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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

we are actually looking at the future
and it came out of nowhere and he is now top ten in the world
tons of quality muscle really good shape and his conditioning is always improving
I think he’s gonna be one of the next big things in bodybuilding I think he’s
got a tremendous amount of potential I thought your physique was absolutely
incredible this guy at six feet he’s the next coming of Ronnie Coleman great genetics great structure the cleanest lines of the show the freshest looking
muscle this is what we’re looking at as far as the future of bodybuilding I
think this is going in the right direction Mr. Patrick Moore Patrick
Moore Patrick Moore once I hit the Olympia stage things just
kind of like blew up in a sense because it’s like overnight no one knows who you
are you just come on the biggest stage in bodybuilding and you actually look
like you belong there it’s early usually quiet around here in the morning get up and get going late night last night man trying to
cook get stuff ready for today it’s a lot of blow and go trying to do this
sport and work at the same time like 75 grams of this I usually do it after
fasted cardio so just kind of get it ready cause once I get back it’s kind of like just got to
get dressed then get to work back to the lower food plan today but
that’s how it goes it’s a lot of up and down but this is what it is like maybe
five eight more week seven nine two shows back to back this is a routine
you get late nights early mornings no camero today it’s cool but you know
when you work you gotta watch how you spend your money so you can’t go crazy
trying to fill this thing up with gas every day so you got to have your
everyday vehicle you know you have to be able to get up early if you want to do
this sport because they’ll get to the times where you have to eat those meals
which is obviously a big component and talked about all the time is eating and you
have to get up and get started because if you try if you like me you have to
work you have to plan your day your workout has to be around a certain time
and sometimes you have to work out early in the day even though you might like
might not like it and if you have to get meals in before you have to get up
earlier and start eating there’s times I eat at you know five o’clock in the
morning I don’t want to but I have to have two meals in before you train yeah
if I want to have a good workout I could train with lower food but
when it’s the plan it’s a plan and you have to stick to the plan during prep this would be one of your best friends
if you’re doing your job we learn to have a long-lasting relationship with the
Stairmaster I’m going to do 45 minutes this morning
nothing crazy I’m actually only assigned to do 30 so I may just do that and get out
of here just on that off plan yeah with where we
are we did two hours last prep but we started this prep at a lower body fat
percentage so we had to be careful when starting to not go crazy cause you don’t want to
bite into the muscles and we’re going for a more full harder
package this time around and at the Arnold so other guys are doing a lot
probably because they have to they’re trying to get tighter but we started off pretty
tight so it’s easy to bring the amount down we
just had to be careful to not do too much cardio while you’re trying to keep
as much size as possible that wraps that up pretty quick pretty
mindless now I’m up of course your little slow-moving earlier but once the
blood gets going it’s time to get to work about how much torture that is for someone
trying to lose weight what a burger in the parking lot with the gym oh you just
did 30 minutes of cardio come on over have some taquitos I was always muscular as a kid and it’s
funny but I think I was two years old maybe and there was a picture in there
it was Christmastime and I always loved cars and I was doing the front double
bicep pose and then I noticed it in other pictures as I was growing up so I
was I idolized like action figures when I was growing up so we would see the
wrestlers a little he-man toys or whatever so that’s we wanted to look
like it’s funny because now that I go back and look at pictures when I was
teenager it’s just a much smaller version of what I am now so I always had
that ability to be muscular and you know now it’s just aimed at actually growing
that muscle now it’s time to go to work and I since I don’t want to do the back
and forth once I’m out of the house I’m pretty much out of the house for the day
so I have to take all my food with me so I’m doing now is just kind of weighing
out what I’m gonna have for meal two meal threes in the bag and then of course I
have meal four and five so this is just your basic ten ounces of chicken and one
cup of rice so this is the part you guys might not have seen I just put in get
the chicken wash it clean it put it in the oven 20 minutes and that’s that put
it in to go container and that’s the mrs. dash season there now it’s on there
because you don’t like I said I do lower sodium when I’m getting closer to a show
and so there’s two chicken and rice meals so this will be meal three meal four
then of course I’ll have the fish twice and that’ll wrap it up it’s nothing
special today today is a very boring meal plan and here this is a 75 gram
whey protein shake so I take this with me I’ll have this after my workout so
this is immediately after the workout and then about 45 minutes or so after
I’ll have the solid meal and that’s so that food of this the protein shake
absorbs quick so you want fast absorption after post-workout
because that muscle is going it’s eating so it’s kind of got a got to get those
nutrients in there and this is a little trick to I keep with me in case I get
hungry I’ll keep a can of tuna and I’ll just eat it plain it’s just by itself
like me all day if you have to work and you’re moving around you keep something
extra that you can put in your body if you’re just that hungry so you’re not
tempted to cheat on your diet that’ll give you to about eight hours which is
about a typical work day every prep is a little bit different because what
happens when you break a body down to a certain body fat percentage and however
long it took you to do that whether it was 10 weeks 12 weeks 16 weeks you’re
actually changing the way your body stores fat or it burns energy because as
you put on more muscle your metabolic rate is going to change so every prep
you’re almost kind of depending on the changes you make and how drastic you
could be working with a completely different body we prep and it’s twelve
weeks and then we get a final physique and then were like man that was good but
we this wasn’t quite like this we could have been more full you know why we
weren’t conditioned enough or we could be harder and bigger and and then you
have to change it according to the lineup or the judges feedback because
they’ll tell you hey can you do this and so then you’re back to the drawing board
like man okay I know on this prep I looked like this so how can I take that
and mix it with this prep where I look like this so then you get a conditioned
physique of more full and hard physique and then you have to put those together
and then like I said that’s still not an exact recipe because it could be a different physique that you’re working with so it’s an ever-changing
evolutionary process we’re trying to learn the body with foods it’s never
gonna stay the same cause your body’s gonna change it’s not an immediate financial gain
where you turn pro if anything you’re actually gonna start losing even more
money because you know at the next level and things like food become even more
important so where you could get by missing a meal here or missing a meal there maybe not buying your sports supplements or whatever you need for
your prep all that stuff becomes necessity at the pro level because now
everyone is there at a high level so you got to keep your income coming in
because even then you don’t make money automatically you still have to win the
show and you’re going up against people who have experience so you’re spending
just like if you’re an amateur all this money on a prep you’re putting in all
the time all the effort for a result that you just might not get yeah I know
I know let them cool off we’re gonna go ten tens yeah you wanted an
arm day so I’ma let you have it every every little bit of a lot of people
think when you’re a personal trainer like you make your own schedule in a
sense you do but then at the same time you’re providing a service for people
who have their schedule so if you want to make money you kind of have to work
with them on their schedule as well so you don’t get that freedom to kind of
come and go as you please for me it’s very challenging because my meal time
is never exact it’s sporadic sometimes because like I said I’m have to adjust
my schedule based on my clients so with that going on some time my training time
might switch an hour here and there and you know you just have to roll with the
punches so we got a guy here in Houston called
ice pick so his name’s that we call the ice pick because he uses his elbows and
his elbows are sharp I mean they this guy has perfected this technique where
he does you know fascia release and deep muscle therapy with his elbow it makes
everything softer sort of expands better and especially whenever you’re doing
posing you want these muscles to be as relaxed as you can so that you can get
them as full as you can all my body builders need to have the tissue very
soft and pliable not hard and rigid tight through this whole area which doesn’t
allow this nice big stingray looking flare to happen so it was kind of like
see where now it flares out like this so it’s kind of like like that just pull
back you know wouldn’t it wouldn’t release and open up fully he could twist
and turn all he wants to yes the flesh wouldn’t go there
so the lat spread is done because you you roll this around the front so you kind
of roll your shoulder and pull your shoulder on scrounge a shoulder blade
it’s out here if you if you had you’re stuck here because it’s bound up in the
middle it takes away for once you can fully open up then it pops out way
more dimension and that’s what we’re trying to create with moving fascia
around yeah no throw it out there you go Burger Time People’s Choice best burger
burgers dogs just right can I have a cheeseburger with uh I’ll just
have just mustard and cheese on it mustard meat and cheese and the little cheeseburger the
same way and let’s have a large Cajun fry and a regular diet coke wake up every
morning send the progress pictures and based on how we’re looking and also what
I’m training then that’s when they will decide like if he’s going to give me a
treat so it’s actually kind of funny because you know there’s a joke that
goes around bodybuilders are like you got to eat like a dog so it’s the same
thing every day and when we get a cheat meal that’s like a treat just like you
give a dog a treat for doing their job right then it’s kind of the same thing
the normal cheeseburger I believe it’s 900 calories or 980 and
then I have the little cheeseburger so it’s just a smaller version it’s 620 so
that alone is 1500 calories on a normal day I probably I won’t even get actually
2300 calories so as you can see in one meal with just the burgers that’s not
including the fries the fries are another 1,300 calories so
I’m already at nearly 3,000 calories with just one meal so you can see those
numbers really start to add up once I stack in the extra cups of rice I have a
12 ounce potato with the 12 ounce steak also later this evening so it’s a very
very heavy day that’s why I say it’s literally probably about three times the
normal caloric intake for the day and it’s just a shock to the muscle of course you
can only do so much you have to learn your body you do that you’ll be good if
you don’t you run a risk of not knowing what’s going on you know
oh let’s see is that me okay let’s see what’s in the goodie bag
oh wow so you guys wanna see look at all those
fries oh man I’m telling you life’s good right now the five guys
experience was heavenly gonna be honest it had been so long since I had a burger
and fries so yeah I’m a real by the book guy if I get a plan I stick to it I
don’t deviate from it if I may have like I said earlier a rice cake or something
if I’m just starving but the plan is a plan and I stick to it so that was just
to shock the body and give it something to actually burn before we start
actually biting into the muscle because that will happen if you’re staying on
the plan that’s low in calories you’ll start to eat up that muscle during
cardio and part of training so it was good it was necessary very very tasty
and I don’t know when it’ll happen again but uh maybe in nine weeks whenever
these shows are over but it was good it was I definitely needed it what’s next for Patrick Moore obviously
I’m doing the Arnold classic that’s that next we have the Arnold Classic Ohio and then a
couple weeks later thirteen days later we have the Arnold Classic Australia so
those are the next two big shows that are on the books other than that
obviously we have our sights on Olympia having a better showing but for
right now I don’t think too far in the future everything is day by day and the
only purpose in the sport anyway is to grow you know put on some good quality
muscle mass stay in my own lane I don’t really chase what some of the other guys
are doing I have to just stick to my program make the most out of it if I’m
locked in on something all my efforts every single day are for that goal and
that’s not just in the gym that’s developing a mentality that’s connecting
with the fans that’s you know just doing the business of body building and that’s
what has to be because if I want that position and I want to inspire people
then that means I have to actually live that lifestyle and create balance and
show people that you can do this and live a sane life at the same time you’re just
gonna have to work hard so for me that’s it that’s all that’s on my radar is that
Olympia title

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