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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

This is Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. We’re going to talk about a condition called
bubble gut. You might not have heard of it, but people
who exercise and especially people in the bodybuilding or the weightlifting area will
have heard about it. If you look up bubble gut, you’ll see it associated
with bodybuilding in fact When people did bodybuilding, when I was a young guy, they
would take steroids. Steroids were common in the 70s, 80s and 90s,
but they moved on now, and now they’re using stuff like insulin and also human growth hormone. So HGH is used quite a lot too now for building
a bigger physique. But the problem when you’re starting to use
these kinds of drugs is you’re affecting the body in many different ways. It’s not good to take insulin in in small
amounts if you’re … If you’ve got an insulin requirement, okay, if you’ve got type one
diabetes, but people are also using it for growing muscle tissue in the body. But even more so, it’s crazy what they’re
doing with the human growth hormone. They’re taking 10 units or more per day in
order to bulk up. And unfortunately this is causing a problem
with their internal organs. So some anabolic steroid experts are saying
that the steroids had issues. But this growth hormone has got a serious
issue with many people and they’re growing their mesentery or they’re lining of their
gut, apparently faster than normal, so they end up with this big gut or this tummy. So it’s not just about bulging biceps, but
they can get a bit of a bulging, bubble kind of gut too. So when you take a drug like that, you’re
going to pay the price and all drugs have side effects. And of course, the side effects for HGH can
be quite devastating. It could be many side effects, but one of
the spinoffs is this bubble gut, so that’s the condition. So unless you’re taking HGH, human growth
hormone, you shouldn’t have to worry. People who take human growth hormone required,
especially when they’re younger, will only take maybe one or two units, if that. They certainly won’t take 10 per day. So when you’re increasing the dosage rate
of a drag like that, you’re going to get problems. And that’s what bubble gut is, it’s a problem. Thanks for tuning in.

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