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100 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY || How to start INTUITIVE EATING

  1. Three things I wanna say: 1. If your after-workout snack tastes better than it looks I want to taste that!!😋 2. You and Mario deserve a comedy show😂 3. Thank you again for a great video. I have also started to eat and work out more intuitively and that's definetly what works for me as a) I'm young b) I don't feel like tracking things is good for me as I tend to be a perfectionist and demand too much from myself c) even science says 80/20 works d) my goals are to be happy and better performance on the long run!!💕

  2. You're a beautiful person, inside and out! You've only spread positivity and happiness since I started watching you a year ago, your videos always make me feel better about my eating and appearance, and motivated to really make the best choices for myself. Thanks so much for everything 😍

  3. I would never be able to eat before I work out. That's why I work out early in the morning. You are so lucky you can eat before!

  4. Just discovered your channel today and you are absolutely delightful! Timing is everything and I know I found you for a reason. I’ve been struggling with my relationship with food and definitely want to learn more about intuitive eating, so please please please do a video dedicated to this subject! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with the rest of us!!

  5. Hey Natacha, how did you become so good at your stability ball
    exercises? Did you just practice them over and over again or are there some progression exercises?
    Best regards und much love from germany :-))

  6. Hey Natacha, I have been a huge fan of yours and always look forward to watching your videos. It would be great if you could make a video to share with us about your recovery from not having a period for 6 years (diet and workouts etc..) as it would be so so SO HELPFUL for us ladies out here who are struggling with the issue. Having it said by others that the ONLY way to get my period back is to GO ALL IN (eat a lot and stop exercising), I believe there must be cases where recovery is possible without compromising any aspect that is so closely associated with our lifestyles (namely people like me who LOVES strength training and being active). I would be EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to have your opinion and advice on this. LOVE YOU xoxo!!!!❤️❤️❤️ (p.s. I am really hoping a video which talks about your personal journey ❤️)

  7. I would love to start that but counting calories is a not so good idea if you were struggling with that in the past 😂🙄❤️

  8. Amazing movie! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we all love to uncover these sort of content. We produce Travel & Food films as well, everywhere around the world, so we are often looking to get inspirations and good ideas. Thank You.

  9. I suffered from anorexia for several months. Now I'm recovering and trying to learn how to eat intuitively. I often eat more than my body needs. Sometimes I eat when I'm not hungry. Is it normal? Can I do something to change it?

  10. What are your thoughts on long-term injury and training, I have an injury in both my knees and it prevents me from improving in running, but the doctor seems to think the beauty of my injury is that I can carry on and not cause damage to my knees. I do triathlon and it is a big part of my life, however the pain in my knees is putting me down. Have you any ideas of what I could do, should i still run? Do different or just the same training and go through with the pain? If you can't answer then that's perfectly fine and you probably won't read this anyway but it's worth a try. Thanks x

  11. Great video! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we adore to discover this form of contents. We create Travel & Food videos as well, throughout the world, and therefore we are continually seeking out inspirations as well as techniques. Thank You.

  12. Omg I cannot get enough of you guys you're too funny! That bit with Mario at 6:00 xD I've been away in Bali and Singapore for the last 3 weeks so currently binge watching all your vids I've missed <3

  13. Who else absolutely loves her realistic work out faces? If you ain't pulling these faces you aren't doing it right :')

  14. I love your healthy relationship with food, as for someone who has suffered an eating disorder as well this helps me stay mindful. Thank you ❤️

  15. Just started your cut program today and LOVED!! Love loved it! It was amazing and so freaking hard! Trying to work on nutrition too! I love that your food guide is actual tasty foods!!

  16. I really I fed up with counting calories and about 1 months I've try to use intuitive eating so I feel perfect because I know what my body wants moreover I haven't gain weight cause the diet about my body and my body know what i want so try it you will feel better and you'll not regret it, thanks for evrything. 😍

  17. This vid was great 👍
    I've just realised I'm doing intuitive eating but I just meant to go on a diet break. I'm enjoying this way so I'd like to know how do you try to lean down while intuitive eating. I'm maintaining with the way I'm waiting & if I ate a smaller portion then I'd just feel hungrier earlier eat, therefore no deficit. I'm not tracking & don't want to but would like to be leaner.
    Love you.
    IKEA was the funniest .. Lol

  18. But is it possible to loose weight with Intuitive Eating? Since eating under maintenance will eventually mean going against our body’s hunger signals.

  19. i found you yesterday and i have not stopped watching your videos! I had a bad day today with body image and i'm trying to change my routine at the gym as well as my diet so i was also feeling lost. i just want to say THANK YOU for providing me with so much information and positivity.

  20. Not worrying about foods and macros and calories and so on all the time is a really nice thing, I see. However, I'd argue that listening to cravings etc of your body might simply be because our brain is addicted to sugar and thus demands on having more sugar (and with that I mean carbs). At least that's what I personally have experienced.

  21. I don't know why I'm writing this comment, maybe because I think it's important to let people know about how they changed your life.
    Eight months ago my boyfriend raped me. It happened during a fight, he was a drug addict and I couldn't stand it any longer. After he did it he left me on couch and started eating like an animal: I remember him tearing a chicken apart and then breaking the bones to suck the marrow and then eating strawberries with whipped cream. After that, I was left totally disgusted by food and I started to think of eating as something filthy. I was trapped in a cycle of anorexia and bulimia, I starved myself and then I would loose it and binge eat and then purge (also rinsing, which, I discovered later, can be lethal) to become "clean" again, and the worse thing was people actually started to appreciate me more because all the weight I lost. I was already on the skinny side before this happened, and I have lost 33lbs: at that point, not only it was post-traumatic, but also became about my self image and self worth. But I've recently started to try and put my life back together, and finding your channel has been so important to me: your attitude, your strenght, the positive approach to food. I'm eating clean and trying to go past 1200 daily calories, I enjoy my aerobics, yesterday I had an ice cream and it was so amazing I almost started crying. Most important, you made me remember that you can be healthy and fit but the most exciting part of life is living, do stuff, meet people, enjoy art. So, thank you

  22. Natacha, your videos are a relief after watching unhealthy, low-calorie restrictive ways of eating that other youtubers adopt. You show us that a girl can eat and look amazing without calorie-restricting all the time. Just wanted to say thank you.

  23. I was entertained watching you fool around on Ikea and then I remembered about the intuitive eating I was honestly interested in 😂

  24. Counting my calories and macros have just been frustrating because I felt like I did everything wrong by doing this. Everyday, I would ask myself why am I eating so little, I was asking myself if I was calculating things right or measuring it right, it was triggering my anxiety as hell because I don't want to loose weight actually, I just want to be healthy, lose a bit of fat while building some muscle. And everyday I was eating less than planned but at the same moment I knew I could not really have just eat more because I was already full each time I ate so… I decided ysterday to start intuitive eating 🙂

  25. I love seeing you struggle in your workouts and make crazy faces.😂A lot of fitness you tubers make it seem like everything is so easy for them. You are definitely inspiring and relatable!! Keep being you!! Keep showin the real-ness of your workouts!!❤️❤️

  26. You’re so lucky to have the resources and freedom to live this lifestyle! As a teen, I can’t always choose what I eat, but I try to eat more vegetables, fruit, and fish whenever possible.

  27. what if I don't know what my body wants? I can't feel any signals. I'm not used to feeling the signals, because I'm on a meal plan, so I just eat when im told to. how do you feel the signals?

  28. My intuitive eating will say to eat french fries and cake all day. Don't think that will work for me.
    Great videos and you're super inspiring! lots of hugs xox

  29. really hope you can still see this comment but i have been really struggling with eating intuitively. I eat a lot, like a lot, even more than you but i am just a student who never does exercise. So i am so not active. I get hungry easily and what frustrate me the most is sometime i get a real full stomach physically, but i am not satisfied in my mind i just keep wanting more. I eat a quite balance whole food plant based, tried abundance of carbs or protein or fats, but still get hungry all the time and never satisfied mentally.
    P.S. nope not fast metabolism coz i did gain a lot of weight :(((
    Plz help me!! :(((

  30. This video is freaking adorable, you and Mario are so sweet 💕 thank you for sharing! I’m trying to get better at intuitive eating, it’s hard to retrain yourself when you’ve never had a healthy relationship with food, but you are proof that it can be done ☺️

  31. So do you do intuitive eating something you do everyday? Also what happens if you wake up and your not really hungry but you know that if you don't eat then you might be hungry later?

  32. Mario is so funny I love you two interacting together 🤣😂🤣 we don't always get to see the silly side of you guys!

  33. Hey Natacha, I just found your channel yesterday and has been going through a ton of them already. I find your approach, mindset and personality so refreshing and fun to watch, please continue making these videos! And as a 40 year old woman who has been very interested in health, nutrition and training for over 20 years now, I can tell you know your stuff and also, more importantly, you are a very healthy and positive source of inspiration and motivation to girls and women everywhere – even to us here in far away Sweden. 😉 Keep it up!

  34. Oh My!!! I was suffering from counting calories and eating. Your videos hes kept me motivated and lead me to believe in myself. I was on a top of detesting eating and even cooking "healthy" meals which was not satisfied for my body. I was craving pasta, rice all carbs every single day and when it came I couldn't control myself. But right know I chained strong and perfect relationship with foods. Thank you so much!!!
    P.S: I hope I still will be losing fat and stay lean, I've got a goal to achieve for my lower body!!!

  35. I just have seen like less than 10 videos of you and you have already inspired me so much 💕 the first video that I saw was the one where you shared your eating disorders experience and I felt so related and since that one I haven’t stop watching your videos, you have helped so much. New subscriber and I already love you 🥰

  36. I have a problem where I love to snack on things while I'm working (to make the work less miserable), even when I'm not hungry. I try to only eat healthy things like fruit for that but I feel like it's still not good for me. Anyone have any advice on how to stop?

  37. I eat a healthy high protein diet and i don't eat junk food most of the time. But if I'm out and there's a nice icecream place or something then i have it it's important to know that one icecream or cookie ect won't effect you aslong as u don't have it every day.

  38. I ve been in this fitness journey for about 3 and a half years now and let me say,of all these fitness models out there trying to impress with known exercises,your training has impressed me so much,like,wtf are those exercises and how can you be so strong women? 😍

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