floor, you can add some weight, and doing different variations
of the bridge. Abductors, adductors, strengthening the outside
portion of the hips. We do have machines for that. Other advanced exercises, like kettlebell
swings, some squats, deadlifts, things like that can definitely help as well. A little bit more advanced but –
They get the job done. Exactly, if you’re feeling ready for it
go for it. They’re really important. Awesome, well there you have it Joseph. Send us in your questions, follow us on YouTube,
and we’ll see you next time.

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