Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

all right Muscle &Strength this if Antoine Vaillant IFBB Pro and this is what a bodybuilder eats for breakfast so breakfast is gonna be two eggs fish
oil teaspoon quarter of uh third of a cup of berries this is our go-to for mustard president
choice sweet and heat it’s really good and
we’re sponsored by this here in Burlington all the bodybuilders are not really but
if you have a store that has a president choice you should try to find it so
maybe take a screenshot of this right now screenshot I take this what I do right
I just mix it up like that and then see that so offseason I cook with this my eggs
will be in butter oh whoa I almost missed that one was too confident there saved so there you go that’s breakfast see
that a nice way to start your day so that was my breakfast thanks for
watching and please subscribe to the Muscle & Strength Channel

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