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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

it’s a long game and it’s a lifestyle so
it’s important that whether you’re eating or training or whatever you do
things that make you want to keep doing it okay guys so I’m gonna make my
favorite meal it’s not my absolute favorite my
absolute favorite is ground beef and pasta but since I’m try and work on
bringing my stomach down for future shows I’ve eliminated a lot of the red
meat out of my diet for better digesting meats so I’m using ground turkey instead
of ground beef today because it digests faster this meat
I get comes to me from true local the company here in Ontario that source is
some of the best meats and they deliver to your doorstep kind of flash-frozen so
this comes from them so I’m confident when I get my food that it’s of a good
quality people are on this whole wheat pasta thing it doesn’t matter okay
I don’t want whole wheat pasta I don’t want more fiber it’s gonna sit in my stomach
longer white pasta is not great either but I don’t care if you care if you want
to make it if you want to have pasta and not feel bad and actually still worry
about your stomach and digestion and all that get rice pasta most grocery stores
if you go to the organic section or the pasta section most likely the organic
section have rice pasta if you get rice pasta which is like eating rice and it
digests quickly and you can still feel like you’re having your pasta meal and
not feel guilty about it lately I’ve been eating just regular white pasta
because it’s been digesting okay for me so we’re gonna make some regular pasta
so warm up the pan look at this meals not complicated it’s not something none of you guys
have made everybody at some point or another has made pasta with meat sauce
with pasta sauce I’m not gonna crush tomatoes from fresh I have pasta sauce
that I like I get it at Costco I’m sure you guys can find a pasta sauce that you
like in the off season this is a meal I normally have at least once a day
because it’s very easy to eat it tastes good it’s very calorie dense
and if you could find something that has all three of those things then you
should have it as much as possible this is the pasta sauce I use there’s nothing
special about it it’s not organic low in sugar low in salt it’s just
regular fucking pasta sauce but it tastes great like I said you guys have done this
before nothing complicated about it it’s gonna break up the meat a little bit of
salt I know a lot of you chefs out there that are watching the video are gonna be
like oh he didn’t he didn’t let the water boil all the way before he put the
pasta in and how come he didn’t put salt in the water for the pasta listen man
just make sure it’s cooked make sure it tastes pretty good
and get the food in if you’re the kind of person who wants to do this for your
whole life for 20 years or whatever for you know have a real career
sometimes just gonna do things because they’re fun sometimes I just want to try
something different keep me interested it’s a long game and it’s a lifestyle so
it’s important that whether you’re eating or training or whatever you do
things that make you want to keep doing it I can’t just eyeball it I got to make
sure I’m getting the right amount of food right because you’re still look
even though it’s the offseason even though we’re eating like as much as we
can and all this other shit you still have to have a general idea how much
protein carbs and fats you’re getting in a day it has to be close still gonna
weigh my food so I’m gonna do six ounces of ground turkey okay pastas done so
burner goes off strain the pasta what we’re gonna do is this we’re gonna make
ourselves fatter by making it taste good so turn this on to a medium setting a
little bit of olive oil measuring cup two cups a little bit olive oil to make it taste
good and we’re gonna add the sauce dash of salt I could honestly eat this meal
every meal of the day that’s how good it is that’s how much I
like pasta now if you want to be a really fat fuck like me get yourself
some really shitty Parmesan cheese you want to get big you want to put on
size that’s how you do it pasta sauce has sugar pasta sauce has
fat and grease and shit and oil on it you know it’s it’s a ready-made and
whatever we put Parmesan cheese it’s fat and shitty for you and we used white
pasta use ground turkey instead of instead of fresh turkey breasts so I
know all of you who guys out there that are like nuts about every little calorie
are looking at this going this is disgusting this is you doesn’t need all
this food you guys are never gonna get big the guys who are looking at this
meal and thinking yeah you know what that’s a fucking calorie dense meal you
guys are the guys are gonna grow this is what you need to grow because the the
calories that you need are in here the quality that you need the quality
protein quality carbs are in here and to make sure that you’re going to eat it
every day or every or a couple times a day that’s what the Parmesan cheese does
that’s what the sauce does okay so make sure your food tastes good so you can
get it in

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  2. I don't consider this guy a bodybuilder. He is a powerlifter and to be a powerlifter you just eating stupid amounts of calories and lift. Job done.

  3. Happy new year
    Great meal for 2019
    Broke your foot off in the kitchen
    Thanks for the tips I need to work on my stomach to looking forward to more videos and DIY MEALS
    Until next time hope you have a great year stay positive

  4. First thing first, the camera man is a dwarf. Second, body builders are starving group of people. No wonder they are depressed.

  5. Why is it so therapeutic watching someone else cook or eat? Lol I do strongman training, so eating a ton hits home, but watching someone else feels different lol.

  6. M&S we NEED more of Fouad!!!
    This guy in my opinion is one of the best!! Smart, Logical, & Humble. Knows what he's talking about, cause he's a Pro (the Haters are Idiots, who come to a BB channel simply 2 criticize) Meals taste GOOD & easy to prepare, I'm gonna make this one soon!

  7. I can’t get enough of his voice & what advice he gives while he cooks & keeps everything real. more videos of him PLEASE! Fouad is a goat 💗

  8. What a lot of ifbb pros never mention is that the amount of food they eat and the type of food they eat in off season will make a normal human fat. When you combine 750 peptides, with GH and Insulin etc your body will consume all of these meals better, digest better, while average joe eating 5-6x meals a day, food being stored from the stomach up his throat and not actually digest this is how people who want to bulk get FAT. By eating 6000 calories a day and minimal cardio. Sorry but when I was on GH I ate everything and anything and still was able to be peeled with minimal bodyfat. Pros need to be more honest with diet and drug intake.

  9. Made this last night and yes, I went back for a second bowl. And yes, I also had two servings of protein pancakes🙂🙃.

  10. Here I am staring at my 200g of boiled chicken topped with ketchup because thats the closest to making this food look & taste good lmao

  11. He doesn't know what he's talking about. First of all, you don't have to eat low quality cheese to get big. Freshly grated parmesan would contain all the same fats, taste way better, and not have all the crappy added ingredients. Secondly, you don't have to eat any specific type of food to get big. Yes, certain foods are more calorie dense and so you have to eat less of those to get big than calorie sparse foods, but virtually any food would suffice. The largest creature that has ever existed, blue wales, eat mainly krill, elephants eat fruits, leaves, and tree bark, gorillas eat nuts berries and other random shit in the jungle, and all those animals are massive. And as a human, if you're eating several thousand calories a day, and not burning more than you're consuming by like running or swimming or jerking off too much, I guarantee that you'll get big, regardless where those calories are coming from.

  12. His advise of doing things with your diet/cooking/training that are going to make you want to keep doing it… I cannot say enough how important that is. Whatever you are doing, you need to do it consistantly for a very long time to see major results. Don't overcomplicate your food and don't overthink it with your workouts or you will eventually wake up and say naaaaa, i don't want to do all that today.

  13. Honest as fuck I like it .. as I sit here downing my chicken burritos from taco bell lol fuck chicken an broccoli time to grow!

  14. This dude is my hero "fat fuck" and "shitty parmesan cheese" lmfao😂😂😂 besides that I agree with him on everything he said

  15. The people who think he eats too much are the same people who it kit Kats and hot Cheetos… Believe it or not some of you are eating a lot more calories than you think you are.

  16. Fouad, can you give tips i.e. make a video for those that do intermittent fasting and for Muslims that fast during Ramadan?

  17. This guys one of my new favourite bodybuilding personalities. Says it exactly how it is, fact, straight to the point. There ain't many like this guy in the industry, most wanna beat around the bush and complicate everything to make it seem like they woke and want the best for peoples health so put out inconvenient bullshit that people just can't keep up with and maintain. Live a little, have your pasta sauce n GROW!

  18. Easier way is 6 whole eggs 2oz sharp cheeder cheese and only 2 1/2 tbsp of olive oil.

    More calories, more protien, no sugar and you adjust the carbs. Don't believe me?

    One egg is 70 calories.

    70×6=420+120+120+60 ((olive oil)=720+120+120 (Tillamook sharp cheeder)=960 add a piece of bread and it is over 1,000 calories and will still digest VERY quick. Key to quick digestion with food is less volume more caolries this meal will do it. 100%

  19. when you american,canadians or what you are will understand that you cannot use tomato sauce like ketchup,squeezing it on pasta directly from the can..? go look some italian kitchen videos once in a while..

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