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all right everyone it’s Regan Grimes
here primeval labs athlete and IFBB Pro I’m gonna show you guys another midday
meal that I’m having today so this one’s gonna be pasta rotini so
we’re gonna do about 156 grams dry weight of the rotini so I’m just gonna
grab a bucket here it’s always important to weigh out your carbs just so you know
exactly how much you’re eating so how about 160 is going to be 120 grams of
carbs so go bang on 160 okay so I got the water boiling already so we’re gonna
throw this pasta in there now for the protein source so the protein source
today with the pasta I’m going to be doing beef from trifecta so it’s
actually organic it’s in beef patties right now so that’s just how they how
they put them but it is organic and it is rather lean as well so what I do is I
put it in the pan so one is 4 ounces so 2 is obviously 8 so I’ll do two so with
this beef I just grab this and I rip it apart so put into like little chunks I just had in and out before this like
post-workout and this is the meal two meals after training so all right so the beefs done here what
we’re gonna do is just throw a little bit of this barbecue sauce on it give it
a little flavor flav you know we’ll just work it in work it in flick of the wrist finish we’re finished with the with the
beef now we just gonna wait for this pasta to
finish up so yeah we we in Canadia say pasta not pasta I can say it pasta
it’s so American my main carb sources right now is going to be from
pasta pasta and rice fruits fruit smoothies and that’s that’s basically it
I mean cream of rice I’ll do sometimes already so the pasta is finished Oh perfect
it’s okay we’re gonna make it we’re gonna be fine
five-second rule okay so we’ve got the past in there
we’ve got about like I said 120 carbs there we’ve got our eight ounces of beef here we’ve that we’ve already fried up I’m gonna put that in there boom and
all we got to do now is sauce this guy up so we’ve got some Himalayan salt and
on top of that we got the classico tomato and basil one of my favorite meals so you got your
pasta got your beef pasta the pasta sauce you know all right
amigos we have today here a meal midday we’ve got the beef the pasta sauce
the pasta we’ve got banana and we got the blue

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  2. its literally just his full day of eating but yall are just making him do it again and just making it into separate videos for some reason. lmfao

  3. Pasta is a perfect bodybuilding food. Easy to eat and it tastes a lot better than rice.
    Rich Piana used to eat a lot of pasta, which was also more common in the earlier era of bodybuilding.
    Nice to see guys like Regan eat a lot of pasta.

  4. You guys feature this dude too much. Kinda getting boring. And say Pasta right one time. Just one time! Plus he is or looks like he is forever bulking. Get Laureus, Morel, Heath, Constance to do something. Lay off Abiad, although he is cool and this dude for a while please.

  5. My problem with these types of videos is that body builders treat food like fuel only.

    I body build and I’ve taken the time to learn how to cook

    Learn to incorporate spices and herbs. These items have no nutritional values but enhances flavor of your food.

    Food is great and should be enjoyed and not looked at like the enemy to do battle with

  6. Hey Rookies~ You want Big Hooks like Reagan You Gotta hit IN & Out for your Post workout Burgers THEN follow with Pasta and more burgers!!! Do it NOW ; )

  7. I like Regan. He cooks pretty good meals and he's cute too. 😉

    It's also nice to see a meat other than chicken or turkey. I love some red meat!


  9. Grate to see these athletes putting in off season work. Considering NFL draft is coming next weeks wonder what round this fellow will go

  10. Please tell me why I watch these videos 😂. I’m not even into bodybuilding or anything but seeing all the food they eat is interesting. My stomach could never 🤮

  11. “For carbs i’m eating, pasta, rice, fruits, smoothies… cream of rice.. that’s basically it” zooms in on honey nut cheerios

  12. Hi, i'm italian and if you want i can teach you how to say "pasta" 🙂 🙂 i'm joking.. great video and great lunch, man!

  13. Why you don't understand that you need to cook the sauces, especially tomato sauce, damn stop eating rice and pasta with ketchup, bbq sauce and raw tomato sauce!!! Lo volete capi dio ****!!!!

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