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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Intuitive eating with EASY RECIPES + LIFE UPDATE

  1. Hey my friends!! I think I still need to practise my hosting skills – what do you think?👩‍🍳xxxx

  2. Hey hun! Again lovely video. My dad actually made these egg cups all the time growing up and it might work better for you to keep the meet in a slice and put everything inside it like a bowl💕🙌

  3. natacha, u r trully an inspiring person 👍 I can totally relate to all the struggle with food habits.. I am a foody too but put restrictions on my diet 😇 I had finished the one year on keto recently & have incorporated change in my diet for a month for fat loss .. I watch all of your videos.. god bless 😚 xo

  4. aw no im so sad to hear that youve been so stressed trying to manage all your work but ngl im so happy youre coming back to syDNEY OMG

  5. How she always put a smile on my face and make my day a bit happier and more inspired?? Need me a friend like her IRL

  6. Hi Natacha!
    I was wondering what do you think about high protein intake when you want to build and maintain your muscle mass? Because from the foods you show I guess your protein is not that high? Thanks a lot xx biggest inspiration

  7. Welcome to Sydney again!!! I am so excited that you are coming back! I hope you will enjoy the time and relax abit! I totally understand the life of a social media influencer some times can be stressful, but you just did a great job! Love your content and your workouts and everything! Most importantly, you are sooooo positive and just provided us so many positive mindsets! Take a rest and hope everything goes well with you!❤️❤️❤️

  8. I don’t understand one thing :d how are you almost always in a bathing suit in the thumbnail when it’s so cold outside ?😂

  9. Cannot wait to see your videos in Sidney 😆😆 enjoy your time there, I really hope to get back there some day, it’s beautiful 😍❤️

  10. Natachaaa I really want to hear you speak French more. How about a workout with a French voice over? And then you can subtitle it. Would be fun! Also, I made it my goal to start working on intuitive eating this year, after my cut (ends at the end of March). I've been tracking for 3 years now and think I'm ready to learn how to maintain intuitively. 😀

  11. I have a question. Where do you find all those p e r f e c t sweaters that I was looking for my whole life?😹😹

  12. Hello Natacha ! Thanks for your videos, super helpful. It would be great if you made a video about recovery. I started boxing a few months ago and have a hard time finding the best way to recover as quickly as possible :/ Thanks 🙂

  13. Try mixing the eggs as if you were making scramble eggs. Then they really turn out like muffins ❤️❤️

  14. I love you so much you have no idea. You came into my life at the perfect time. You inspire my training and mindset so much and I’m getting stronger consistently. You make training fun and I’m in love with my body and what it can do!!!! I’m a long distance runner and adding strength and functional training has decreased my injury rate by so much! Normally I feel tweaks every few months but it’s been a year and a half and nothing!

  15. Great video for food inspo – although I am vegetarian, you really inspire me with these videos ❤️ And: Most important thing is that there is food, no matter when 😂 So you're a great host! Btw: Wishing you a great time in Sydney, girl 👌

  16. Work away from home trips are my favorite I just did 2 months in Thailand at the end of last year. You can really focus on your work without all the distractions of home AND you get to experience and a new place and new things. You’re going to love ittttttt ❤️

  17. Can I ask you, where do you get new exercises? Do you “invent” them on your own or have you got any inspiration from someone else? Actually, they are really attractive and I like them SO much! Thanks👍😁

  18. British people never sound as british as when they say the word Complicated!! Hehehe love u Natasha!

  19. Hey Natacha, just wondering what tips you could give for staying motivated to train? after watching your videos I always feel so inspired to go and work out but of course everyone has days where trying to get yourself out of bed is a little harder than usual haha xx

  20. I love love love your approach to life and your videos always inspire me and put me in a good mood! I just have really tried to not be restrictive but literally, as soon as I eat a bit of chocolate I just literally can't stop. Like I know I'm not hungry, just have a craving for that sort of thing and just can't stop myself. Any tips? xx

  21. Girl👏🏾GIRRLLLLLL 👏🏾 your workouts inspire me haha. For real your so creative with your workouts. 1/2 the time I’m not sure I can even do the moves. Slaying as always!!

  22. Tips on staying positive? You always seem to just be in a good mood and I know it probably takes a while to get to that point. I need to stop being so negative!

  23. omg, you are by far my FAVORITE youtuber, and your videos support me so much to go on with recovery on my own. thank you so much xx

  24. I love your videos so so much! You have helped me nutrition wise so incredibly much and I use many of your videos for my workouts and I absolutely adore them since them ❤❤❤

  25. I am so glad I’ve found your channel and IG! You’re absolutely inspiriting and so down to earth! Thank you for the content you create!

  26. Im so glad i found your chanel😭❤️,i am currently suffering through eating disorder,and it makes me feel like even if i eat a hundred more calories im going to be fat my face is going to be fat im going to lose my cheekbones in a day etc,Ive been eating 800 calories a day and makes me fee that i cant eat more than than,so I’ve also been doing alot of cardio,I’ve started to recently replace with strength training and weight lifting,hopefully i would be able to increase my metabolism,also,and get rid of my binging habits,loveyou❤️

  27. Natacha, if you don't track your calories/macros how do you know roughly how many calories/carbs you eat in a day, something you regularly mention? I'm not meaning to question you critically, I'm more interested in knowing if you have some method that I could potentially use – thanks! <3

  28. 'Think of hair as being a herb' – too funny! I love your positive energy, it really comes through in your videos. And you and Mario are the cutest! Your vids make me smile 🙂

  29. I've started my daughter's 90 Day Challenge. Most meals are 600 -700 calories, and days' end totals are closing in on 3k cals per day. Everything I have been taught and learned and read says 800 -1200 MAX for the whole day. I always thought that the 800 was way restrictive, but figured the 1200 was reasonable. When I saw HOW MANY CALORIES AND CARBS were on the menu, I just about fainted. I asked her how come so much food, and she went into the 'balanced' why of it, and she did give some decent detail about it. But it didn't help ME understand it. Nor my stomach……..I just can't eat all the stuff that is on each meal. YOUR videos with "the science of it" is helping me to understand what she said about why so much food. That said, EYE gotta tell ya that I get so tired just trying to eat it all, and my stomach fills up too soon to get it all eaten. AND I AM ABOUT A GOOD 30 POUNDS overweight. And I struggle eating all that food. How does THAT happen? Now. I am 64 and T2D, so of COURSE I don't understand how come so many carbs for each meal, I just try to follow the meal plan, hoping to get it right. What a joke. At the rate EYE am going, the challenge will have come and gone 7 times over and I still won't get it right! I am working on it though. I want to thank you for having such a penchant and passion for the science – ey part of the food quotient of the health journey AND for sharing that penchant, passion and science of it with all of us. AND IN A MANNER we can ALL follow. THAN YOU!

  30. This video inspired me to make my own youtube page and talk about health and fitness, so thank you so much for that and keep everything up !

    If you guys could take a look at my youtube channel and show some support that will be great –

  31. Natacha, I have been struggling so long with my diet and I am only 15. I am not in super bad shape and no one would probably think that I am overweight, but I have been self conscious my entire life. I keep being told from everyone in my family that I need to portion control a lot of my meals but I always end up binging. I would love to eat how you eat in a day, but I just can't buy my own groceries so I feel like my only option is calorie restriction. I know you might just tell me to enjoy my teenage years but unless i see major physical changes i fear im always going to hate how i look. I have no idea what to do, any help would be appreciated. I love your videos!!!!

  32. You are so inspiring. <3 I love that you don't promote any crazy fad diets or improbably restrictive diets. And I love that you're so strong and lean!

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