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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey muscle and strength it’s Regan Grimes
here I just woke up and the first thing we got to do is get our breakfast get a
meal in so we get to the gym first thing I gotta do is get this coffee in me cuz
I’m not I need to wake up just straight black coffee so for breakfast I’ve got turkey turkey
breast on here it’s ground turkey so I’m just cooking that up it takes about ten
minutes don’t fry it to fast put it on medium and then so this part this will be my
protein source we’ll have turkey this morning and then
for carb sources I’ve got the white rice we’re currently I’m doing three cups of
rice per meal so all you got to do with this rice it’s super easy
it’s nice when I travel this minute rice when I’m at home actually do have a rice
cooker and what I do is I throw on the rice the first thing in the morning but
this is perfect basically I just do this put some water in it just cover it and
then I put it in the microwave for five minutes
this one the turkey will be done the rice will be done
I’ll put it together and I’ll show you guys the final results
I mean this isn’t like I guess maybe a typical you know breakfast that someone
would eat but to be honest food is food at this point and I kind of eat
like the sources of the food that I I’m feeling like so as long
as I’m getting it in it’s all good I mean instead of eggs I’m doing you know
turkey breast so this five minute rice is awesome basically you know like five
minutes so from 6-7 minutes out from your meal throw that on throw this on a
little bit before cause this takes about 10 minutes and then boom you’re ready to go
yeah we got to get 8 ounces of Turkey here alright we have that I’ve got the
Himalayan pink sea salt okay and now for the sauce so if you’re dieting this isn’t a sauce
you’re gonna use this it’s just okay for me right now so this is a sweet baby
Ray’s Hickory and brown sugar and then to make it a little sweeter ketchup we’ve got
the blue machine so this is 8 ounces is 170 calories for 8 ounce serving so I’ll
do be doing 8 ounces of that and then on top of that we have my favorite Honey
Crisp apple if I’m not doing an apple I’ll do banana I’ll do grapes
I have blackberries or blueberries so always I always like have probably a
fruit if I’m doing five meals I’m doing fruit at least four times with each meal we’ve got 8 ounces of lean turkey breast
ground and we got 3 cups of white rice cooked and we’ve got one apple Honey
Crisp apple and 8 ounces of blue machine fruit juice

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