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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

at first I was a little bit nervous I
didn’t know how my body was gonna react I had to put a positive mindset in and
by doing that it takes away that doubt I got some stuff I cooked in bulk
some chicken some rice that we’re gonna right now I do a cup and a half of
cooked rice a meal and I do about eight ounces of meat this is a chicken
My dad’s a chef my mom is an amazing chef just via living with my dad and
then for me I cooked a lot of fire station too so I had I’d learned to
become you know a good chef on minimal budget at times and then cooking in bulk
like it’s cooked for 10 guys it’s so that’s like throwing a party every time
you cook you know I did cook three meals a day so you learn to get creative and
I’m a guy that could literally just grab something and create verses like I could
look at a recipe you know I know there’s people like only could go by what a
recipe says but like I see my dad could just pull out five ingredients out of a
fridge and put together a sick meal you know so that’s when you know you’re good
five ounces there few more and off to the microwave there’s tips and tricks that you learn
as you go along and what works for you one of the things I like to do is just
keep things simple and not over complicate and and have to make every
meal an elaborate kind of overdone several course kind of thing and so for
what for me in general I mean we haven’t I have icon that supplies me with a big
portion of my food which helps with time and running the store and all the food
prep that goes into that and then either as times that I’m home that I do like to
cook and have stuff and you know as I’m going and getting stuff done through the
day you know it doesn’t take but 10 or 15 minutes to you fill the grill on
throw a piece of fish or a steak whatever I’m eating and you know have
that ready to eat I mean most people take a 10 or 15 minute smoke break
bathroom break so to do that when you’re working is you know to feed your body is
something I feel important like we’ve stopped at ICON yesterday and I got some
meals but like I said I like to cook some of my food fresh and usually I’ll
do some of the steak and some of my fish meals fresh well could you know grill it or baked stuff or whatever and I usually get to Costco probably once a
week sometimes twice but it’s time to stock up and you guys are coming with me
so I’m going to the store you are too Costco’s the store that if you’re hungry
or have extra money in your pocket it’s not a good idea to come to because you
always buy shit you don’t need and then they always have samples of food they
have stuff that’s amazing so again sometimes a little bit hard to come here
great in the offseason I have one salmon meal a day right now and it’s about
eight ounces of cooked salmon cooked weight
back on that topic cook salmon one other fish meal I eat cod my last meal that one Icon makes it just perfect so I love icon cod you know the older I get you know the
digestion and you know my GI stuff is important to maintain so what I like to
do I notice you know as I’ve gotten older my protein amounts have come down
a little bit versus like I remember eating 10 or 12
ounces of cooked meat per meal now I eat anywhere from you know eight to ten
ounces and I feel better like it’s not as heavy so red meat sometimes can be a
little bit heavy but that’s why I eat a little bit later in the day but I
noticed like when I’m carbing up for a show and stuff I’ll have a few steak
meals and just that red meat I always feel like it just really makes my body
pop so just you know little things you don’t know if that’s if you could find
the science behind it but the bodybuilding science is it works some of the vegetables I like celery
I find that again as I get older certain things I can’t eat I can’t peppers I
find like green bell pepper gives me some terrible heartburn onion sometimes
acity things tomato so stuff like kale spinach lettuce celery carrots they
don’t give me heartburn which that thing is heartburn is from the devil I’m checking all the dates make sure the
dates are sometimes if you don’t check and you buy some expires in two days and
you get screwed and you screw yourself I’m sampling you’re just smelling it
that works I could second smell taste avocado good healthy fats wife loves to
have she loves avocados so we always pick him up at Costco they got them yeah
big ones I’m actually gonna get my wife some flowers can you smell it I don’t
want to smell like a funeral home you know the funeral I always like that
like there’s a certain flower yeah yeah exactly exactly no this is really pretty
yeah this is nice thank you I appreciate it sea salt to the rice and it usually
takes about 15-20 minutes in the rice cooker and it comes out perfect every
time you can leave it in there for a while and the rice just stays warm and
it’s kind of it’s nice it goes it’s like having a fresh meal spray with a little
nonstick cooking spray the reason I do that when it’s on the
grill there’s a tendency fish has a tendency to stick so old bay busting through the door I’m good to
have some some fresh meats some fresh fish stuff like that that that definitely has
a better taste you can tell a difference in quality you know that’s one of the
things like say a young bodybuilder may have a concern of like hey I can’t
afford the you know like a fresh fish or a fillet when it comes to steak you know
and and I mean I didn’t start my career you know eating fillet and fresh fish
all the time you know I definitely had to get the steak that was on sale was a
round steak you know and and it take you about ten minutes to eat a little four
ounce piece because it’s like chew and leather but you kind of get you have to
do what you have to do and you know as you progress in this industry and the
sport and fitness you just find the things that work for you

63 thoughts on “What It Takes To Be A Pro Bodybuilder | Return of the King Snake | Ep 2

  1. Well to sum up.Large doses of steroids, GH.High calorie foods every 2-3 hours, heavy weights and lots of time and off course not having a family,kids etc.

  2. I love all the smart guys out going “hurr durr steroids” like fuck wads we all know they are on steroids!! Get the fuck away from this channel if you can’t get past it. Better yet stay the fuck away for any bodybuilding or powerlifting if you can’t see past it.

  3. Wat it takes to become an ifbb pro today = roids ( stop fooling dese kids and act like hard work and food will get u to look like dis guy bs)

  4. I wish there was no penalty for admitting to steroid use. That way they can be candid on what it ACTUALLY takes to get to that level competitiveness. Without discussing the drug aspect, these people that discuss this topic, just come off as less than forthcoming and dishonest.

  5. Steve are you out of the Arnold Australia, if so why? Looking freaky as shit and I'm a huge fan of ICON meals their cod, bison, pancakes and their sweet potato mash is by far my favorite!!!

  6. How are you a firefighter. 1. Having a full grown beard.
    And 2. Ya do a shit ton of roids. And you're suppose to be drug free as a fireman.

  7. when the fuck is injecting roids gonna be part of alle these bodybuilding…everyone understands the industry already get with the fucking times

  8. Jason Genovas lost brother. Love the little man syndrom truck as well. He and Branch probably cocksword fighting

  9. You know all these videos are the same I wish you would cut all the bullshit out and just get down to the fucking core and be honest listen you want to be big like me do lot of drugs there you go get off of the gear and see how he looks

  10. SHADY income to afford just the cycle stack, usually about 5000$ of steroids per month, train and eat till your gut hangs out, start training clients online that you DON'T give a single shit about them or even what you "teach" them, make guest posings, get a shady suplement company as your sponsor…. Then it just depends on your genetics cause the rest is bullshit!

  11. IF you people that think steroids are the only factor to becoming pro then why don't you do it yourself then? You clearly have no clue and just like the feeling of spewing your little opinion anonymously on the internet.

  12. All the idiots bitching about roids stfu, I know many guys taking drugs but they look nothing like Steve, you need discipline hard work ethic and good genetics, so stop fucking bitching.

  13. What’s it takes in order 1 great genetics or working out from an early age 2 hard work (includes proper training and diet) 3 steroids am I wrong

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