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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Carb cycling, yet another nutrition strategy
that finally reached the casual fitness enthusiast after being extensively used by athletes and
bodybuilders alike. And it seems like people do find it very useful. So, what exactly is it? The concept is fairly simple. On some days, you keep your carb intake low,
and other days you go balls to the wall with all the carby goodness. Protein and fat intake stay relatively the
same each day. The most common cycle ties closely to your
training days. On the days you’re resting, carb intake
is low. On days that you train, you ramp up your carb
to either moderate or heavy intake respective to moderate or heavy training. So, what exactly is the benefit in doing this? On a weight loss diet, you’ll typically
go months eating at a caloric deficit every single day. The problem with this is that long deficits
will ultimately lead to drops in metabolic functions to the point where your initial
calorie deficit is now your maintenance and weight loss comes to a halt. Anabolic hormones will drop, catabolic hormones
will rise. Fewer calories are burned, muscle tissue is
at a risk of wasting away, and, although fat loss initially rises, it ultimately diminishes
as your metabolism drops. Kind of a crappy position to be in considering
that the reason you’ve been eating less in the first place is to avoid this exact
issue. And that’s when carb cycling comes in. By cycling high surplus carb days into your
schedule, you can fend off metabolic slowdown caused by a calorie deficit by theoretically
re-setting the catabolic state of the body with the added carbs, and more importantly,
added calories, shifting things into an anabolic state. On top of that, extra carbs mean more glucose
and insulin in the bloodstream, providing more energy for your workouts. Extra insulin will also mean higher amino
acid intake to the muscle cells, helping you fend off muscle breakdown. And bonus points when you train on the same
day, because training will boost muscle protein synthesis, meaning the extra carbs and nutrients
will promote muscle growth. And since you will be going back to a low-carb
state very soon, insulin levels will drop and you prevent storing too much fat. The end result is that on rest days, you’re
maximizing weight and fat loss with a calorie and carbohydrate deficit. On training days, you’re maximizing muscle
growth with a calorie and carbohydrate surplus. Although carb cycling sounds like a pretty
good strategy, there are a few downfalls. First is the meticulous planning it requires. Each and every day you have to plan your specific
carb intake. This isn’t the easiest thing to do or adhere
to if it’s already hard enough to even find time to go to the gym. Furthermore, there’s no concrete evidence
showing daily carb cycling provides any significant benefits over other nutrition strategies. You might be just fine with a re-feed day
once or twice a month to normalize the catabolic effects of dieting. So now the big question: Should YOU try carb
cycling? And, of course, without a shadow of a doubt,
the answer iiiiiiiiiiiis…. It depends. In my opinion, perhaps 90% of the people considering
daily carb cycling really don’t need it. Bodybuilders use carb cycling to lean out
right before a show AND are more prone to the catabolic effects of a long-term deficit
due to their fitness level. For the average person, you’ll be fine with
a balanced diet, taking things slow, and planning breaks from time to time from dieting. And carb cycling only really applies to people
trying to burn fat and retain some muscle mass at the same time. Bulkers and gainers should skip cycling altogether. It might actually make your bulking endeavors
much more difficult. Ultimately, you have to consider if your goals
align with the use of carb cycling to begin with, and consider whether the added work
and frustration from painstaking nutrition planning is worth it. For those that also struggle with plateaus
or have trouble sticking to your current diet, then giving carb cycling a chance might be
worth it. The decision is ultimately, up to YOU. In fact, you can leave your opinion about
it the comments below. Cycle your mouse clicks on the like and share
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100 thoughts on “What is Carb Cycling?

  1. I actually eat less on gym days. Working out leaves me appetite-less but hungry the NEXT morning. How bad is this?

  2. Thanks for the videos. Question. You mention carbs as a macronutrient, do we need to try and eat low GI carbs to keep weight loss low? Watching a lot of strength training diet videos, it seems having the white rice/bread/pasta is the same as the wholegrain as we only consider carbs as a macronutrient. so having pure sugar at the right macro levels would also be fine? bar issues with adherence.

  3. Great video, however I feel that an important point was missed here…

    This strategy can only work for fat loss if your low carb days combined with your high carb days leave you at a net caloric deficit, which is the reason meticulously planning this type of diet is so demanding.

    Anyway, love the channel, keep it up!!!

  4. i don't think that carb cycling demands strict planning. for me: I feel a bit hungrier the day I cycle a 100k, so I eat more carbs. when I have a rest day I'm not that hungry so I can easily keep my carbs intake lower. it isn't rocket science, really. I keep exact track of what I eat and I try to not exceed 1000 kcal/day deficit, during heavy day I try not to exceed 500 kcal and if I feel more tired during the day or two days in a row I try to eat at least maintenance. when I feel weary I also lower my training workload for the rest of the week. you have to listen to your body and learn when it's trying to bullshit you (if your body tells you to eat a whole bucket of ice cream it's shitting you, if it tells you to sleep longer and skip a workout after your third 100k ride this week it probably tells you the truth)

  5. Do a video where everyone writes their food and excercise plans down in the comments 😃👍🏼💪🏼

  6. I like the drawings. They remind me of the artwork of my former students when I was teaching. (22 year career)

  7. I've been training since 2007 and I've recently began carb cycling and found that its the best things ive ever done in my life. I've lose 10lb in the past month, haven't lost any strength in my lifts and am getting more ripped by the day while having a crap ton of energy in the gym (high carb day)

  8. Carb cycling isnt day to day issue. Is thing of a season. In the season you eat Just the right amount of carbs and few days before the big deal, match or competition you eat carbs like a crazy goat. As in the season you ate the minimun healthy possible carbs amount your sensibility to the insulin rises. When you eat a bunch of carbs you feel like you energy and stamina raises suddenly.

  9. im a skinny dude and trying bulking, eat tons and exercise hard (i know when to take a break so i wont overtrain), is it normal to have a (kinda) bloaty belly fats?
    or should i workout+ cutting so i wont have unneeded fat while having a muscle so i look 'bigger' than the fatty version like now?

  10. I've already lost 37 pounds with carb cycling. It works but you have to exercise as well just like you said in the video. ~LUCKYLOBO

  11. "Are we alone in the universe?"
    "How life started?"
    "Is there a serum for immortality?"
    It depends

  12. If I cut for 3 months, should I carb cycle throughout all 3 months or just at specific days? I was thinking of just eating in a normal deficit for 3 months without cycling carbs so is that fine?

  13. So this is good to the beginner to moderate lever fitness enthusiasts who want to burn fat but retain muscle? Is that the main idea behind it?

  14. keto diet and intermitent fasting sound way easier and sipler imo. but my mom says she heard keto diet is bad for my tyroids and liver in the long run, is it true

  15. I thought the body changes between anabolic and catabolic states often times even in one day, in which case this would be pointless?

  16. Dude I was watching a video about carb cycling and I was asking myself "What the hell is carb cycling" than I saw your video. Love you man !

  17. I’ve been working out for just under a year and I’ve lost a total of 21kg during this period, but I’ve now hit a plateau for over a month and stuck at 85kg. My supplement stack includes Whey Protein, BCAA and a non-stimulant fat burner. My diet is on point and I’ve been eating at a caloric deficit all this time (I eat a heavier meal every Sunday just to take a break from my diet). My goal is to reach 75kg. Any advice? Your videos are amazing and have been SO helpful. Thanks in advance 🙂

  18. What a stupid video. It feels as they're encouraging people to stay away from carb cycling . In fact it's the best way to either gain , lose fat or maintain your gains. Carb cycling is a lifestyle . I hope the person who uploaded this video go get themselves educated properly first before putting up stuff. #idiots

  19. I love carb cycling, it has helped me with my energy levels. I dont know if it has many other benefits, but I perform better during workouts.

  20. what if im obese, i might have problems with high insulin? so high carb days like 200 grams and above might not be a good idea?

  21. I didn't have scales at the time, but I wanted to switch up my current meal plan. On my weight loss journey, and I think I lost 5-7 pounds in 2 and half weeks. It was fab, I would really recomened if you are wanting something new/or not far from your weight loss goal.

  22. What if you dont have any rest days? Specifically, me using half the days of the week bulking and the other half cutting. How do I carb cycle then?

  23. I use carb cycling a lot for my clients and they get really great results! Thank you for this video. I have shared it with my clients and it helps them to understand why we are doing carb cycling!

  24. so it seems like carb cycleing is away for people that want to get realllllly riped and they enjoy there mass size and do not really wish to incress it, but you still need to work out but, the work out will be the same all the time, that is my guss tho.

    while bulking you want to stuff that fucking face every fucking dame fucking day.

    loseing whait you want to eat less .

    mantaining a shreaded body carb cycling .

    over all
    if your a beginer stick with loseing or gaining. depening if your skinny or fat

    and buff people that enjoy there body stick with crab cycling.

  25. I have a kinda skinny fat physique. When I started to train I just eat everything in my sight, I did put some weight and some muscles, but most of it was fat. Now I want to lose some of that fat, so I decided to do a cut. I went on a TDEE calculator and it said I need around 2200 calories every day. I also want to mention I have a slow metabolism. It said I need 223 g of carbs, 223 g of protein and 50 g of fat. I do eat a lot of carbs and high protein intake but I still on a caloric deficit. Do you think this is good for me to burn fat and not muscles?

  26. i train on tuesday thursday. saturday
    so on this days i have to eat more carbs and on rest days low amount of carbs and calories yes?

  27. Would strongly disagree that carb cycling hinders bulking, as long as calories are adequate and food sources are clean carb cycling should be absolutely fine during bulking. I myself have done it as have my friends.

  28. Many thanks, I've been looking for "how to carb cycle for weight loss" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Nantray Carb Caboodle – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got cool success with it.

  29. This is glorious, been searching for "carb cycling diet reviews" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Nantray Carb Caboodle – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

  30. I'm 14 years old and I'm skinny fat(you can see my ribs but I have some little fat stored in my stomach and I have skinny wrist and arms but I have fat stored in my muscles) should i do this carb cycling please answer anyone….

  31. This makes a lot of sense. It's what I've been doing just instinctively. I can't have a good workout without a bunch of carbs during the day. On non workout days, less carbs works fine.

  32. I never understood this notion of higher carb on workout days. IMO it’s better to low carb most of the week then on rest day replenish your glycogen store. Like the rest day is the day you want to let loose and recover.

    Muscle isn’t built while lifting, it’s built when recovering

  33. Thanks for the info. I’ve been doing it wrong. Lol! But no harm… I just started yesterday lol! I’m trying it out because I unfortunately gained weight on a prolonged caloric deficit and hormonal imbalance. Grrreeeaaaatt

  34. I've always found that refeeding every Sunday keeps me sane and able to perform all week in the gym. As most people are not preparing for a bodybuilding show, a once per week refeed helps on a psychological and physiological level. It might slow down progress a tad versus carb cycling or once/twice per month refeeds, but the satisfaction of a weekly "job well done…here's some pasta" day does wonders to keep you pushing forward through a lengthy cut.

  35. I’ve been considering Carb Cycling. Just cuz there’s this program that’ll help me get through it but I really just wanna lose weight. So I’m not sure if I should even join. Yeah I’d like to tone my body but my main goal is losing weight to get to a healthier weight.

  36. No carb cycling needed.

    Having a cheat meal twice a month is what is needed to avoid slowing of the metabolism.
    This will occur naturally anyway. A birthday, Easter, a holiday, binge drinking with friends…etc.

  37. I wanna carb cycle but it sounds so inconvenient likee it's my bday or an outing but oh well it's a low carb day.. I like consistent things ig.

  38. But what if I train 6 times a week? Am I just gonna have less energy on some days, but more on others? Should I train 3-4 times a week then? Where did my dad go hm? Is intermittent fasting a better solution?

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