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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, guys, Sean Nalewanyj, of
here. And today, I want to cover the topic of proper pre-workout nutrition, and what
the best nutritional approaches to follow prior to your weight training workout. So,
a proper pre-workout meal should accomplish two basic things. The first is that it should
maximize performance during the training session. And this is the single most important factor
because if your strength and energy levels are near their peak while you train, you’re
going to be able to create the most powerful muscle building growth stimulus possible during
your workout. And the second is to provide your body with the raw materials needed to
assist muscle recovery and growth for when the session is over. Now, most people will
generally consider that to be the job of their post-workout meal, but because nutrient absorption
is such a gradual process in the first place, it’s actually the nutrients from your pre-workout
meal that are being broken down and absorbed after your training session is over. So, let’s
break this down into simple terms here. The first issue is what should you eat? So, an
effective pre-workout meal really doesn’t need to be fancy or complicated in any real
way. And a basic combination of high quality protein and carbohydrates will easily get
the job done here. The protein will provide your body with the amino acids that are needed
to support muscle recovery and growth following the workout. And the carbohydrates will provide
your muscles and brain with the energy that you need to optimize your gym performance.
For protein, any high-quality source is going to be fine. Whey protein is what I consider
ideal because it’s very light on your stomach and it’s high in branched-chain amino acid
content. But if you prefer chicken, or fish or red meat, that’s fine too. For carbohydrates,
a minimum of 20grams to 30grams from any basic source will also be fine. Fruit, pasta, oatmeal,
rice, it’s really up to you here. Two other quick points to take into consideration; Number
one, I would generally recommend that you keep the fat content of your pre-workout meal
on the lower-end. And that’s because fats actually slow down the movement of foods from
your stomach to your small intestine, and that can increase the chances of feeling bloated
and sluggish during your workout which is obviously not what you want. And secondly,
I typically don’t recommend that you train in a fasted state. Now, some people swear
by fasted training. But for most people in most situations, a pre-workout meal is going
to maximize overall workout intensity and performance. It’s going to ward off potential
unwanted muscle loss. And it’s also going to increase post-workout fat burning by increasing
thermogenesis. That said, if you do prefer fasted training for whatever reason, I would
highly recommend that you consume about 10grams or more of a BCAA supplement prior to the
session in order to maximize performance since you’re not going to be consuming any carbohydrates
at that time. And branched-chain amino acids do have performance benefits in this particular
situation. Now, technically that means that you’ll no longer be truly fasted, because
BCAAs do have caloric value, but you get the idea. And the second issue is when should
you consume your pre-workout meal? The specific time that you consume your pre-workout meal
is largely an issue of personal preference. The bottom line is to eat your pre-workout
meal at whatever time allows for the best strength, and energy and stomach comfort for
you. So, for most people around 1.5 to 2 hours pre-workout is going to be best. And if you
prefer it, an even longer time frame is also fine. Any sooner than that, and there’s a
pretty good chance that you’re going to end up feeling bloated or even borderline nauseous
during the session, and that’s because intense training causes your body to divert blood
away from the stomach and into the working muscles. And as a result, any food in the
stomach is just going to sit there undigested. So, for that reason, consuming a plate of
chicken and rice 30 minutes before hitting the gym is probably not going to be the best
idea. And waiting about an 1.5 to 2 hours is going to work much better for most people.
So, that’s really all there is to it here. Number one; consume a high quality protein
and carbohydrate source around 1.5 to 2 hours prior to your workout. And if you prefer to
wait longer, that’s also fine. Number two; keep the fat content of the meal on the lower-end.
And number three; unless you have a highly specific reason to do so, avoid fasted training
if possible. But if you do want to train without consuming food, make sure to take in at least
10grams of a branched-chain amino acid supplement instead. So, I hope you found the information
in this video lesson useful. As always, if you did like the video please make sure to
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31 thoughts on “What Is The Best Pre Workout Meal?

  1. I've always only waited 30 min after I ate my pre-workout meal before working out, now I know why I felt bloated during the workout. Thank you for sharing this now I will wait at leas an hour before working out.

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  3. The right nutrition is responsible for about 80% of someone's aspired result. Therefore it's important rethinking food habits (fast and processed food, sugar drinks) as well as having accurate porting sizes according to body weight, age, fitness level, etc.

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  5. Brilliant, Sean. I somehow tend to get the best workouts with my pre-workout meal taken an hour before workout. Do you think a regular scoop of whey protein and a banana work well? I usually add a handful of peanuts too. Is that a bad idea?

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  10. So if I plan on working out at 5:30am, I'm supposed to wake up at 3:30 to eat my meal? Please tell me there's a better way!

  11. ( sorry for my bad english )carbs pre training ? really ? well as i learned carbohydrate spike your insuline level right ? but insuline inhib (lower it) GH ( growth hormone) which is what you want to be at his highest lvl during training to create the best environment possible for muscle  growth ! so a high protein and good fat and vegie pre workout meal would be optimal !!! im not tryna say that your wrong at all im just a rookie who ius trying to learn but their is so much stuff in bodybuilding that i dont know who to trust at the end…. the guys who told me that is Vincent Comptois and charles policain the guys who make meal plan and streght training for olympic athlete and ncaa player  they bot have started the ATP product so i guess they know some good stuff. ! tell me what you think about it !!

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  16. Do you know how long it takes for a BCAA to digest? The reason I ask is because lifting for me is most convenient a little bit after I get up in the morning. Since I'm not very hungry and also don't want to wait an hour and a half to have a pre workout meal digest, bcaas seem good, but only if they are digestible in a much shorter time frame so that they can be utilized in the body quickly.

  17. Hi! Sean can we eat fat and protein meal in preworkout instead of carbohydrates and protein meal to use ketones as a energy fuel if we are on low carb diet or on ketosis

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