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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

So you’re working out. That’s a good thing. However too much of this good thing can be
the absolute worst thing you do if you’re trying to build muscle. What’s up guy’s? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM Too much of a good thing can certainly be
a bad thing. And when it comes to weight training it can
be the worst thing. Especially if you’re trying to build muscle. Guys I’ve gone on record here and told you
that, keeping your workout short but intense is the biggest key to getting results. Why? Because most guys who train, think that more
is better and by doing that, overtrain. Now some of you are probably sitting there
going, oh wait, I heard overtraining doesn’t exist. Or there’s a guy on youtube, or there’s a
guy in my gym, that says that overtraining is BS. That’s the biggest BS you’ve heard because
I will tell you, it is the biggest problem that guys face today who are lifting naturally. What I mean is, guys that are lifting without
the assistance of something else, and we know what that is. Ok. Guys taking steroids, guys taking, you know,
drugs. That’s not what we’re talking about. Those guys have unlimited potential to train. But if you’re going to do this naturally. You want to make sure that you’re not tapping
into your limited recuperative ability to get back from your workout. To be able to come back stronger than you
were the last time. To do that guys, you have to stimulate and
not annihilate. Ok. Stimulate and not annihilate. And I will tell you, to stimulate, there is
a minimum effective dose. So I’ll date myself a little bit, there was
a guy by the name of Mike Mincer, who was into something called heavy duty training,
a long time ago. He went so far as to say, one set is all you
need. One set with the right intensity, taken to
failure, is enough to stimulate muscle growth. And then you’ve got to get out of the gym. You’ve got to get out into your non gym environment,
so that you can allow your body to recover and recuperate and rebuild. And that’s why we’ve been talking a lot lately,
about sleep and all this stuff outside of the gym. Because it’s equally important to what you’re
doing here. Now if you don’t believe me, I understand. This is going to be a little bit of a pattern
interrupt here for the guys that have been told that you have to train for an hour, an
hour and a half or two hours. At least let’s take this guys, as the opening
step to start to at least explore the possibility. Explore that what I’m saying is true. Because I will tell you absolutely, it is
something that will change the way that you train. It will change the results that you see. So what I wanted to do here in this video
was, cover some other areas. Explain to you that, overtraining exists. This minimum effective dose exists in everything
we do. And I thought, why don’t I show you some examples
of that to at least help to formulate the thought that yes, this does apply here in
the gym as well. And then at the end we’ll wrap it up with
some of the ways that you can insure that you’re doing enough stimulation. But you’re not under doing it but at the same
time you’re certainly not overdoing it. So let’s take a look at one example here. I talked about things that are, sort of, all
around us every day. Sun Exposure. Right, there is a minimum effective dose. If you go out in the sun and you’re trying
to get a tan. There is an amount of sun exposure, right,
you’re getting more and more activity of the melanin in our skin to change the color. Right, and as we get the color change, there
is a point where we reach optimal exposure. That’s our tan. But every single second, literally every single
second thereafter, all we’re doing is crossing further and further into sun damage, sunburn,
which is not a good thing. So you went from a desirable stimulus to an
undesirable result. So again, burn, tan, there’s a fine line here
guys you’re going to find, between what’s good and what’s bad. Ok, example number two. I’m not going to make you stare at my hand
for too long here guys. But right here, you can see callus, callus,
little bit on the inside here of the pinkie. That comes from grabbing those gnarled bars
that we all lift with. Why do they form? Because they try to help our skin become a
little bit more resistant to the rough bars that we’re grabbing, so that we don’t get
skin breakdown. Do too much and what do you get? You get a Blister. So guys, again, minimum effective dose caused
a good response by the body. Too much of a good thing turns into a blister. In this case, again, damage Alright, now in case you’re a visual learner,
let’s start with another example. Right here in front of me guys, three pieces
of meat. Ok, we have one that’s inedible, completely
raw. We’ve got one that’s cooked fairly nice, depends
on how you guys like your steak but it’s cooked. And then here we’ve got one that’s charred,
ok, overdone. This is a great representation of what happens
with our muscles when we train. Again, undertraining, you’re not working hard
enough, you’re not working out at all. You’re a raw piece of meat. Ok, you’re not edible and you’re not going
to see any results. On the other side of the spectrum here, you
overtrain, you do too much, this raw piece of meat becomes inedible once again. Why? Because it’s completely burned, you can’t
even bite into it, This has got damage, this is basically muscle damage, this is muscle
anyway, ok and it’s damaged. But if you train optimally, this piece of
steak, you could actually eat, it actually tastes good and it serves a purpose. Alright, last one for you visual learners
out there. Let’s say you have a headache. What are you going to do? Most likely you’re going to run to the medicine
cabinet, grab something for it. Ok, so you take out whatever brand you like,
two should probably be enough to get the job done, right. But what happens if two becomes sixty two
or so. What happens then? I can tell you, that headache will probably
go away. But you’re going to have a lot worst problems
on your hands. Because you’re going to be in the emergency
room. If you’re lucky enough not to die. Right, there’s certainly, when it comes to
medication, a dose that is effective and beyond which becomes damaging to you. We know that. It’s no different guys when we’re talking
about training. You have that minimum effective dose, you
go beyond that and you start to do damage. So what I want to do now is tell you there
are ways that you can sort of, focus on, making sure that you are getting enough of that stimulus. But making sure that you’re also not overdoing
it to the point where you’re crossing that line and harming the results that you’re actually
trying to get in the first place. Ok, so now what do we have to do to fix this? How do we make sure that we’re doing enough
and we’re not doing too much? Guys, it comes down to trading in workout
intensity for length. Now if you’re training for muscle endurance,
if you’re training for an endurance sport. That’s a different type of training guys,
we’re talking about building muscle. And when you’re trying to build muscle, it’s
the minimum effective dose. That’s what we’re going after. So we need to increase our workout intensity. Decrease our workout length. Now some guys are sitting there again, I can’t
believe he’s saying 40 minutes is enough. 40 minutes is plenty because you have to be
training hard. Ok, now how do we illustrate that. Let’s say you’re the average guy out in the
gym, there’s 45 seconds in a set. We’ve already covered this before too, most
likely you’re no where near that. If you time yourself during your average set,
you’re somewhere around 22 – 23 seconds. You should be up more like this by slowing
down you’re eccentric on you’re reps. Then let’s say you’ve got a 60 second rest
period. And we’ll even give you 15 seconds of time
to transition. Although you should be setting up for your
next set in your 60 second rest period. That’s 2 minutes per set, ok two minutes per
set. That’s means, if we were to do 20 sets, 20
sets across a workout, that we still would be at 40 minutes. What are you guys doing that are training
for 90 minutes? How could you possible be training, you’re
not doing this? And as I said, you’re already at 23 seconds
in a set. So if you’re at 23 seconds in a set, what
are you doing? I could tell you what you’re probably doing. Because I see it all the time in the gym. You’re on your cell phone in between sets. Your texting, your playing apps, you’re trying
to kill some time, you might be trying to pick up the girl in the gym . Whatever you’re
doing guys, is not effective at trying to build muscle guys. So when we talk about this dose, you have
to do one thing for me. Start buying into the concept of increasing
your workout intensity. make those eccentrics harder. Give it all you’ve got here. Train to failure. Rest and recuperate in between sets. Come back and do it again. Guys, you can either train hard or you can
train long but you can’t do both. If you train hard, you won’t have to train
long. That’s what ATHLEANX is all about. Ok, it’s about integrating muscle groups together. Getting you to use the muscles the way they’re
supposed to. So that we’re cutting down, making the workouts
much more efficient, cutting down on the excess. Training muscle groups, as I said, together. And then doing so, in an intense way so that
we can get in, get the work done, get out, recuperate, come back bigger and stronger
and see results a lot faster. Guys this is what training like an athlete
is all about. And again, you might be uncomfortable with
the concept, try it. Because I can tell you one thing, if you keep
doing too much, you’re going to keep getting the results that you’ve been getting which
is what you’re probably not happy with. So what you want to do is start cutting back
and start seeing the results. Because again, aim for that minimum effective
dose. You’re going to start to see what it’s like
to not be overtrained. Guys we’ll cover this more in depth in another
upcoming video. But if you found this helpful or at least
a little eye opening, make sure you leave your comment below and let me know. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a program
to train you effectively, but not train you into that realm of overtraining that unfortunately
is rampant out there. Then head to ATHLEANX.COM and start to see
what it’s like. Guys I’ll be back here again in just a few

100 thoughts on “What OVERTRAINING Looks Like! (YES IT’S REAL)

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  9. I have 2 Full Body Sessions per week in the weight room which last around 2-2.5hrs each. My weight training involves Power Snatches, DEADLIFTS, OHP, SQUATS, Glute Thrusts, PULL-UPS and a couple of accessory exercises for tricep and back. Then I have 3 morning sessions, in each one of those I do a light jog for around 5-8 minutes, bowl for around 30-35 minutes at a stretch (Cricket), then I move onto Broad Jumps (5*5), then some medicine ball slams and throws (around 60-70 reps divided in 10 reps per set ).Then I have 3 core sessions in the week. Each one is around 20-25 minutes long. And lastly, I walk (at around 3-4km/h) for 2 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
    My nutrition is quite up to the mark. I am fulfilling my daily caloric requirements. I am 5'10'' and weigh 72kg. I take around 3000 calories and around 4.5 ltrs of water a day(Weather is quite hot, avg. day time temp. around 35-40 deg. celcius) . My sleep time os around 6-7 hrs a day on average.. Some days I sleep for 8-9 hrs and some days for 5-6 hrs.
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