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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s going on guys somebody show you
guys one trick that’s gonna help you guys shred so much fat it’s just one
thing that you changes kill every single fat cell in your body basically I’m
gonna show you guys how to do that right now but what is going on guys this is
mark from superhuman fitness and if you guys are new to this channel make sure
you start off by slapping that subscribe button I just started so I’m showing you
guys the trick and the trick is intermittent fasting
so basically intermittent fasting the reason I’ll be showing you guys 3 I’ll
be showing you guys the science behind I’ll be showing you guys the 3 hormones
that’s released from intermittent fasting the top 3 hormones that are
released when fasting or insulin growth hormone and cortisol and I’ll be
explaining all those right now so first of all is insulin helps blood
cells absorb sugar and it helps regulate blood levels and basically if you are
insulin resistant that’s basically diabetes that’s not good that’s what you
don’t want to you’re trying to be insulin sensitive is what I’m trying to
say an insulin sensitive one of the ways to become insulin sensitive is by
intermittent fasting another hormone that’s released is growth hormone and
according to Six Pack Shortcuts or six pack abs or I don’t know whatever the
channel was called right now according to them it actually increases
intermittent fasting increases your growth hormone by five times that’s
crazy and growth hormone obviously makes you grow but it also helps your immune
system and it helps in a ton of other ways as well so it’s a really good
hormone to have released and it’s by fasting so you’re trading fat um the
next one is cortisol and cortisol is actually known as the stress hormone or
the people look at it in a bad way but this is the thing guys it’s stress but
there’s good stress and there’s bad stress you could be at the gym or you
could be at work another good thing about cortisol is it’s also a fat
burning hormone but hear me out you got to hear me out for this one it’s also a
fat storage hormone but like I said there’s a thing when you’re fasting
right you’re gonna be fasting so what fat is there to store you’re not eating
and during that fast you’re gonna be actually burning fat because there’s no
food for it you know there’s no food in you to eat first of all or to use for
energy so it’s gonna go to your fat and then there’s no fat to source so that’s
obviously just gonna go over to burning more fat and then you have all these
hormones working together you know I mean so in term infesting is key if you
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