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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

good morning since TV today I’m gonna do a vlog style just about my day I haven’t done one of those for a while so that’s what I’m gonna do today changing it up a little I’m gonna go to the gym first thing and then work all day so right now I’m gonna drink my pre gym smoothie spinach chocolate almond milk banana weight protein peanut butter [Music] [Music] I’m a jerk by smoothie I’m gonna have a cup of coffee like free workout and talk for about a half hour and go to the gym she’s just looking on synth TV and this last vlog I put out tasting snacks from Turkey I guess it went viral in Turkey and was on like the top recommended pages I put it out three days ago and it’s got 1.8 million views and it’s got me about 50,000 new subscribers which is really awesome it just it just goes to show you just never know what’s gonna catch on and you know what people are gonna watch on YouTube but keep in mind I don’t do this channel for the views it’s cool when something goes viral and I get a lot of views and I see my subscribers go up you know makes me happy makes me feel good but I don’t do this channel for the views I like to do this channel I don’t know it’s just it’s just fun for me it’s just like the evolution of my life my career I guess moving on so vlogs but anyway guys I’m done rambling and alright guys ready for the gym one thing I always say is you have to have a plan going into the gym now summer is coming and I’m trying to get ripped forget about getting big I want to get ripped for summer so there used to be this plan on that I loved a lot but unfortunately just started charging monthly for their workout plans they were free for forever and it was one of the best sources of workouts and motivation in general this isn’t an advertisement for or anything they’re just kind of like the biggest and best website out there there’s this program on there I really loved called Craig Cooper shows extreme cuts trainer 30 days out basically he’s getting ripped for a show in 30 days and I really like this workout because it’s fast paced you move a lot the workout is really like 40 minutes if you only rest 30 seconds in between sets and I did this workout in Maui before I moved to Vegas and I really got ripped I really really loved this workout and like I said started charging and I didn’t have access to it anymore and I still kind of remembered it but not really but I finally bit the bullet and subscribe to the $8.99 a month to just so I could get this workout if you guys want to check it out the links are down below you can check out and you know if you want to do the subscription then you can get this workout the problem with this workout is I really can’t film it in the gym because the thing about this workout is it’s fast paced you know you’re resting thirty seconds in between sets which means you’re basically just getting a drink of water and maybe changing the weights if you have to and keep going that’s like the name of the game to this workout to get ripped up is little rest and just keep going and you also do usually about 20 minutes of interval cardio at the end so all of that this workout get your shredded and I’m really excited to start it so without any further ado I’m heading to the gym [Music] [Music] all right just got done with my workout you guys can hear me it’s crazy quick efficient in and out of the gym right back home for my cardio and it’s been a great workout I’m glad I came early it feels really good to work out early I don’t know why I don’t do it more often I just get up and go [Music] alright time for my after gym smoothie I use this way for after my workout because it’s got glutamine and BCAAs and it I usually like to mix this with some kind of electrolyte drink but I don’t have any soil just gonna use water tastes so good after workout I can work today I got some trailers to do I got a edit some vlogs I got a answer a couple interview things that’s what’s on my agenda I’m gonna get the dogs out and get some breakfast first though we got to go outside you guys huh you guys wanna go outside go peepees come on Oh rat got my breakfast little scrambled eggs and spinach and of course my chocolate milk oatmeal can come favorite breakfast I eat it every day basically got a full day of work today which isn’t a bad thing I actually like working it’s actually not bad working when you’re working on your own stuff and not necessarily working on things for other people just do these dogs what you guys doing over there anyway I’ll check in throughout the day show you guys what I’m working on and what I’m doing alright I just finished this interview that was sent to me someone from they want to do an article about the vlog trying Turkish snacks the feedback from that has just been tremendous it’s really awesome everybody seems to love it except I apologize if your Turkish from Turkey and you’re offended by the music I used I’m sorry I don’t I don’t know what kind of music it was honestly it’s hard to find music for YouTube free music that I can use and especially when it’s a different culture you know it’s really difficult to find I tried to find the closest thing it did say Turkey in the song title so but I apologize if it offended any of you guys but a little about the interview they just wanted to know like when I started vlogging how long I’ve been vlogging just about the vlogs on the channel and more about the specific Turkish vlog and that kind of thing so look for you down inside calm it was pretty cool I like doing interviews it’s something I enjoy to do answering questions that kind of thing but that was the first thing that I did today I’m gonna run up and take a shower and let’s see what’s on my list I got a date three more trailers and basically just edit some vlogs today so that’s what I’m doing with my day [Music] alright guys just been working all day just got done editing some trailers for the other videos I do it’s time to get something to eat so I’m gonna make a rap [Music] tortilla come on Cooper greens avocado chicken alright I think that’s it first things first cook Carter to you I don’t really know the best way to cook her to Tia I just put on medium heat and kind of move it around the child had to burn it but trying to cook it good enough for it it’s a little bit crispy but still being able to rolled easily into our tortilla it’s when I get distracted by my phone or preparing something else that I come back and the tortilla is destroyed to that burden [Music] take about 1 tablespoon of hummus spread it around now for my liking there’s already a lot of carbs in the wrap there’s probably 50 grams of carbs in this wrap so I don’t put any other carbs in it next I do the greens we cheat a little bit we buy the shredded chicken from the whole food salad bar and it’s really great it’s not too expensive and it’s already cut up ready to go it’s already cooked takes no time to prep so close do about 4 or 5 ounces of gin and to finish it off I do some avocado do about a quarter of an avocado I pretty much know how much I have to eat and what I have to eat and that kind of thing so I don’t really have to measure it there try not to drop your GoPro in that the rap well look the prettiest looking rap today but it’s a rap it’s such a nice night nice day out come on get a little fresh air I’m gonna start working on editing some vlogs ok we get back to work it was the strip way out there it’s hard to see how this camera since I have a wide lens on it [Music] we’ve just been chilling working all night basically a workday for me believe it or not a lot of my days I like this just chilling at home working on various things throughout the day you’re in a couple businesses so you know there’s always things to do I seem to always be editing or just improving things you know little things every day just to make things better and we got a couple big projects in the works we’re working on that we have to fit in and you know it’s just just busy we work it’s not like we just play all day but yeah I’ve been showing here all day it’s it’s nice work though it’s nice working for yourself it doesn’t really feel like work because you’re really improving your own business and improving yourself and improving your own income as opposed to working for someone else so that’s why I always highly recommend and suggest you know working for yourself quitting that job you have with the man quitting that job you have with the man and just doing what you love doing what you’re passionate about and I know you guys hear it all the time from youtubers that instagramers you live your life it’s your life live it how you want but you really can’t do it and those people on YouTube and Instagram are actually living proof that you can do it I’ve basically just showing you guys what I’ve been eating all day so I’m about to eat dinner so I figured I’d check in on you guys see what was going on and show you what I’m gonna eat for dinner coconut a little spray so lately what I’ve been doing is going to Whole Foods on the salad bar and getting their shredded chicken breast quinoa veggie mix edamame carrot shreds broccoli shreds corn all kinds of shreds of vegetables in there which I really love and I don’t eat it as a salad I don’t really like to eat cold things so I just sautee it up and it’s awesome one of the things that I really don’t like doing anymore is cooking I just hate cooking I don’t want to do it it’s time-consuming and I’d rather be spending that time doing I was like things like working or having fun you can’t do this a little bit cheaper I mean it would definitely be cheaper to buy carrots broccoli and just shred them up yourself and you know buy frozen chicken breasts and cook those I personally it’s worth the money to me to spend a little more on food to not have to cook to not have to prep to just throw it in the skillet heat it up and eat it that’s totally worth it to me all right so I’ll probably end up working for about another hour and I have a scene tomorrow and then we would show up kisses in LA working right now so just me here tonight I just climbed into bed about to watch some billions and eat my yogurt snack caffeine protein chocolate milk peanut butter granola nuts apples well thanks for hanging out with me today while I worked I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog if you did please like it please share this vlog and if you’re not already please subscribe to this channel all right guys I’m gonna relax for an hour and then I’m gonna crash but I’ll see you guys soon check out our merchandise at shop sins

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