Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What did Arnold eat while bodybuilding? Well, it certainly isn’t what he’s eating
now. OMG, he got fat. What did he eat back in the 1970s when he
was the king of the body building world? He ate a lot of protein. He recommended half
a gram of protein per pound of body weight for normal people and twice that for athletes. That’s why he was famous for downing whole
steaks. Lean beef, but yes. He also wasn’t anti-carb
like the Atkins diet. Atkins was focused on weight loss, not building
muscle. Right before a competition, he would cut the
carbs and keep the protein to get as thin as possible. You mean lose all the fat. Something like that. He favored natural foods
over processed foods. Kind of like the Paleo diet. Not specifically. But he avoided processed
meats, which tend to be high in fat, and processed snacks, that are high in sugar. Did he eat big meals? I heard he needed 5,000
to 6,000 calories a day. No, he had a lot of small meals. That controlled
his blood sugar as well as made it easier to get enough calories without being too loaded
to work out. I heard he used protein shakes. Those have been standard for decades, though
the ones back then probably tasted a lot worse than those today. Then a lot of what he did is standard for
today. He was willing to eat bad fats as well as
good, like dairy and fatty steak. He burned off enough calories that it didn’t
affect him much. You have to admit – the body building career
did land him an acting career. What acting? He started as a dumb but violent
barbarian, Conan, and ended as a bulky emotionless robot. You have to admit, that casting fit him perfectly. Or the only times we think he was a good actor
is when he was in roles that fit him perfectly.

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