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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

we’re gonna do steak eggs toast Cream of
Wheat I do yogurt fruit orange juice a lot of
food yeah breakfast is definitely my favorite meal then of course every
morning we have these two hoping that something gets dropped on the floor so this is filet so typically I mean it
just has the best flavor it’s probably pretty a leaner cut of steak but it’s a
more expensive steak but you know like branch has always said that you know one
of the things that’s critical for bodybuilding is to make sure that you’re
eating the highest quality protein and the best meat so he always you know he’s
always had filet I mean they’re usually pretty lean I mean I try to trim them up
a little bit but for the most part it’s just a big old chunk of meat and the
dogs like the scraps and typically I’ll cook outside probably
this morning I’ll just throw it on the grill in here he likes to eat everything
medium rare rare medium rare so I just usually brown it on each side throw some
a little bit of seasoning on it and take it off and throw it on a plate so I ate so much oatmeal for the past 25 years
that I’ve been getting cream of wheat lately just good something different so no I
went through a period time that I ate so much chicken at one point I just got sick of
it I got sick of the way it tasted the texture of it the way it smelled
just I couldn’t eat it no more I told told her one year I was like stop
buying chicken we gotta eat something else fish or turkey or something else
but I was done with chicken for a while when I was young kid you know chicken
and fish and steak and all that it’s expensive so I started on my protein
sources for three three whole months was egg whites and canned tuna fish and uh
there’s you know they’re both inexpensive the time of the show was
over it was years before I could eat tuna fish just uh just grossed out by
it I ate so much of it maybe I’m biased but American breakfast
is the best even if you’re not on a diet you know you go to IHOP or Denny’s or
something man you get pancakes and waffles and steak eggs and omelets and
all this good stuff so of course my favorite is being home have a
home-cooked meal from my wife nothing compares yeah green vegetables not a
fan of vegetables never have them I think it goes back to when I was a kid you know my mom used to make me
eat all that stuff Brussels sprouts spinach and all the nasty shit and
they were old school you know you gotta stay there you couldn’t leave the
table until you finish finished your plate so I had to figure out how that choked that
crap down once I moved out the house I was like I’m done with vegetables so I
was a teenager I came in to metroflex and Ronnie was in there and he had
his food was eaten I said man I said all he had was like you know potatoes
and chicken or something or rice whatever it was I said you don’t have any
vegetables he said hell naw that’s one less thing I gotta cook remember I had a
whole thing of broccoli I took it and I went over and I threw the whole thing in the
trash and that was it I was done all right guys this is my breakfast thanks
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100 thoughts on “What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast | Branch Warren’s Texan Meal

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  2. Whatching you cut the fat off that filet is like watching somebody make potato salad with Miracle whip. Wait your from Texas that’s normal camaraderie there..

  3. Way do people make these videos complete useless. Bodybuilders eat protein and lots of it. Not a Hard concept to understand

  4. That black German shepherd made my night. I always wanted the black and the white one. I got really sick of eating chicken breasts also for a couple of years but.know i put the breasts with some chicken stock in a slow cooker wich i like much better. I also prefer cod fish. As my protein sources. Nice video.

  5. Really branch Uncle?? 00:47 breakfast is your favorite meal?? What's your favorite bum pinning steroid?? Will you reveal that too or like other pussies you will avoid telling that?? Pathetic cowardly cunts..
    Big from the outside and shitty cowardly pussies from the inside

  6. Wonderful to see two law-abiding, tax-paying, gun-loving men living their lives the way they want to live. God bless you two.

  7. a filet for breakfast every morning and a wife willing to make it all for you too!?!?!?!? this dude livin the life

  8. I laughed at the vegetables part, hated my parents making vegetable dishes. You know your kids preferences growing up as to what they will eat or not. My mom would cook a lot of mixed vegetables or green beans. She couldve made a dish out of lima beans/kidney beans and I wouldve ate that more than mixed vegetables or green beans.

  9. I was raised on cream of wheat,,malt o meal,,oatmeal&grits and i still eat those today..Also glad to see Big man eat some bread,,people run away from bread like its the plague or sumn👍👍

  10. great let the dog like ur hand then massage the steak without washing it, that dog probably been liking assholes all day

  11. Knowing now that you don’t like veggies. When I go to a public restroom needing to use the toilet now I know your the person that has their shit stuck onto the toilet no matter how much you flush Bc you’re constipated

  12. I start work @ 6am and wake @ 4am. Everybody in my household would tagteam drop kick me if I cooked up steak that early!!

  13. I'm not a fan of this lifestyle.
    Not anymore ☝🏼
    I train for 11 years now and in the beginning, I also eat every 2 hours, 3000-5000 kcal a day and so on.
    The body is not used for to this shit. It will make your body tired and slow. You're never in the "hunting" mode, because your body is always full of nutrients.
    What happend to a lion, if you feed him over the whole day..?
    He just lay around.
    Teach your body to have Energie, also with less food.
    Of course, if you are a pro bodybuilder, it wont work.

  14. Please take a 3 day break and cleanse on 3,000 calories of 100% fruit… It will clean your liver and kidneys and allow more free testosterone to flow through your blood.

  15. Wifey cooked all that for you’ Damn she’s amazing and gorgeous! I never thought “Branch Chain Amino Acid..” could pull a bad chick like that, he definitely has skills. 🍺🍺😎

  16. Branch seems like a nice guy. is he easy to talk to though? He sometimes seems like maybe he would be annoyed easy if you talk to him? But I like his house and dogs and his lovely wife.

  17. Great change up for a breakfast.

    At last – someone using iron pans to cook their meals!

    Love the fillet steak – use a pan and then cook in the oven until medium.

    Think he should revisit eating veggies – just leave the Brussel sprouts OUT!

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