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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

>>So today we’re talking about a few things
that you just do not do in the gym.>>Alright, go ahead, you wanna’, you can go
first, ladies first. Oh my gosh! I don’t do that!
>>Now that’s, if you see somebody in the middle of a like an intense circuit, don’t stop and
talk to them, don’t ask them a question.>>I don’t talk to you in the middle .
>>I need this whole rack to do my bicep curls.>>Can I use….you’re in the squat rack right
now…>>Can’t you see I’m doing bicep curls in the
squat rack?>>I just happened one time to ask you in the
middle of your squat set, I know exactly what you’re talking about, but that is a no-no.
I don’t normally do that. Oh my gosh! I don’t normally do that.
>>When we’re at the gym, and you know, I’m might be doing my thing, whenever you come
over, and you’re like, “Hey, would you mind taking a video of me doing a reverse hack
squat?”>>I don’t do that!
>>Hey babe, when you’re done with that, do you mind getting a video of me? One for one.
If you’re gonna’ make fun of me, I’m gonna’ make fun of you.
>>No, I know what it is that drives you nuts, at least one thing. I’m just thinking about
all the things that really bother me.>>You got this, come on…
>>Babe,>>I’m right here with ya, push, push, push,
there you go>>Babe
>>Come on. Keep it going, keep it going>>Shut the heck up! Like, I’m in my zone,
don’t tell me I’m doing everything perfectly, when I know I’m not.
>>Except your voice goes like two octaves lower, you’re all, “Shut up,” and I’m like,
>>I do not. Oh my gosh!>>That’s disgusting! Is this all geared towards
me?>>No, it’s not, I promise.
>>That’s disgusting! It’s courteous to wipe down the equipment after you use it.
>>I’m guilty of this, I’m totally guilty of this.
>>He, yes! Oh my gosh!>>Another thing that you notoriously do is
>>Is this harp on Heidi session or what? I don’t do that? I have the hardest time when
someone is using the machine, but they’re not really using it, they’re using it as a
bench to sit there and text. But that is a no-no. I don’t normally do that.
>>Every time you walk by a window, and you catch a reflection, you always need to make
sure it’s still there.>>Because I’m scared it’s not gonna’ be there!
>>Are you checking yourself out again?>>No! I’m just looking at my muscles. I didn’t
have a butt for like 33 years of my life. Is my left glute firing all the way?
>>Mhmmm…>>Are you sure?
>>Mhmmm>>It feels off.
>>Your butt looks great, babe.>>I’m not like, a vain person, that’s always
checking myself out, but I like, I see people laughing off camera, here.
>>In the mirror, in the windows,>>I just want to know!
>>if there’s like a chrome piece of equipment, she’s trying to catch whatever reflection
she can in there.>>I need you to re-do it, you can’t even see,
like, you’re cutting off my head.>>If you see someone in the middle of like
a really heavy set, or a circuit, hold off on questions, hold off on discussion.
>>See, this is the third time you’ve brought this up. Is this like a severe issue?
>>This is number one on my list.>>Clearly. It’s number one..
>>Yeah,>>2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
>>Just hold off on asking questions until it’s clear that they’re done. If they’re resting.
>>Babe, you are not gonna believe this at all.
>>Hold on.>>No, no, this is seriously the craziest thing.
>>Hold on>>Ever, just listen to me, don’t even talk.
>>Hold on, hold on>>Look, look, look at that!
>>Please stop>>Really, like work in, let’s share, this
is a community, we all gotta get a workout in, so don’t text, don’t use the bench as
like a place to sit and text>>Re-rack your weights, don’t do biceps curls
in the squat rack,>>Like, let’s make this a little more entertaining,
not so like, yeah, I’m okay with that.>>Oh my gosh!
>>I’m not mean to you, like you are to me. You can go first, ladies first.

53 thoughts on “What NOT To Do At The Gym (Chris vs Heidi: This Gets Ugly) ;)

  1. You guys are goals! I hope that one day I am fortunate enough to meet someone who will hassle me to video his squats at the gym 😂😀 also Heidi I love your Arizona necklace!!!

  2. Funniest thing I've seen from you guys and uh to freaking adorable ps OMG Heidi you are one lucky lady

  3. Hey Heidi! I really admire you two! I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm sort of struggling and would absolutely be thrilled if you could respond with help. So I'm an athlete, I row 5 days a week 3 hours everyday. I also am a runner and am training for a 1/2 marathon. So I get lots of exercise in and I really do eat healthy! I'm sort of a health nut. I love veggies and fruit and eat lots of them and also eat many carbs and protein. I try not to eat much sugar and no processed food. But in heath foods wise I don't limit my self to one food group, like I eat many carbs and greens and all the groups get in. I'm a pretty small person, I used to be a little bit more round and have thinned out a lot and am pretty happy with my body except for my stomach area, my tummy feels so great when I wake up in the morning and looks nice but then when I go to bed it looks like I gained 10 pounds. Also I have really broad shoulders and am self conscious. Is there any way I can email you or

  4. Totally with you, Heidi, I've been slowly gaining more muscle so I'm getting better definition and I find myself checking every chance I get that it's still there because I'm scared it will vanish lol

  5. You guys are a joy to watch, this one made me giggle! Thanks for putting a true reminder to having fun while working together!! <3 it!

  6. One of my pet peeves at the gym are men making those stupid noises as they do weights. I've never heard a woman grunt and call attention to herself when she's lifting. So could you give Heidi another point for putting up with that?!

  7. hey Heidi, REALLY need to know, are u two still doing the extreme weight loss show. Because I want to lose as much weight as I can, and because of my weight I am gettin bullied, talked shit at, and I have a HUGE amount of low self esteem. Also because of my weight, I have actually been trying to commit suicide. That's how low my self esteem is, and I can't take this shit anymore, I really want to loose this weight, and every time I try, I keep looking at the scale and the numbers look the same. I need help with this PLEASE. My name is Greta and I am 14 years old.

  8. hye Heidi..
    I'm hafiza from INDIA.. my weight is 125kg. I'm following Chris 's workout level 1, 2 & 3.. it's great my body sweats A lot.. but I get more pain in my body n feel sleepy always.. I dunno what to do.. please help me.. suggest me how many hours I should workout & sleep per day? please please help me..
    Thank you.. ☺

  9. Hey Heidi and Chris :-), i love to watch extreme weight loss, you guys are amazing people with Great personality. I Wonder if you guys can make a TV show about guys who want to build muscles

  10. Heidi, If I had your butt I'd be constantly making sure it was still there, too! LOL Thanks for all you do. Hoping Extreme Makeover comes back on TV. In the meantime, I've bought your book and I'm loving the meals and mental exercises so far. Here's to my new lifestyle!!

  11. hi Heidi powell I am heena in India plzz I am criss powell fan☺plzz tell me he is very nice man sorry my English not good

  12. Lovely couple, made for each other… I love you both Chris and Heidi Powell, you people are sooooooo inspirational!

  13. I just saw the video… U both look soo beautiful together… I just love you both… Especially chris sir… I watched all his extreme weight loss videos…he is a superb trainer… I wish i could take training from him …guys please keep posting your workout videos.. As well as homeworkout… And some tips so that people like me who stay far from you both can seriously follow u…
    Lots of love from mumbai💖😘

  14. You and chris is crazy couple, so fit & realy awesome.. 😂🤣 but i love you all… Thanks chris & heidi for motivation on all videos… I healtylife now 😘😘😘
    I love you all…

  15. Loved your extreme weight loss and so happy to have found you on YouTube! Can’t wait to see you grow. I’m curious your thoughts about the plant-based movement? Should I be hesitant if certain fruits or whole grains (everyone knows processed is a “no-no”). I’d love to see your guys thoughts on diets like the 80-10-10, or dr. Gregors nutrition studies. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. I want heidis butt!

  16. 😆, I hate it when I'm clearly using a machine yet someone still asks me if I'm using that 😠 or when someone sets they're bag on equipment to claim it, leaves and doesn't come back for 15 minutes

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