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what’s up muscle & strength Chris bumstead
here today I’m gonna be taking you guys through my typical breakfast at least a
breakfast I eat when I’m actually at home so my favorite thing to eat while I’m
not traveling on the road and have my kitchen at hand is protein pancakes so
I’ll show you guys how I make it the base of it essentially where I try to get the most protein and like calories in the morning in I do four whole eggs right
in the bottom i contributes the most of the liquid for carbs i normally weigh
out anything between 80 to 100 grams didn’t eat much yesterday so we’re gonna do a
hundred grams today just pour it in so I still pretty much weigh everything
I eat in the off season obviously you don’t have to weight eggs cause you just
count the number of eggs but I pretty much weigh everything not eat too much
or too little but just to kind of stay consistent and if I notice I drop weight
I know where to add it if I put on too much weight I know where to take it out
and just keep things a little bit more consistent one of the most important
parts of this recipe is the banana A for flavor B because it adds the kind of a
better texture to it makes them a little bit more fluffy when you actually cook
them up literally just plop in about three-quarters of a normal sized banana
and finally which is like the flower of the recipe i would call it i add protein
in so i’ve been using the cookies and cream
MHP Maximum Whey probably my favorite flavor they have and it almost adds like
a cake taste to the batter so I just do one scoop of protein and
on top of that I add in some glutamine in the morning so baking powder also it never comes with
a scoop in it but this kind of makes the pancakes fluff up a little bit and cook
a lot better so I actually use the scoop for the glutamine for the baking powder
I add in like a pinch of that and then a full scoop of glutamine in there
glutamine is just like a really good like amino acid that’s like you need and
you obviously don’t have too much abundance of and the harder you train
your body kind of expends a lot of it so it’s good to get it in through a
supplement last thing I do they add in some cashew milk or almond milk whatever
I use unsweetened vanilla and this is just gonna kind of help it mix I put
that in the top so when I blend it everything kind of comes together this is my go-to breakfast now because
honestly I hate oatmeal I don’t think I’m the only one but I know it’s like
it’s a great carb to eat especially in the morning it’s a very slow digestion
carb so it’s a great thing to eat for breakfast but I just hate eating it
plain so my trade-off was just to make pancakes and making my food taste good
there’s no time it’s all skill and when cooking these when you pour it on you
kind of want to wait until bubbles start to come through and as soon starts to
bubble on the top side that’s when they’re usually ready to flip and flip
them over and at that point you only leave them over for like maybe 20
seconds and they’re usually good to go this is just one of those preference
things for some reason they just taste better when they’re smaller bite sized
things always taste better like mini cookies or mini muffins little
things always just taste better yeah the baking powder I think I mean
what it says it’s supposed to magically raise it everything you cook so it just
kind of expands it as it gets hot and I found also adding that almond milk at
the end which instead of the only liquid being the egg which cooks hard the
almond milk is a liquid that doesn’t actually cook hard I find that makes
them a little bit more fluffier and less dense so for these there is really not much order to
it I just kind of do half-and-half
blueberries and raspberries get a little bit health in your life I usually try
and get one maybe two meals of veggies in and then I’ll have like a bit of like
a green supplement I use because just like a pain in the ass when you’re
eating so much food to get in veggies as well but when I’m like actually full
prep dieting I actually you veggies probably every meal just kind of as a
filler and just for more health I usually put them in four or like 45
seconds just kind of check it you can see the fruit will start to like pop and
overflow and that’s when you want to stop it a lot of people don’t have a
good appetite in the morning and you want to don’t just want to wake up and have a
protein shake every morning like that’s the most typical thing to do everyone
just kind of has a shake so you actually want to get like nutrients
stuff in the whole eggs some real good carbs in oats and stuff like fruit and
everything so this is just kind of a perfect way to get that all together and
actually enjoy your breakfast not my best cooking job but you get the picture and
it tastes pretty damn good like I said you go on a little more sweetness too it
and you don’t really care about like a tiny bit of extra sugar a tiny bit of like
maple syrup on it goes a long way makes it taste really sweet a lot better and
kind of adds a little bit more to the dish

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  2. Starting your diet with hens periods and heart clogging cholesterol? guess all that matters is you’ve got abs. 🤦‍♀️

  3. well i made it and it took about 10 minutes to prepare the whole thing. İt was dry and it tastes like dry bread with some protein in it

  4. Awsummm Pancake Recipe! Gonna try it tomm. Thanks so much 4 not showing us how 2 scramble eggs & eat them w/oats!
    This guy seems so cool, u guys shud put him on more often 🏋️‍♂️

  5. Ja was scheisse ist wenn die sich voll ballern mit Stoff,Hey schwuchtel amie komm drück was wir drücken dann kannst du dich stark nennen,du bist ein schwuchtel losset,bankdrücken du und ich,287 kilo drück das mal dann können wir uns reden du schwuchtel amie

  6. Tried this..didnt see end of video and tipped whole bottle into pan was like eating a loaf of bread maybe I should watch whole video next time😂😂 but hey great video defo gonna try this again soon!

  7. Guys do you have any idea why some cook oats and eggs separately? I mean most of them cook them like that myself included. Is it related to digestion? For some reason when I cook pancakes I get stomach aches

  8. I have a really hard time believing that he eats that every morning, protein pancakes are something most people end up hating super fast

  9. Is this meal better as a pre or a post workout?
    Can someone explain?
    Thanks 🙂
    Great video by the way

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  11. How tf does that mix in that nutri ninja. You are way past the max line & once you do that your border line not going to get a full blend. I guess nutri ninja has a stronger watt

  12. I have been trying this breakfast for a week now and its amazing! It taste delicious and it's superrrrrrrr easy to make!!!! Definitely recommend !!!!

  13. His hands have bigger muscles than my arms, and his shoulders would intimidate the hell out of me, but he just seems so dang nice that I'm guessing he's a good guy in person. He also really knows what he's doing, obvi.

  14. Great guy, he's not even THAT strict with his diet. He eats what he wants, He do what he wants. A bodybuilder who actually enjoys his life while still kickin it at the sport.

  15. Enjoyed the video. Chris seems pretty chill and down to earth. Will def use this recipe soon since im bulking and I always just have a shake in the morning. Not enough calories.

  16. Protein Pancakes?.. Thank you Chris, I love pancakes! I'll be adding those ingredients to my shopping list for sure 🙂

  17. Anybody who cant chug raw eggs and piss-baby whine 'doesn't like the taste' of protein powder or oatmeal or whatever has no fucking business being a bodybuilder, hold you fucking nose and bulk, you dweebs.

  18. Just made this today without using the baking powder and it came out pretty good. You are right about “you can actually enjoy your breakfast and oatmeal” lol

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