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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

you guys are watching me eat again
might as well like button while you’re at it okay guys this is Antoine Vaillant IFBB Pro with
another IFBB Pro Quinton Eriya aka Quintbeastwood and we have an
episode that’s kind of like a hybrid what bodybuilders eat for breakfast and what bodybuilders eat at restaurants now we’re here we chose stacked pancake and breakfast
house it doesn’t look like a house to me but I really hope there’s pancakes in there so you can eat junk for breakfast when you go
out but make sure you eat your protein in the form of steak and eggs or five eggs
or something like that don’t just eat pancakes
that’s just like that that’s mental what I do is that I’m never gonna go in the
restaurant by myself or try to get my friends to go to a restaurant when it’s not
planned in the diet but if I’m traveling or there’s something special or I got to do
a video I’ve got to make an exception right now I’m not officially bulking up
so I’m kind of like taking a little bit easier but when it’s go
time that’s when I’m on my meals a hundred percent and if I substitute
something out it’s for like a burger and fries or something
like this maybe like twice or three times a week but you can get away with cheating more because uh
because you don’t get fat really like yes like a thin layer of fat that’s like
equal during the whole body so he keeps this nice shape when I get fat it’s all
like ass and lower back so I look like a fucking the bowling pin
hey is muscle & strength paying for this oh I’m gonna take a fucking filet mignon
maybe you can help me with that I want to get the grilled cheese with bacon what’s
the homemade soup right now yep another kind of soup or that’s the only
one I’ll have it I’ll have it and so I want that and that and I’m also
wondering about the hash is that like the little potatoes is it is it big
oh it’s pretty big is there one that’s kind of smaller than that with the hash or it’s
always just big pretty beefy white I’m gonna have five eggs for sure
somehow in there over easy and uh actually give me some fresh fruit and that should be good
small breakfast can I get a chocolate pancakes please oh yea chocolate chip waffle okay can I get that as well oh yea can I get 3 eggs um like scrambled oh yea and can I get um home fries as well please oh it’s not working it’s like a little cow titty sorry I’m sorry I didn’t
mean to do that look at the wall there it’s a fucking
crime scene help help scramble for him yeah thank you oh my god Q we get it we gotta wait
oh yeah that’s what I do this scoop it up one bite you gave them little nipples yeah yeah you’re right grilled cheese soup fruits 5 eggs
he’s got three pancakes one waffle that’s made out of four waffles
little bit of eggs and the potatoes you ate that whole egg in one bite you’re done so I was under estimating it I thought
it was gonna be small come on 300 pounds let’s go 300 pounds
let’s go you can’t eat all the well we
gotta train too and I don’t want to overdo it because then I’m gonna pass
out when I get home yeah I’ll try some of it the thing because I didn’t
eat much sugar right no I mean like that’s why I probably can still eat so this is what bodybuilders eat at a
restaurant thanks for watching please subscribe below

100 thoughts on “What Pro Bodybuilders Eat at Restaurants w/ Antoine Vaillant & Quinton Eriya

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  2. Yummy yummy! I love pancakes with whipped cream frosting and chocolate and they look spongy OMG! My mouth is watering right now…

  3. Don't worry Antoine. I liked it before it started because I already know it will be funny and I also remember the war of kikoman… don't ever forget

  4. "Might as well click the like button while you're at it!" Me: clicks like before even watching the video what just happened 🤷‍♂️

  5. 6:05 I spit my milk out when the music suddenly stopped and they were starring at each other awkwardly while he was chewing the whole egg

  6. This is clearly old video since Antoine is looking forward to getting TO 300 pounds

    Has anyone seen Antoine lately???

    He has blown way past 300 pounds

    Makes me wonder if he will be able to down size fast enough for upcoming shows.

    Also since he has gained so much weight and more skin has grown around him to accommodate the much larger size, I wonder if that will make it hard to get cut as the extra skin does not go away with the lost fat.

    It is reminiscent of you losing a lot of weight, but wearing the same clothing.

    The clothes are baggy around you… they don't shrink with your lost weight.

  7. damn 2 dumb big muscle meat head..i'm joking..
    white guy eat faster than the black guy?
    i tho black guy eat more foods than white guy?

  8. Sorry, but Antoine eats like a pig ! Quinton, on the other hand, is a bit more refined. Didn't learn a thing here & it was not enjoyable.

  9. Yeah that was way too much sugar pancakes and waffles. Then again I'm not a big eater so I don't know.

  10. I'm eating two and 1/2 cans of tuna sweet potato and spinach all mashed up… Bet that makes people forget all about bland yucky pancakes.

  11. Must be nice to be a self centered glutton and worship yourself 24-7, while some homeless people have to practically eat slop at the local soup kitchen

  12. why they act like kids ?😂 i regret this guy have muscles he dont deserve it

    lol just kidding

  13. Such small breakfast for such big people. I'm not a body builder but I am big. I eat way more than this for breakfast lol.

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