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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what is up guys back with another video
and today is actually going to be a little bit of a special one basically
what I’m doing is not training today I don’t surprise already trained today
trained some quads what’s missing you coughs but I got you tired yeah you
should know if you skipped off but I’m gonna implement that into my back
workout tomorrow just gonna do at the beginning because
cops don’t need that much but basically what I’m doing today me and my mom we’re
actually gonna be going shopping I’m gonna be simply be showing you what sort
of foods aren’t getting sort of eat in a week so yeah let’s get going I’m gonna talk to the camera now it’s
gonna be a bit awkward no you don’t believe you get it – mum you leave she’s
too shy say because you know I’m still recording that’s all the shop it
literally all the bits I’ve got because I’m actually still got a bit food from
last week got some burgers got my pork mix with us max six mils connivance
poof’s punk our own barbecue sauce bit faster a bit of rice some bread beans of
my beans and also I’ve got free throws up and
separate my chicken and stuff like that and then what I’m gonna give me this
food now – what up don’t climb it I’m gonna prep it so we’re going to do
an awesome transition and then we go Oh son if you guys did
like this video please leave a like comment and subscribe so if you guys did
enjoy or there’s anything that I could do please leave some feedback in the
comments below and I’ll catch you guys next time it shows it’s time it has got right it’s
all right

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