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– As a matter of fact,
the consumption of bacon, and hot dogs, and
pastrami, and lunch meats, even prior to conception in women, increase the risk of childhood cancers or autism, or brain
tumors in their offspring. (light music) – Many people don’t know,
but the fumes that you smell when you cook bacon are
actually carcinogenic. You’re eating cooked
meat that is processed, high in salt, high in fat, so that can actually immediately
constrict your arteries, and they have actually seen
children as low as eight, nine years old, already showing signs of constriction of their arterial system, and we all know that a high salt diet is also increased with
increased risk of mortality, definitely processed meat
as well as colon cancer, and all types of cancer. – When you eat too much animal protein, there appear to be unfavorable effects on many different levels. You know, there has been interesting work looking at the gut microbiome, and metabolites that might be
released into the bloodstream that might play a powerful role in terms of promoting inflammation. We also know that the body is not able to process meat as well. This might have adverse
effects in terms of just your ability to properly regulate your own sugars, your blood sugars, and a lot of things like that end up being out of balance, and again, promote inflammation. This ends up being a bit
of a snowball effect. – So when we eat bacon, what happens is that we introduce the
introduction of excess cholesterol. Our body actually produces cholesterol. The liver makes cholesterol, and it makes just enough cholesterol to satisfy all the hormones in the body, but when we introduce excess cholesterol, the body says hey, this is great. You’ve given me some extra cholesterol. I better store it because I
don’t know what’s gonna happen. We might be in an ice age tomorrow. We might be in a drought. I’m gonna store it because
it’s a really good product. And the problem is it starts
to store it in the organs. It starts to store it in
the liver, in the muscles, and in the vessels, so within
those nice circular vessels, the cholesterol starts getting
deposited in the vessels, and it builds up slowly and slowly. And the vessels don’t like it. The process of atherosclerosis is actually one where
the body starts to attack those cholesterol deposits
that go into the vessels, and of course, it builds
up and up, and up, and up, and the vessels close,
close, close, close. And that means that you
have impaired blood flow to the key organs. – Well, all of the things
that are risk factors associated with eating high
amounts of animal foods, increased risk of cancer, increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, increased risk of coronary artery disease. It’s significantly worse when you eat this processed garbage,
I mean bacon and hot dogs, and I’ve often thought
that one of the things that we could do to discourage people from even wanting to eat these things is to show them a short video
about how hot dogs are made. A significantly higher risk of chronic degenerative conditions, and much more severe
forms of those conditions, particularly cancer, when you eat processed meats like bacon
and sausage and hot dogs. – Hypertension, high cholesterol, chronic kidney disease, hypothyroidism, cognitive decline, insulin
resistance, diabetes, cancer, you name it, and so
processed meat in general is considered a class one carcinogen, and not only can it increase
your risk for cancer, but as far as diabetes is concerned, processed meats, meat in general, foods that are relatively high
in their total fat content, end up depositing small amounts of fat inside of your muscle tissue and inside of your liver tissue every single time you eat that food. So as those lipid droplets become larger inside of muscle cells and liver cells, then you end up developing
insulin resistance, which is that insulin has a difficult time communicating with those tissues. – Hi everybody, this is Klaus. I just want to come in quickly and say firstly, thank you very much
for watching this video. Secondly, I wanted to
talk very, very briefly about a new partnership. We’ve partnered with a
new group called NFI Diet. They provide whole food,
plant based meal guides that go a step farther
than anything in the past by completely personalizing them. The protocol is being studied at National Institute in New York, and they’re getting some amazing results, including rapid weight loss as well as Type 2 diabetes remission,
often within weeks. Please check out the link down below if you want to find out more. Hope you enjoy the rest of the video. – So we know that if you expose any part of your digestive tract
to a processed meat product you’re putting that part of your body at higher risk for developing cancer, and most notably, or infamously, is the colorectal cancer risk
with processed meat products. Bacon, and other processed meat is a class one carcinogen, and in the World Health Organization, that means that the research is so strong to show that it causes,
not associated with, but it causes colo-rectal cancer. That’s as much research, and
that’s as strong in evidence as you see with products
like tobacco and lung cancer. – The heme iron in bacon
is also toxic to cells, and it creates oxidative
stress and inflammation, which damages cells,
and makes it more prone to DNA damage, and therefore cancer. It also causes cells to
be insulin-resistant, and therefore increase risk of diabetes. Bacon is high in salt,
and we know that salt increases our risk of
developing hypertension, so high blood pressure, which is again, directly related to our
risk of heart disease. – You know how many
articles had to be published before the Surgeon General
of the United States put out a warning against cigarettes? 7000 studies, right? Before they would be alerted. Do you think that there was a tough lobby in Congress against killing
the tobacco industry? I mean, can you imagine the
power of something like– Well, here we are trying to kill the meat, dairy, egg, pork, and sugar industry. Think there’s any power against us? (laughs) Listen, it’s the challenges
in life that are exciting, and the word is gonna get out there, yeah. – Those foods are
hormonally unfavorable too, because when you eat a lot
of these animal products, it pushes up hormones,
fat storage hormones, growth hormones, like IGF-1,
insulin-like growth factor 1. What I’m saying here, for a
diet to be hormonally favorable, it has to be low in
processed carbohydrates, ’cause processed carbohydrates could push up insulin too high. But the diet has to be low
in animal products too, because too much animal products pushes up insulin-like growth factor 1 too high. It’s also processed meat, which is full of nitrosaminal compounds, which are known carcinogens. As a matter of fact, the
consumption of bacon and hot dogs, and pastrami, and lunch meats, even prior to conception in women, increased the risk of childhood cancers or autism, or brain
tumors in their offspring. These foods are very dangerous foods. You know, they should
come with a warning label on the package. (light music)

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  2. Funny how red meat is in the same class of carcinogens as tobacco yet everyone hates cigarettes and nobody says anything when we feed kids red meat.

  3. This is not a good video for stupid people.
    It should be "what happens to your body when you eat pork" period

  4. I would have shared this, but the white haired doctor about 6:20 in kind of broke the code of not telling omnis outright that even us seemingly non-activists, kindly sharing vegan news and recipes, share the goal of the activists of ending the animal ag industries. If asked, I am honest about it, but I don't want that idea to strain the incremental changes my omni friends are making.

  5. Bacon, when consumed as part of a high fat low carbohydrate diet is totally fine. When you add the processed high fructose corn syrup bread, sugary ketchup, fries and vegetable oils all washed down with poisonous soda. Then you have a problem. When you eat bacon choose the nitrate and nitrite free variety from pastured animals. If you eat the other stuff then limit to once or twice a week.

  6. What if you’re an athlete. When you eat meat and the fat are deposited in you liver each time, won’t your athletic activity disrupt that?

  7. This needs to be posted to every car dealership. All they do is order take out or go get take out. It is so awful. You don't notice how bad that food smells until you stop eating it. Yuck!

  8. Dont miss bacon. Nope. All that greese and fat too. Going vegan makes you realize how much greese and guts you had to clean off your dishwear. Unsanitary and full of pathogens. Very little, easy, cleanup eating whole plant foods. Another reason its great being a vegan 🌿❤️

  9. You can show this to fat sickly people in some states (like Louisiana) and they don't care. Sadly everyone will be paying their healthcare bills.

  10. We went Vegan/Vegetarian 3 years ago. My 67 yr old husband has to have open heart surgery for two bad valves. They checked his arteries…doc said that he had the arteries of a young man!

  11. The Game changer will be Health Warning Labels on theses foods imagine that?
    People dont take responsibility for their own health that is why an Authority needs to speak out, but those Industry's are going to fight and continue to keep people in one mode a mode of confusion and not knowing.

  12. Are there any studies on carnivores who eat healthy animals and their risk for metabolic diseases and cardiovascular disease?

  13. What happens to your mind when you don't eat bacon?
    You become a condescending prick and tell everyone else what to eat.


    3. Why did IARC choose to evaluate red meat and processed meat?

    An international advisory committee that met in 2014 recommended red meat and processed meat as high priorities for evaluation by the IARC Monographs Programme. This recommendation was based on epidemiological studies suggesting that small increases in the risk of several cancers may be associated with high consumption of red meat or processed meat. Although these risks are small, they could be important for public health because many people worldwide eat meat and meat consumption is increasing in low- and middle-income countries. Although some health agencies already recommend limiting intake of meat, these recommendations are aimed mostly at reducing the risk of other diseases. With this in mind, it was important for IARC to provide authoritative scientific evidence on the cancer risks associated with eating red meat and processed meat.”

    “This recommendation was based on epidemiological studies suggesting that small increases in the risk of several cancers may be associated with high consumption of red meat or processed meat.”

    “With this in mind, it was important for IARC to provide authoritative scientific evidence on the cancer risks associated with eating red meat and processed meat.”

  15. Anyone please,
    Nuts, avo, good olive oil, these monounsaturated fats juat as bad for arteries blockage, right ?

  16. The one bone I have to pick about the video is that the guy at the beginning of the video mentioned that bacon, before conception, causes autism- very bad fake news to spread to people. Other than that, the rest of the video was very informative.

  17. Can anyone of the PCRM doctors explain why diabetes and insulin sensitivity improves with LCHF. Obesity melts away eating LCHF/ keto why? How dietary fats are metabolished by the body… how weight loss occurs even one lives on LCHF

  18. So how do you tell those who are on a KETO diet to stop eating all that bacon & animal products & fat? They seem to lose weight, but at a horrible cost. (both in body damage AND in consumption of the horrible death of innocent animals.)

  19. yes everything about processed meat may be true but anything bad you have to say about grass fed organic beef pasture raised organic chicken eggs and organic paleo bacon are not backed by science. you get your information from cohort survey studies and I get my information from meta studies and random controlled trials which proves that the high quality meats has a positive effect on you body.

  20. Right.. but how healthy do these people look? I eat high quality animal products all the time, and look way healthier. High quality fat is good for you. Stay away from trans-fat.

  21. It's a fact, bacon lead u eat more sugar desert and bad stuff.
    As a vegetarian, leave Bacon was a LOT more HARDER than leave meat for me.

  22. Wow. Everything in this was wrong. Even angel keys who later said consumption of cholesterol does not raise ( typically ) increase cholesterol. And higher salt is associated with lower all cause mortality. ( Based on todays recomendations , they should be higher )
    Excess cholesterol according to whom? And that moron conflates ldl with cholesterol?
    And guess what deposits and oversaturates cells? Hyperinsulinimia and CARBS!

  23. If veganism is so healthy, explain why it has an 80% failure rate long term. Explain why long term vegans look anorexic and like shit. Explain why going back to a whole foods omnivorous diet improved everything about my health, sex drive, sleep, energy, blood panels, etc. (it's a long list of benefits).

  24. America is so broken culturally and the people so dumb from poor breeding I no longer care about saving it from obviously moronic trends like veganism.

  25. If you eat a can of sardines twice a week and drink a few glasses of red wine every day you can eat all the cholesterol you want. I'm 72 years old now and I've been eating sardines all my life, plus I've been drinking red wine for forty years, and my cholesterol numbers are perfect. I don't take any prescription drugs either. I take a good vitamin B complex, vitamins D3, K2 (MK7), A (from fish oil, Not plant based), B12, E, Biotin, Choline, Inositol, and B3 (Niacin). Plus I take ionic mineral drops every day, plus iodine drops every day, plus selenium drops two or three times a week. I had hog jowl bacon, eggs, and organic grits for breakfast this morning. For lunch I had a can of mackerel in olive oil. Most doctors know practically nothing about nutrition, and most of them don't want to know about it.

  26. I believe that the human physiology shows that we are meant to eat a plant based diet, for example, only herbivore mammals have an appendix, on herbivores can develop arterial plaque, etc. but then why is it that the ketogenic diet appears at present to be the only diet that heals those with epilepsy?

  27. I live on the 59th parallel north. Locally produced organic vegan plant matter year round is not available to me. Organic grass fed beef on the other hand is produced only a bike ride away from my kitchen. Also, after cutting out almost all plant matter from my diet, I have healed all life long chronic ailments.

  28. Screw these fools, I'm gonna listen to Shawn Baker. A real professionnal who knows the truth about noootrients.

  29. Holy baby Jesus… I’ve never seen so much misinformation & so many false statements in such a short video😐🤦‍♂️

  30. Interesting fact— the government pushes their citizens to eat cheap-to-produce feed crops such as grains, corn, and soybeans… yet the most powerful and influential people in the world have always (even to this day) eaten copious amounts of fatty animal foods including pâtés, rib roasts, soufflés, caviar, bone marrow, custards, foie gras, cream soups, expensive cheeses, and the like. These foods are still very commonly served at any gathering of world leaders… grains aren’t as valued by these people, vegetables are served sparingly, and fruits are a pleasant accompaniment to meats and salads.

    Yet, these people typically live longer than the average citizen who eats FAR less animal foods. 80’s and 90’s are a common age for these people to live into- these people who eat large amounts of fatty animal foods every week, every day.

    But why don’t they eat vegan? Why don’t they eat the foods they tell us to eat? Why do they push these diets on us? Why do they demonize meat?

    Just something to think about

  31. If there is one thing that you should never listen to when it comes to diet and the like, it is NOT LISTEN TO DOCTORS!!! But then again, when it comes to processed foods, even I, who is and has always been a meat eater, stay away from!

  32. So basically eat a shit load of grains, fruit sugars, and synthetic plant based crap, but that’s ok, we KNOW diabetes is really caused by man’s ancestral, species appropriate food , animals. And don’t worry, Metformin and statin drugs will be prescribed in plenty! And how disingenuous is it to compare the SAD to eating meat in of itself? I’m glad they named these pathetic excuses for doctors because now I can avoid these shills…

  33. Great topic Klaus, I still enjoy the smell of bacon cooking, BUT I care about the pig's life, and sensible adults eventually have to let the health information in. Of course calorie dense food triggers that 'eat me' reaction, but now I have the facts about the effects of eating animals I can go and eat lots of healthy plant based calories, and of course that 'eat me' feeling goes away.

  34. I always love the inconceivable idiocy I see in the comments beneath these videos trying to convince vegans that meat consumption is healthy, plants are bad and we all need to eat meat to live.

  35. Before I try to find, and get perhaps erroneous info, does anyone know where I can find more info about the breathing in of the salted dead pig being carcinogenic?

  36. “Consumption of red meats prior to conception increases the risks of childhood cancers”. How about a citation?? Let’s see the data. If you provide credible study then I’ll apologize for my skepticism.

  37. There are many vegan meat substitutes and there is no reason you need to eat meats. If you are addicted to a taste, did you get that the word is "addicted".? The nature of an addiction is that even when you are having ill effects, even disease or cancer, you are unwilling to give up what is making you sick. The first thing to get rid of is also likely the hardest: all dairy. But there are very good plant-based milks. But you have to give up cheese. Cheese is high in fat but the fat is rancid and it was digested by bacteria. When there is no nutrition left for the bacteria to feed on, they sell it to you. The protein in the milk is concentrated in cheese up to 10 times, so as bad as dairy, cheese is so much worse.

    Get this: all dairy has pus in it because they mix the milk from all the cows together and mastitis is always a problem. Pasteurization does kill bacteria but not all of it. There is no nutritional benefit of eating dead bacteria or pus cells. If you are smart enough to not lick your fingers when you pop a zit, why don't you understand that pus does not belong in your mouth just because you like the taste. Which body parts are willing to lose in order to continue to eat meats and dairy?

    Plant-based milks are good and if you are an ice cream lover, there are plant-based ice cream. Or you could do like my husband: he saw how giving up dairy helped reduce my arthritis by 90%. He continued to use dairy and Pepsi and cheese, pizza, hamburgers and he got Prostate Cancer. Dairy is one of the top causes of breast and prostate cancer. He had his surgery to remove the Prostate and the cancer when he was 66 and he is 68 now and he is STILL INCONTINENT!

    Cancer cannot grow in a person's body who is a full-vegan because being full-vegan alkalizes your blood and cancer can only grow in an acidic body. Dairy and Meats, Poultry, Fish… all require lots of stomach acid to digest, so much so it turns your body acidic. If you cannot give up what is killing you, and you think you are not addicted, think again!

    Moreover going vegan lowers your intake of fat and this means you lose weight without hunger. Eat starch like Dr. John McDougall recommends and eat what is good for you and protects the well-being of the planet. I am not killing the planet, and now my husband isn't as much. He still loves what made him sick. So addictions kill you even if you don't shoot them up in your veins.

  38. gr8 2 C U @ the Animal Rights March!
    ❤️your videos ❤️✌🏽Rise Up 4 the Animal Rebellion 7th Oct …C U there ✌🏽

  39. Everywhere there's lots of piggies

    Living piggy lives

    You can see them out for dinner

    With their piggy wives

    Clutching forks and knives

    To eat their bacon

  40. Now, go watch the other experts and doctors speak about how a high fat diet and eating high quality, unprocessed meats is better than veganism. So whose right? Our diets are now becoming pathological ideologies. Weird times we live in.

  41. I can't notice one thing said in this video that is backed up by actual credible science. Same old story, show someone eating a hamburger, and blame the tiny meat patty for all the things the bun and sugary sauses are doing! "We all know," "we all know", the same BS the Vegans spout without any credible evidence other than crappy food questionnaire studies which are unscientific and biased.

  42. Most of us in the West grew up with bacon cooked for breakfast .. the smell people say they miss so much when they go vegetarian .. .
    its funny how disgusting I find that smell now … it literally makes me want to vomit … when I sit in a cafe and they are cooking it so it
    Fills the whole place I find it totally revolting …

    The longer you live without meat the more it stinks to smell it.

    Gross. totally Gross !!!

  43. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 You number one PLANT BASED NEWS !!!!✨🥇🏆🥇 🤗🥰✌️👽🐇🌱💚🌍 ✨ GO VEGAN WORLD !!!
    Thank you very much !!!

  44. All vegan doctors. We know processed meat is not good for your health. Didnt mention to eat non processed meat. Didnt mention not to eat the beyond burger and similar vegan toxic food. Didnt mention not to eat processed carbs. Totally biased vegan doctor criminals and liars. Ye dont care about peoples health. Ye want to push vegan dogma. What about people regaining their health on a keto diet(including myself) after wfpb diet that destroyed my health and my teeth.

  45. For the first time I agree with you vegans. Yes, don't eat processed meat like garbage bacon, nuggets, hotdogs sausages or McDonald's burger meat. Those are not real food and god knows what they put in there. But fresh fatty steak directly from grass fed cow? That is a God sent delicious super food right there.

  46. if this is the study you are referencing in the first few seconds you are doing the vegetarian community a disservice.

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