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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what-exercises-lift-your-buttocks- when it comes to your backside here’s
the bottom line to lift your butt you have to build muscle building new lean
muscle will help develop a backside with a natural well rounded shape did you
know that having a bigger backside could actually be a good thing it seems that
women have become obsessed with getting a perfectly rounded lifted back but
maybe this isn’t such a bad thing of course you should love your body
regardless of its shape but if you want to have a more muscular toned but we
have the perfect exercises for you to reach your goals here are the best
exercises for lifting and rounding your butt front lunges to start stand up
straight with your hands on your hips take a large foot step forward with one
leg bending at the knee while keeping it at a 90 degree angle step back repeat 15
to 20 times with each foot glute bridges this exercise is pretty simple just lie
flat on your back with your knees bent and arms either at your sides or clasped
on your tummy then lift your butt lower back and upper
thighs off the floor and squeeze your butt muscles hold this for a few seconds
and then bring your body back down repeat this for three sets of ten to
twelve reps donkey kicks another simple yet effective exercise get down on all
fours with your hands under your shoulders and knees under the hips with
your left leg on the floor lift your right leg at a 90 degree angle until
your foot is parallel with the ceiling sumo deadlifts for this exercise you’ll
need a dumbbell or barbell start with your feet wide apart toes pointed out
and your barbell next to your feet bend your knees and reach down for the
barbell making sure you keep your back and chest straight Bulgarian split
squats simply grab a chair and rest the top of your left foot on it bring your
right leg out in front of you at a lunch length then lower your body into a lunge
position until your left knee almost touches the floor and your right knee is
parallel to the floor swimmers exercise this is a tough
exercise but that’s what makes it so effective lie down on your stomach and
raise both legs off the ground squeezing your glutes as hard as you can reach
your arms forward with your palms facing downward a few inches above the ground
lift your left leg and right arm into the air as if you’re swimming walking
lunges we know you’re probably sore and exhausted by now but you’ve made it to
the last exercise on the list stand with your feet shoulders width apart and your
hand set your hips or down by your sides then step one leg forward and descent
until you rear knee almost touches the how-to-get-a-firm-bum-in-2-weeks floor then bring your rear foot forward
and stand back up bring the opposite foot forward and repeat for three sets
of ten to twelve reps on each side we hope this exercise we bring your
backside in perfect shape if you know any other exercise then please comment
below you you

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