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hey what’s up muscle & strength this is
George Peterson the third aka Da Bull your 2019 classic Physique Arnold Classic
champion and I’m about to take you through what’s a typical breakfast for
me so let’s get it all right so on the menu on breakfast
menu today we’re gonna go with some good old eggs you know this is a routine for
me every morning I always start my day with some eggs and typically I typically
have nine eggs in total two whole eggs and the rest of just egg whites
well since we won the Arnold classic the main thing that’s changed is my
carbohydrate intake because when I was getting ready for the Arnold classic my
carbohydrate intake was almost non-existent
I pretty much have carbs every meal now I still keep it at a moderate theyre not super high because after you finish the show your body can rebound and you
know your weight can just explode up and I want to keep my body weight at a decent
level just in case if I need to make any appearances anywhere you know like I
have a guest posing coming up soon and everything so I mean you know if it’s
not broke then why fix it you know it’s it’s been proven that you know eggs and
oatmeal they work you knows when you when you wake up after sleeping for
seven to eight hours you know your body is in a fasted catabolic state so you
want to eat something that’ll get into your system very very quick and
something like eggs will do that you know so the basics work I mean it’s just
like training training styles you know a lot of people look for these elaborate
new training styles but when the basics they still work you know so nothing
really beats the basics it’s good if you want to try to find
something elaborate to make things more interesting but when in doubt the basics
always work I gotta say this is one of the meals I really look forward to
every day because when I wake up and in the morning oh I’m just so hungry so I look
forward to my eggs and oatmeal the one of the interesting things about
bodybuilding it really does make you appreciate all that all that food that
you normally can eat and now you can’t and I have some hot water over here
boiling this is gonna be plain oatmeal I’m good with plain I’ve tried the flavored ones before I mean it’s good but yeah
I’m fine with the plain oatmeal so here just gonna sprinkle a little bit
of salt that’s good we’re gonna scramble it up Got some good ole raw spinach salad a lot of
people get on my case about this like a lot of my friends and you know
co-workers when they see me eating this at work
they’re like George you don’t you don’t do anything to that spinach I’m like no I
just take it right out and I just eat it just like that I mean I do like it I don’t I
don’t I don’t not like it you know it’s just it’s just I’m just feel like I’m
just chewing on you know leaves or something you know I feel like I’m just like a
rabbit or something I’m all about the results you know I’ll save the flavor
and everything for my my cheat meals so when I use two packets of oatmeal I mix it with a cup of water I’m not big on counting macros and
stuff like that for me I know you know the simpler the better you know I feel
like you know counting macros and you know trying to you know trying to do all that
stuff you can complicate things and I’m not trying to get all that scientific
and that complicated with it so another daily routine for me is in the morning
upon waking up i have my GI juice so for those of you were wondering what
GI juice is it’s a greens formula greens plus digestive enzymes because
micronutrients that you know are very important so that’s why I have my GI
juice alright guys well there you have it
that’s a typical breakfast for me thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe

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  2. This is my favorite guy featured on this channel. BY FAR! His calm, yet wise demeanor is what I love the most too. You guys do amazing work.

  3. That is a fantastic Breakfast! The kind you feel nourishing your body.I like the 2 whole egg to 9 ratio. Keep the cooking vids coming! Great stuff.

  4. Any good alternatives for a good carb source other than oatmeal? Because personally I do not enjoy oatmeal at all.

  5. Jeez how many times are they going to get George Peterson on these vids, hes weird and boring, get Cassandra martin on there man

  6. Pam spray contains unhealthy propellant, non-organic oats (don't know what his are) contain carcinogenic glyphosate.

  7. Why do you even do this shit ever single man eats the exact same thing, get Evan the ox on to show you clowns a thing or two about eating..

  8. eggs cant be considered healthy or nutritious.
    the spinach is the secret here, ask yourself why its trying to be banned from Olympics.
    I do my macro/micros, its not hard. he just doesnt want to see his results, either that or he knows his results and doesnt want to change his eating.

  9. Just to let you know. I just uploaded my new favorite video on my channel. Btw I eat eggs for breakfast too 🙋‍♂️

  10. "Good guy" George Peterson eating a breakfast as wholesome as himself. "I've tried flavored oatmeal, I'm good with plain" lol love this guy. Lee Haney'esque.

  11. His head is shredded. Back of the head has size and side of the head has conditioning – see when eating. Took 'Shredded from head to toe' too seriously!

  12. Awesome simple breakfast, George haves good Disapline & he seems quite & keeps to him self and humble…✊😎🙌💪

  13. I want to see off-season meals. Not cheat or not season. Because those means nothing gor viewers. They re eating same things in season like rice chicken oatmeal eggs. So off-season full day of eating would be perfect. Love u

  14. He should really install more kitchen cabinets on the wall where the TV is. He doesn't have enough kitchen storage space.

  15. Im shocked thats a very small breakfast. Ive been eating 2 cups eggs 4 egg yolks the rest egg white, 1 cup oatmeal with mixed fruit, 1 cup orange juice and 1 banana and 50g protein shake. Thats been my breakfast for over 15 years straight. Nice to see other peoples choice for breakfast. Im always fascinated at other peoples choice for breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day.

  16. 'You want something that gets into your body quick after you wake up'
    -proceeds to eat complex carbs and proteins

  17. 1:42 Listening to this & then the "Breakfast" in the title. The word is breakfast because you sleep & don't eat(fast) and in the morning you BREAK…. FAST… Jesus! 😀
    I guess it's really time to sleep.

  18. any reasons why he is using water instead of milk for the oat? Some extra proteins and other good macros or am i missing something

    Really relaxed dude love his vibes

  19. Cmon M&S…how many times are you going to film someone making eggs and oatmeal?! At least ask them to share something innovative and exciting if you’re gonna film.

  20. He is one of my favorite bodybuilders today humble laidback honest seem like not to mention he has one of the best physique in his division to me 💯💯💯

  21. dude is just mowing down some plain oatmeal/raw spinach with a chocolate cake and cookies 6 inches in front of him

  22. George, why not combine the oats and the eggs togheter with a banana, blend it all togheter the night before, store it in the fridge and make a thick pancake instead!? 👍👍

  23. “I’m not big on macros… the simpler the better” pulls out GI JUICE “it’s important for digestive enzymes and micros”

  24. I'm always fuckin mind boggled when folks compare you to a rabbit. Nobody bats an eye when you're struggling to chew that hard ass carcinogenic red meat and calls you a Hyena. I mean we dont have the acid a Lion does to break down your meat or the ten fecal baby eggs your eating daily. The mindset of folks is entertaining. I pass by every so often to see if I catch something new or informative but naw, just the usual sarcastic bashing of veggies and fruits lol and the same damn ten eggs a day for these hard to breathe bodybuilders or juice heads. Lets get some Vegan bodybuilders in this shit folks! I know you see my shit! Im feedback to folks! Just not the feedback YOU want……

  25. 2019 why is he still cracking his egg for egg whites , they literally sell egg whites at the stores lol that’s one thing that irks me lol but nonetheless good video George back is insane

  26. People still separate eggs to whites individually like that? Egg whites at Costco are pretty cheap these days

  27. Looks too nice..Where da menace at bruh?..Got me excited at juice turned out to be tummy juice 🙄

  28. typical video without even watching it. you know what they're going to eat.

    – 500 eggs
    – cream of rice
    – PAM spray

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