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Hey Guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of
and and in this video I want to answer the question of what
happens when you stop taking creatine. So will you lose all of the positive benefits
that you achieved during creatine supplementation and are there any possible side effects associated
with suddenly discontinuing creatine use. So let’s go over it. The first thing to
keep in mind here is that everybody responds to creatine supplementation differently. Some
lifters see significant gains from it, while others, as high as up to 30% of the population
are known as “creatine non-responders” and they don’t see any noticeable results
whatsoever. The effects that you personally experience once you discontinue creatine supplementation
are largely going to depend on how well you responded to it in the first place. So the
more significantly you responded, the more noticeable the change will be once you stop,
and vice versa. Creatine benefits your muscle building program in two major ways. The first
is by increasing intra-cellular water retention, and the second is by increasing your strength
and power in the gym. So let’s take a look at these two factors. The first are the changes
In intra-cellular water retention. So creatine requires additional water in order to be stored
in your muscle tissue. And after your muscles have become completely saturated with creatine,
and this usually happens around about 3 weeks after supplementing with 5 grams daily, your
muscles should take on a slightly fuller appearance as a result of the increased fluid. So once
you discontinue creatine supplementation and those extra creatine stores have left your
body after a few weeks, this additional water retention will no longer be necessary and
will be cleared out as well. For some lifters, this might mean a fairly quick drop of several
pounds of water weight once the creatine levels leave their system, and for others the effects
may hardly even be noticeable. Again, this really depends on how well you responded at
the very start. One thing is for sure though, and that is that whatever additional water
weight you gained from your creatine supplementation when you began will mostly be lost once you
discontinue. And the second issue are the changes in strength and power. Now this is
much harder to accurately pinpoint, and again, it’s going to vary quite a bit from person
to person. By increasing the efficiency of your body’s use of ATP (which is the usable
energy molecule within your muscles), creatine improves your gym performance and increases
your overall strength and power output. Now when you stop using creatine, the additional
phosphate groups it was previously providing to your muscle cells for enhanced strength
will also be diminished. So, assuming that you are someone who does respond well to creatine
supplementation, you may notice a small reduction in your overall strength after a few weeks
of stopping. However, it likely won’t be to a very significant degree as long as you
continue with your regular training program. As far as your actual lean muscle gains are
concerned, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to notice any decrease there, again,
assuming that you continue with your training and eating plan in the same way that you were
previously. Now are there any side effects to suddenly stopping creatine use? Well creatine
is the most widely researched sports supplement in the world and it’s never been shown to
be harmful in any way when used within the recommended daily dosage of about 5 grams.
And this includes periods of cycling on and off. Your body does adjust its own natural
production of creatine in response to external supplementation, but this system is extremely
sensitive and it adapts virtually instantly, so once you stop taking creatine, your natural
production will fall back into the proper range. The real question here though is why
stop at all? Sure, if you don’t see any real results from using creatine in the first
place, then obviously there’s no need for you to continue. Or perhaps you’re just
tired of having to worry about taking it every day, maybe you really dislike the taste or
the texture, though in that case you could just use creatine pills, or maybe you’re
travelling and you don’t want to take it with you everywhere you go, in those cases,
the choice is yours, but assuming you’ve been using creatine consistently and you have
seen positive benefits, I can’t see any real good reason to stop. First off, as I covered
in detail in a previous video, which I’ll link here as well as the description box below,
there’s really no benefit at all to cycling on and off of creatine. For optimal creatine
results you should simply continue with a 5 gram per day dosage on an ongoing basis.
Secondly, there is no evidence to suggest that continual creatine supplementation over
the long term is dangerous to your health in any way. And thirdly, creatine is very
inexpensive, and if you purchase it in bulk it’s really only going to cost you somewhere
around 2 cents per gram which on a monthly basis works out to about 3 dollars. And if
cost really is an issue, keep in mind that most people can probably get away with as
little as 3 grams of creatine daily, in which case it drops to about 2 bucks a month. So
to wrap this all up if you’ve been supplementing with creatine to the point of full saturation,
and then you decide to discontinue, this is what’s going to happen after a few weeks.
Number 1, you will lose the additional water retention that your body was using to store
the creatine. Number 2, you may notice a slight reduction in your overall strength levels,
but likely not to a significant degree. Number 3, you will likely retain all of your gains
in actual lean muscle mass. And number 4, you’re not going to experience any unfavorable
side effects. Once again though, this all depends on the individual and on how well
they responded to the creatine in the first place. If you’re considering stopping creatine
use but you’re not quite sure, your best bet is to simply discontinue for 2-3 weeks and
then see what happens. If you do experience a drop in your overall muscle fullness and
your strength that you aren’t happy with, then you can always go right back on. Or,
if you don’t notice any real changes at all then of course you can just stop altogether.
So thanks for watching this video lesson. I hope you found the information useful here
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100 thoughts on ““What Happens When I Stop Taking Creatine?”

  1. I took it for 3 months and then stopped.. nothing happened my size remained the same I lost strength but mere kilograms I gained it back within 2 weeks anyway and yeah I lost weight water weight, I suggest cycling it, it let's you know where you are weight wise and mass wise.

  2. “If you’re one of those people who religiously measures their creatine and only sleeps for 5 hours a night, you’re a fucking idiot.” —Stan Efferding

  3. I stopped taking creatine and found that my balls were growing daily like they got to be as big as apples. Then I jerked it and shot a load as big as a jar of mayonnaise and then they shrunk back to normal ball size.

  4. Creative just puffs your muscles up and does NOT give you a hard look like what this dudes saying.. and than your muscles look like nothing and deflated after you get off creatine.. moral of my story is fuck creatine.

  5. When i stopped using creatine i lost water weight & a bit strength mostly endurance / fullness…. but i looked more defined & overall better when topless… so for that reason i have quit using creatine for about 3years .. i want clean gains & a dense appearance look…

  6. I just stopped for 3 weeks, not really by choice but that's beside the point I guess. Everytime I've done this I lose 3-4% of my body weight and definitely notice some endurance lulls. This is the last time I'm cycling off it benefits me too much to keep messing around with it.

  7. Screw creatine for me. That stuff Jack's up my stomach. Even bang drinks makes me feel like I'm having contractions.

  8. I believe creatine will cause a kidney problem like what happened to Ms. International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago.

    During the period of taking creatine, I experienced frequent urination with strong smell urine and extra pressure in the bladder. Worst thing, I need to wake up on 3 am to urinate. Then I decided to stop taking the creatine at all. Since then i never experienced the same issue again.

  9. Bullshit there is major health issues using this it fucked my kidneys gave me anxiety big time witch I never had and my doctor said it's no good for your kidneys at all make me super sick had to flush my kidneys for months back to normal now and my buddy that took the same stuff got just as sick not worth taking guys trust me thx

  10. Does it also improve stamina? I'm not sure if it's the creatine or my body just getting used to it, but I can train for a long time even at high intensity. I remember when I started after a big break, it was a lot shorter. So, could be a mix of both?

  11. Well, Creatine looks like the greatest scam in bodybuilding. So it gives you fake gains or no gains at all. Why bother really??

  12. "Maybe you dislike the taste"? Is there something wrong with my tastebuds? Creatine has no taste whatsoever that I can tell.

  13. I always get good results on creatine but I do lose 10 lbs of water weight after a week and when I am on it my hair starts to thin out when I take a shower I get a hand full of hair when I stop taking it I may only get 1 to 2 hairs in my hand.I am 35 and still have all my hair in my family we have no male pattern baldness or any thing like that on either side of the family my dad is in his 50s with all of his hair and on my mom side men are like that as well

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  15. I see one good reason to take a break from creatine from time to to time, and it's the same for other supplements that increase your performance such as pre-workout supplements. After a while you get used to it and you don't feel the benefits anymore, it gets to a point where it's like you're back to when you didn't take it. So when you get off creatine for a few months and then start taking it again, you feel that boost in performance again. Or least that's like that for me.

  16. What happens if I don't take take creatine for a few days tho.. I would still be taking it I go to the gym at least 3-4 days a week sometimes I go back to back sometimes it's spread out basically when I can go I go

  17. I find it very hard to get 10grams every day . That's 20 lines .
    It feels like I'm snorting all bloody day. I find using a ten pound note rolled up is the best way.

  18. Guys, I just did a cycle of creatine. I'm so nervous!! Will I need a PCT?! I don't want to mess up my hormones and lose my gains please help!

  19. I swear creatine makes me bloated in the stomach/ intestines. I tried it once, now I avoid it, don't even want small amounts in pre-workout etc. (Other than natural sources.) But I'd like to try it again, maybe a different brand or molecular structure.

  20. If you keep working out the muscles will not dissapear if you stop taking creatine. Seriously where do you get your info doctor deepshit!!?

  21. This is not funny subject to make jokes..(all stupid comments) creatine gives a little boost in workout and this is not funny

  22. This must be an ad. Creatine can really mess up you sleep quality, deep restorative sleep gets broken, it's not your imagination when you feel tired and crap. Being so tired is not good for you health. This won't apply to all but plenty for sure.

  23. Creatine triggered my stress and rage. I'm otherwise calm. Now iv stopped creatine I don't stress or rage. For me creatine was a negative

  24. It's good stuff sometimes I take loads sometimes I haven't when I'm on it what a boost but I like to test myself without it

  25. Creatine
    1. Gain weight.
    2. Little strenght boost.
    3. Gives you more energy.
    How to take Creatine?
    1. When ever you want. Dont matter at all when you take it.
    2. Dont take more than 3-5g a day or you might get some problem on yo kidney.

  26. I was hesitant at first, but I started snorting creatine with my gym buddy every week. The gains were insane! I can't feel the left side of my knob, my hair fell off and now I just have a tiny pony tail. I look shredded though and full off energy.

  27. Dear God trying to make creatine sound like tren hey kids if u eat red meat u have been using for ever any way

  28. I've tried many versions of creatine.. I don't think it does anything! But just in case, I take some creatine for insurance!

  29. Years ago soy protein was the big rage… Bob Hoffman used to promote soy protein…. Soy protein can create artificial weight gain… once you go off, you lose the weight gain!

  30. The older you are the harder creatine is on your kidneys. Period. Use with caution and with regular blood tests to check for abnormal creatinine levels and your GSF score.

  31. Kidney and liver function start to improve. Risk of dehydration normalizes. One rep max drops from 300lbs to 295lbs. Hmmm… yeah I’ll do pure testosterone for absolute gains and less health risks.

  32. This give me a new lease of life started talking it about 2 months ago and at 50 years old i feel as powerful as when i was 30years old i do weights and mountain biking combined 👍

  33. I dont use creatine tried its crap better to train naturaul cause it's a natural gain of strength increase protein and carbs the old safe way sleep 8 hours 3 meals plus 2 protein shakes a day good trading methods stick at it constantly you'll gain muscles ass and strength this is the the basic blueprint I've done it for over 20 years

  34. If my optimal wake-up weight playing racquetball (I play 7 US tournaments per year) is 172 (and I know this for sure because I have monitored my results over dozens of tournaments), from fully loaded taking Creatine what should be my new optimal weight on Creatine? I am feeling like at least 5 lbs. extra so I should be at 177 lbs for my optimal racquetball playing weight with Creatine and not 172 without Creatine. What do you think? It's possible it could be as low as +3 and as high as +10 lbs with Creatine.

  35. Jokes aside, make sure everyone drinks a lot of water when taking creatine and don’t overuse. Creatine gives more water to your muscles so you need more so you can flush out nutrients. If not then you can get kidney stones so drink a lot of water

  36. Awesome information and solid advice! I will try taking creatine 🙂 will it help a 48 year old more than a younger guy??

  37. I have a question Sean, How do i really know if its effective for me or not? Started taking 1-2 Days ago in the loading phase

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