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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey IFBB pro Johnny O Jackson
welcome to my kitchen what’s up muscle and strength we’re gonna show you guys
what I cooked for breakfast for breakfast I keep it really simple
these liquid egg whites really makes life a lot easier
instead of like over this bowl cracking and separating eggs you know you just
measure and pour in the right amount of liquid egg whites that you want and then
you add you know how many whole eggs you normally would use other than that I use
grits you know I don’t like oatmeal in particular too much so I substitute it
with grits just about the same content in grits that are in oatmeal so it
exchanges well and works for me I say measure but it’s been over 17 years
been doing it so I more or less know the portion that I need but for the
other guys just a measuring cup will work of course
I’ll do a cup and a half of liquid egg whites and three eggs in the morning
keep it simple this is so easy to eat and taste really well and I just cook up
the eggs and then I put them all together I just mix them together I grew
up eating grits I’m from New Jersey but my parents are from Georgia so it’s a
southern thing the grits you know you don’t hear that from a lot of people
from New Jersey so I grew up eating it I got a taste for it some people don’t
and it’s not as dense as oatmeal as well so it doesn’t stay with you as long but
it fills you up and does the job breakfast is steady this is what I do for
breakfast period this isn’t made up this isn’t you know something just doing for
the camera this is what I truly eat every day for breakfast so breakfast
wise only time it changes is if the fam me and the family go out for breakfast
you know on the weekend and we’ll go to IHOP or stuff like that but I still get
eggs and grits while there so you see I put it in microwave about a cup of water
for about a minute and then two packets of grits just pour it right on in and
this thing this bodybuilding thing I mean the most important thing is like I
said it’s making your food edible and making the things that you like and
making it work you know you can mix and match you know a lot of different things
but the most important thing is eating the right foods you know not everything
processes into the into what you need it to process into once it enters your body
I always tell amateurs or you know people who are looking to turn pro or
start bodybuilding the most important thing is nutrition yeah like I said once it’s all done the
eggs the grits I’ll just mix it in together all together here I have breakfast then like I said simple
easy simple edible

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  2. Oatmeal >>> Grits for nutritional value. I know he does it for taste reasons but he made it seem like it was a 1 for 1 substitution.

  3. I haven’t seen this video. But I’m gonna assume he eats eggs and oatmeal. And on leg day throws in 6 ounces of steak. And they’re gonna play dramatic trip hop music and show him eating it, and we’re all gonna watch it because wtf else is there to do?

  4. Few more minutes in the kitchen and you can make a tasty omelette with spinach, sliced bell peppers, cottage chese, salt and spices or whatever you wanna put on it. Very tasty! Plus some oatmeal with some berries, of some sort, on it.

    Bodybuilders could be a little more creative in the kitchen.

  5. No Spice Masala No Oil I don't like Your Personality and Your Break😏🤔 I Always likeeee Indian food And Indian Egg, and, Indian Every food.

  6. Why don't body builders today have that V shape anymore?? All look 7 months pregnant. Is it different types of steroids? Diet? Not working and as much ?

  7. What age did you get into bodybuilding? I’m 5’6 and weight 186 and I’m 14 pounds over weight. What do you thinking about juicing?

  8. How many of these dumbass videos you gonna make?, omg egg whites and the same three or 4 things. Like every other “breakfast of a bodybuilder” don’t show you the IUs of growth and test and other supps . Fn stupid

  9. Like the video, but I gotta wonder if he’s scratching off the coating on his pan when he’s stirring his eggs with a metal mixer. That stuff can’t be good mixed into your eggs.

  10. These guys should try buckwheat. Much nicer than oats, in my opinion. But pretty light breakfast from what I normally see these guys eating.

  11. these videos suck ass. Have you not seen any rich piana videos? Huge market to fill, but these videos are dumb and no one wants to watch them.

  12. Comment section is roids this roids that, bunch of fucking pathetic with low self esteem retards ugly mother fuckers lol

  13. i hate people who waste their eggs separating the whites and throwing the yolk out! buy the liquid egg whites than like johhny!

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