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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up muscle and strength this is
four-time world Strongest Man Brian Shaw with redcon1 and I’m gonna give you
an example of what I would cook for lunch now I don’t really have a lunch because
I’m eating so frequently so maybe this would be lunch number one let’s call it
that so let’s go ahead and get started here what I’m gonna start with and and
basically every meal for me include some type of red meat so this is ground bison
and it’s really really really good stuff so we’re gonna throw in the pan here
think these are it’s like two and a half pounds total so just over a pound each
package so I’m gonna throw those in this meal is an example of something I
would do in my diet I’m leading up to a contest but this is normal for me the
only the only difference is leading up to a contest is we may bump up the
carbohydrate a little bit more but typically and maybe maybe the portion of
meat a little bit bigger you know as we as we get closer leading up to a contest
just to push the calories a little bit more but overall it’s it’s you know
pretty standard for what I would normally eat next thing with this we’re
just going to use some salt so that’ll be really the only seasoning you know
that I’m gonna throw on this everything gets weighed after I’ve uh after I’ve
already cooked it this meal will be 12 ounces of bison definitely have that ready to rock and
roll and then I’m gonna portion this out and do roughly roughly three cups of
rice with this meal which is a little bit higher quantity of rice but again
I’m in the process of bumping it up before I compete so three cups of rice
which basically covers the Bison completely it’s definitely a lot of rice
on top of that I’ve got just some organic baby carrots kind of depending
on the size you know I normally do four or five of those with normally about
three meals during the day on top of this we’re just gonna dump some organic
chicken stock so this this is gonna make this meal I think it makes it delicious
but it also makes it a heck of a lot easier to eat we throw the throw the
chicken stock on top here and I normally don’t really I don’t really measure
exactly how much of the chicken stock I’m putting I just kind of know now
that’s probably about about a cup of chicken stock just got to grab a spoon
and and then go to work so the eating is the hard part I always say that you know
compared to you know the training and recovery work and all of that outside
the the eating I think is the hard is the hardest part because it’s constant
it’s all day you got to stay on top of it so this is work for me so the big
part of my day and hopefully guys has enjoyed this and now I’m gonna go eat

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  2. He said he east any red meat every meal and thats not healthy| if he continues every day with red meat he might not be able to walk normal, it gives you lumps on legs and the pain is very horrible. Hopefully he stays healthy outta the red meat

  3. So thw last 3 days ive eatem half of what this mans daily diet is and i can already lift cars now. Just wait till i start working out

  4. Always wonder why these shows or videos show the food these guys eat. Like the food is making them strong or big. Show us the needles they stick in their ass twice a week and the stack or TEST HGH DBOL they shoot in their blood stream. These guys are not NATTY !!!!! people realize they take enormous amounts of steroids weekly monthly yearly.

  5. when shaw mistakenly enters in a lion cage then,
    Lion: Roar,
    Shaw : Heyyyy bitch
    Lion : I'm sorry shaw, you are 10 times of my size and 10 times powerful

  6. Eating is work to me as well. I'm skinny as fuck and training to get stronger for employment. The training is the easy part. Constantly cooking up good food to help me recover requires so much discipline, especially since my appetite is so weak!

  7. I can't stop watching this dude cook….weighted portions, bison meat, electric range…..Worlds Strongest Man cooks on electric range! 🤔 Brian, c'mon man

  8. It annoys the hell out of me when I am told by vegetarians or vegans that you can get just as strong without meat. Show me one vegan as strong as shaw and I will go vegan for life.

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