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Hey guys. Roger Snipes here. Today we are outside the factory of BioTechUSA. Now the reason why I’m here today is to
speak with the guys and learn exactly how they produce the finest quality
supplements which you can find around which is BioTechUSA. As you can see on here there is a new labeling. The reason for this labeling is because they have
introduced a new ingredient called native whey. What is native whey isolate?
Now the process is a lot different and better the milk itself which is filtered
actually comes from cows which are grass-fed and also are free from any
sort of antibiotics injections and that type of thing. And the second thing is
the process the traditional method is high temperature filtration but what
they have done now is low temperature so this ensures a much more higher quality
of protein. The structure of the protein is not altered in any way. So as I said already before we have a nice little labeling on here to let you know that
everything else which is in production will be of this high quality standard. So
one of my favorites and I’m looking forward to more productions of this.

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