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now that everybody is done from home c-calm got another video response to a question that I got on the facebook pose over there this one’s from Lee Brian basically Lee’s question is he he wants some coin advice he’s already lost five stone in the past 18 most ha first of all really well done a good job on losing that way what he’s asking is he wants to lose more weight obviously but he wants to wear to know as you asked going through like a cutting phase what’s the best steps to take to do it more efficiently obviously when you start off really heavy losing weight just mainly about getting off your ass and doing some about way I mean if you’re weighing 20 stone why over and and you just do it a bit of activity you can afford something there’s quite a lot of weight a week like two to three pounds is acceptable it’s not a big deal if you’ve got that much fat on year that is it’s not a big deal when people say about you should try and keep her weight loss down to up to a lower amount say like a pound a week something like that it’s generally means when you are at a lower body fat percentage you know try and keep it healthy let’s quickly go into I’m going to tell you why I’m going to be doing when I do my next cut next year to be honest this is the way I’ve been doing my cups so far it’s a in my opinion it’s the most effective way of doing it it’s probably good and retain more muscle than any of aware but that’s just my own opinion our feeling wax it hits work for me so it’s you should try I mean to be honest a lot of people do it what you want to be doing when you are when you are cut in is you need to be lifting heavy and generally you want to be working with like so for example what I could do about 4 to 6 wraps and try and do about 4 or 5 sets so you’re going to get your volume from your turning from the sets but you’re going to be able to lift much heavier weights because you’re working inside the 4 to 6 rep range now what this means is that because you lifting heavier you’re going to have more muscle retention it’s been proven that lift heavier whilst cutting actually helps you retain more muscle people used to say that if you cut in you have to do light weights and lots of reps because it bans fat that’s a lot of bollocks I mean as long as you’re in a caloric deficit from activity are our food intake or whatever you will lose fat but depending on how you look at that the end of it is a totally different story from my experience lifting heavy whilst in the caloric deficit is what’s going to retain that muscle and leave you looking caught up or shredded not saying I’ve been there yet but I’ve been down to a pretty decent body fat percentage le this year I got down to about just between 8 and 9 percent and next year I will be going for 6 percent or bossed so in that sense that’s why I’m going to be doing to get there and I know that it works so I will be doing it and as far as cardio goes with it I made a video regarding that not so long ago and you want to keep it steady you don’t want to go overboard with the cardio doing too much cardio taken away from you whips of training sessions if you don’t they’re to do to lift heavy then basically you’re just gonna you got to miss out there you’re not gonna be able to lift heavy you’re gonna have wasted all your energy doing cardio you might be fit as hell but you might find that you can’t with the weight and let’s say you start to find that you’re getting weaker and you lose it you losing your muscle mass and you cooks just basically failing so just keep your cardio steady just maybe put a few sessions in as you do and get lower on the body fat scale you might want to start up in it because if you are you’re cannot caloric deficit has got to the point where it’s very low and you don’t want to decrease it anymore because it’ll leave you super hungry that is the time to start for any cardio don’t start for it don’t use all your weapons at once you’re not mean don’t go in drop your calories straight away and then stop for any loads of cardio because at right at the start because by the time you get down you’re going to have nothing left and you’re just gonna have to you just will be able to do anymore as also in the rhythm lost you want to be looking at anywhere from 2 to 3 pounds or once 2 pounds right out static or depending on how heavy you are how high your body fat percentage is if you’re over 25 percent body fat then yeah go for it 2 pounds a week 3 pounds a week will be acceptable what you want to start doing is as you’re coming down say again into 20% then 15% start dropping it down and then take 2 pounds a week and then 1 pound a week generally I have always done 1 pound a week but look back at it I could have probably done two pounds when I first started off well one parlor week is definitely the optimum to go for you going to return muscle mass keep you strengthened you’re going to find yourself losing energy because you’re not eating much typically one pound a week is a 500 calorie deficit a deer so that’s all you’ve got a bear in mind once you get to lower body fat percentage so I below 10% on that you might want to start thinking about dropping it to half a pound a week and I’m just seeing how it goes if you if you’re finding that you losing strength to fast drop it to about half a pound and just see how that goes the other technique you can use is diet Briggs me personally I would use these yet but enough full well I would he should have I found that come the 16th week of a cup that is when all my strength goes to the dogs I found that in between increasing the week the the body fat just slows down it doesn’t want to disappear anymore it just sticks to me doesn’t want to go and I generally found that no matter how much I increase the cat like increased cardio the activity or the food intake decreases nothing wants to happen there is the round about that time that is when I should take diet rec or what diet break is is generally a week to two weeks off add maintenance of your current level just to bring your hormones back up to let back up to scratch and get everything working as it should be because obviously as you’re in a color color deficit for so long everything will go to the dogs your testosterone levels will drop your staff become cranky and things will be right with you if you’re taking anabolic steroids generally that is the that is why they can keep cutting for so long because the test is is there it’s item all the time if you’ve been cutting for so long you don’t have that test level anymore and you’ll find that you start to become weak so therefore you as a natural athlete you need to take time off to just bring you bring your arm bones back up to scratch get everything all right once you’ve done that you’ll be able to keep going as you are and you’ll Polly find that the the weight loss will just start falling off against and that’s how you carry on going the whole point of it is is that you take a break from cutting don’t try and do it all in one go up like if you’re if you’re starting off at 20 stone and you want to be 12 stone don’t try and lose all eight starting longer don’t do it do so many in stages stop men and so on slight bulk depending on how you’re looking at how you feel generally maintenance is the way to go then continue the car at the start of next year I’m going to be doing my own cut so you’ll be able to actually see me practice in what I’m preaching I’m going to be uploading daily videos showing the transformation process so I wish I had done from the start I’m going to be doing that this time round so you’ll be able to see the changes that are happening basically that I’ll be able to you be able to follow of what I’m doing and hopefully that will give you a bit more encouragement stick to what you are doing and give like a bit of an inspiration or maybe some ideas to incorporate to your own routine so they go are your balances you question me it may have been a little bit long-winded but I’ve just drops pre-workout and I’m feeling a little bit hyper so that’s it please like share your friends subscribe be fun already if you’ve got a question for me you want me to answer please drop us a comment below leave me a post on the Facebook page I’ll get in touch by email cheers now

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  1. Hi dan, just sent you an email. I'm 20 stone and in desperate need of education. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers, Matthew

  2. Hi Dan. Over Christmas I turned into a fat shite. Would it be wise to go on the Wendler 531 BBB program while on a cut? Cheers.

  3. Dan, I currently am weighing 250 pounds and would like to get to 165. What would be the fastest way to drop body fat? And when you say going from 20 stone to 12 stone, what does that mean?

  4. Hey i had 212 punds and now I have 170…
    I look good now but the problem is that I still have a little fat in my stomach what should i do? in some point i had 166pounds but nothing changed i want to know what should i do , what to eat etc… I'm going in the gym 5days a week and i lift heavy.How to get that six pack I always wanted …

  5. [email protected] … I was thinking of cutting recently. After having had some nice training results, all them protein-shakes and carbonhydrate bars that keep me going and give me energy for exercise led to some nasty belly fat (most people would say its nothing, but I find it annoying to be all fit, but still have some bits and pieces of fat on me!) that I want to get rid of! Biggest issue: loosing it without loosing muscle-mass I trained so hard for! Im just gonna follow your suggestions and see what happens. Oh … and you've gotten yourself a new subscriber now!

  6. Best way to get cut lifting heavy? I don't think so. Best way to get cut is starting your training with 20 min of cardio then going to your weights as your body starts burning fat only after 30 min of workout then you do pyramid stuff where you go up lifting heavy and go down with no rest if you can. As long you not out of breath you do not burn muscle . Basically high intensity training makes your fat burn and muscle stay lean.

  7. Hi mate, i've been thinking and reading about this for a while but i'm never quite sure which information to retain so I thought i'd simply through my question out here and ask for some advice:

    I am 19 years old, 6 ft 2 and weigh approx 162 pounds, id like to weigh around 176 but that is another story. My problem is: i used to be fairly overweight in my preteens and ive never been able to shake the belly fat, as a result ive got a pretty significant belt of blubber hanging around my gut (i can easily pinch it between 2 fingers) and a bit on my chest/sidemoob. I train thai boxing at a fairly advanced level around 7h a week, which is quite intense cardio and involves some strength training, although fairly minimal.

    By now i'm fairly fit, i can go pretty hard in sparring for a good hour and i can hold my own in strength against the bigger guys here, but the fat around my body won't budge. I don't wanna give up the thai boxing, which i underline is fairly intense cardio, so what would you say I do? i eat fairly healthy, despite a snack at some times i think i should be at a calorie intake of 1900-2300 daily, depending (my studies + training leave me little time to properly plan meals) on the day.

    thanks for any advice given, and thanks for reading. like your videos, keep it up.


  8. Hey Dan, 

    Enjoying your vids, subbed, i've got a bunch of questions for you and any advise would be appreciated!

    Im 19, 162 lbs, 36.5% Body fat, 166lbs of lean body mass.

    What do you recommend in the gym as a routine? Weights first then cardio to finish? Which exercises are optimal for body fat (weights & cardio), what do you recommend for eating? I work 8 hours a day at a desk job and wake up very early in the morning so i dont have time to make breakfast. 

    Any/all advise is much appreciated and feel free to drop a link if you've already covered this in a previous video. Thanks in advanced!

  9. I've got a question is i workout everyday my body fat is 11-15% i want to cut down to 10% what should i dooo…….

  10. Alright Dan, I like your mindset, you seem to know your shit. I'm 17st, not sure what % body fat but would guess >25%. If I create a caloric deficit(currently eating 2500-3000 calories per day) of 1500 calories, will this solely reduce body fat? I have spoken to a few people and they're saying this deficit is too high. I don't want to end up a weird shape after weight loss as I'm an okay shape now(big arms/shoulders/lats but with not much definition and big legs).
    Thanks in advance.

  11. Am 13 stone and just over 6 foot tall. I look skinny but really am fat as fuck. What's the best food to eat to get rid of fat. When I grab my belly I just get handful of rolls. It's gona be hard to burn off so I want a stricked diet plan to. Eney simple foods I can eat everyday for loosing fat? Am thinking fresh chicken and salad for munths???

  12. Hello Dan!

    Well this is sort of a cliche. I am 15 years of age. Chubby but not obese. I was wondering in what way can I cut down on my fat ( anyway you would like, I trust you ) and get my body stable enough to start building ( I know I can not start building now but I would like to try to start after around 7 months when I lose my weight ). I am currently 13 kg above my standard weight ( If you don't know the conversion, lets just say its A LOT! ) Ive gotten fed up of being chubby and want to cut down. How can I cut down? What should I do? I know this is an extremely broad question but what do you advise me to do? What should my workout schedule be? What should I cut down? I dont need to ask how long it will take as no one knows. What can motivate me to carry on? Is it possible to lose all that weight in 3 months (summer, also have ramadan (search that up, its fascinating)). I am really tired of getting picked on ( by my teacher, I got muscle too ). If you believe I am too young to start body building I don't mind. I just want to know what to do! You are extremely helpful in all your videos. If you don't mind we get in touch some time ( via anything you want ) but I just want your guidance in this situation. Again, thank you very much for all your helpful tips throughout your videos. I will do anything as summer is close and I want to workout during the whole of it. Not to repeat again, can we please get in touch so I can ask you questions. Thank you for reading this! Have a wonderful day!


  13. If i am at a caloric deficit of 500cal a day and i do a 400calorie cardio session, do i add 400 calories of food that day?

  14. Coming July 1st, im starting a cut. as far as im concerned and have been informed, lower carb intake followed by high paced cardio works. is this true? will that work?

  15. I'm 15 years old and was 150 about 2 to 3 days ago and I dropped down to 142 after doing intermittent fasting and and I do cardio 5 days a week and i lift 6 days a week. I'm trying to lose that last 5 to 10 pounds of body fat covering my abs. What should you suggest. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  16. Great love 5×5 on compounds for bulking also im visually getting leaner although the scale isnt moving much is this anything to be too worried about as im running test e so probBly holding water even though carb intake is lower now cutting

  17. Would like to ask for cardio, i do a circuit training normally like Tabata and i up to 25min of it and in the morningish time and at night i hit the weights. Could that be ok for cardio? 

  18. So I'm at about 19 percent bf right now, 153 pounds, and I'm 15 years old. Pretty sure my BMR is about 1700 calories (?). Should I still go about doing the lower reps/heavier weights cut with a deficit of about 500? I want to reach at least 9-10 percent body fat eventually. I've already lost about 7 pounds but I'm worried that I'm losing all my muscle and I'll end up skinny fat or something.

  19. Is it possible to lose 3 stone or so in around 2-3 months? I'm a wrestler and i'm thinking of dropping a weight class for the next season.

  20. Im at a point where im not sure if I should cut or continue to bulk. Im 6'4 230 lbs and I have gained a lot of muscle unfortunately I feel that ive gained more fat too. Now I look like a muscley bubble instead of cut the hell up…but im afraid if I cut ill go back to skinny old me

  21. Should you cut as fast (1-2lb a week) at a lower age (14) whilst lifting? my maintenance is 2k cals so im not sure how much i should eat. I'm about 18% bf with a decent amount of muscle for my age

  22. Be certain to regularly monitoring your weight, setting realistic goals getting helps from family and friends to drop some weight properly.

  23. Hey Dan, i'm a 12 year old (I know too young for youtube…but one year…not much..) I'm lifting 80lbs should I move up or am I good there for a kid my age trying to cut weight?

  24. It's best to regularly monitoring your weight, setting realistic goals getting helps from family and friends for weight-loss properly.

  25. I just posted a body tranformation from 16 to 18 years old! First a huge bulk then cutting phase were I lost over 8kg. Take a look if you want!:)

  26. I weigh 90 kg and i gained lots of muscels over the past year and now i wanna get rid of the fat and im lost between doin light weights and more reps or heavy weights and the classic 12-10-8 reps technique + lots of cardio . What do you suggest? >exuce my english lol <

  27. I would like to get under 10% body fat…I don't want to be too big…I want to look a lean look with a bit of size.

  28. Hey man good video i subed, like how you explain things. Here is my little story, i used to weight 230 pounds started jogging everyday dropped to 170 felt good but was still 15% bf. Then i went thriugh a shitty break up with my gf and everything went to shit. Started drinking and eating went back up to 250 pounds. Im going to lift heavy like you said, cut calories down to 2000. How much cardio do you think i should do? I typicly jog about 30mins, about 2 miles. Going for 3-4 times a week. Any additional advice i would appriciate it

  29. Dan, when you hit a sticking point with the fat loss, by how much do you decrease the calories when you're already in a deficit? Great channel man!

  30. Great video. Question for you. I was on a large deficit, went from 27.8%bf to 19% in 6 months. Overall Ive gone from 335lbs to 235lbs in 11 months. But I stalled out. I have been on a diet break/reverse diet now for 4 weeks. Strength has gone up with minimal weight gain which I think is water anyway.

     I am ready to start cutting down again by decreasing my carbs(I count macros). Should I remove 25gr carbs per day/ per week to get down to my low number which will be 150gr a day…or just go from my current 400gr to 150gr a day on one jump? Thanks.

  31. Hi great video i'm cutting at the moment first time i've got this close im 43 so not expecting it to be easy i've got a little fat just below belly button i'm afraid the skin won't shrink and that's what caused me to panic and quit my goal last time my question is am I correct in thinking if it's still loose it's still fat and it will tighten up if i keep going

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  35. Hi, is this the same process for women? I want to compete and have gained muscle well for about a year now but I'm too bulky. I know a lot is in the diet but you recommend keeping the same gym routine but just change diet and add a bit of extra cardio nearer the deadline?

  36. bro i know am really late but am kinda confused basically ive got fitness pal and ive chosen ti loose 0.5 pounds per week so i can retain my muscle mass and my maintence is 2740 and it dropped it down to 2140 but i added a few so now i am consuming 2250 callories everyday does this look right and my carbs is 270g used to be 340g

  37. My friend is a little fat, has a bit of a gut, I weigh more than him and I am thin, I have gained a little bit of muscle, why do I weigh more ?

  38. putting reps burn fat in quotes implies its not true, and that's just not true. Not saying there isn't more then 1 way to skin a cat, but high volume does aide in weight loss when done correctly with minimal rest periods and high intensity. I do however agree working in heavy sets with compound movements is great.

  39. what if i keep my cutting phase for longer than 16 months without diet breaks but having once cheat meal every weak?

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  43. This guy makes perfect sense an would be awesome to have some live training sessions. But either way this guy is insanely hot ..

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