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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up muscle and strength this is
IFBB Pro Iain Valliere here today we’re gonna take you through one of my
breakfast we’re five weeks out so this is a pre-contest breakfast and show you guys
what I’m eating this has been my breakfast for the last
couple weeks so right now I’m not a big like egg white oat kind of guy like
traditional breakfast so I actually eat chicken for breakfast so I’m having
chicken rice and one whole egg just to get the fat content up a little more
so so I do 210 grams of just the jasmine rice 209.50 kay so I do 250 grams
chicken I pretty much eat the same foods all
year round I’d say you know really just the quantities change I mean like as
opposed like an offseason you know like the carbs would be a little higher so
say I’m having 210 rice here you know I might have 300 grams of rice and maybe
add some like toast to it or something so things like that you know but the
sources will generally stay the same so like this is 250 chicken 210 rice
one whole egg would say an off season might be 250 2 or 3 whole eggs and 300
rice kind of thing so I actually get my meat done like this I have a guy that
delivers them so he is the local butcher he delivers them kind of vacuum seals for
me and then what I’ll do is I just like cut three or four of them open toss them
in the oven and then keep in the fridge but the nice
thing about the vacuum sealing is these actually stay fresh in the fridge for
like two weeks so that’s kind of nice we’re good so I’ll do is toss the one
whole egg in here first so I’ll just do one whole egg let that
fry up a little bit and I’ll toss in the chicken and rice and kind of do it up
all together because I’m frying the egg in there what I do is I’ll just kind of
do it all together kind of like that and then just put a little soy sauce in it
too so you’re almost get like a fried rice yeah I make sure I salt all my food you know
so I do want sodium you know at this point definitely sodium is a good thing
you know for training performance everything like that so that’s actually
what I’ll do like when I get super close to shows you know when when I’m kind of
like cutting out all the powders like my pre workouts and my pump products or
carb powders and stuff I’ll just drink you know salt water before I train just
do a couple grams like 2 3 grams of like sea salt or Himalayan pink salt that
will at least keep so you’re getting some kind of a decent pump before you
train so this is just some sriracha sauce I
like a little little spicy alright guys so that was my breakfast
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  2. The protein must be more than 43. He eats 250g chicken and chicken has 31g protein/100g and rice also has 2.7g/100g and one egg has 6g

  3. I enjoy these videos, helps me learn so I can better prepare myself. Anyone going to the Chicago Pro 2019. 5’9 197 I’ll be there. Also maybe get some Colman’s with NPC dudes. Considering 80% of the viewers aren’t pros. Just a thought, much love as always M&S 🙏🏾

  4. Measure this guy. I'm curious what his measurements are. I'm sure my guess is close but the actual would work.

  5. These videos are the highlight of my day.. he also has such a calming personality and that was a good meal💕. I don’t like when they eat those torture meals like oats with egg whites and pretend it’s enjoyable 😳

  6. I wonder is the scar on his left arm due to elbow surgery or did he have to get his tricep repaired at some point?

  7. Man I absolutely love eating whatever I want and being ripped still! I could never do what these guys do. Tried for 3 months. Got on some mean gear and ate mass amounts of chicken and rice 6 times a day. Hated my life. Shit pretty much 2-4 times a day and meal time became a huge chore. Plus the cost of all the needed supplements to put on size and not totally destroy your body was running me over 4500-5500$ with food if not more. If you make less than 100 K a year and are in men’s open league I am fucking IN AWE of you. Anyways I’m rambling. I hate chicken and rice basically is what I really wanted to say lmao.

  8. My buddy just completed his first 27k, Iain mentioning ingesting salt water validated my recommendation… 👌

  9. Lol am having muffins and chocolate for my breakfast since am at a beach holiday rn. Ill have to burn alot of calories after the holiday

  10. Heres a small tip if your going the fried rice tip, put some korean kim chee up in there. No need salt or shiraccah, and its made with cabbage for some veggies up in your meal. Im from hawaii and we all love kim chee fried rice, also put another sunny side up egg right on top the completed fried rice. As we say in Hawaii, "Broke Da Mouth"

  11. You need to do a video on Greg doucette! He has a YouTube channel very informative! He does really good meals. Every time I watch this bodybuilding im like this shit boring compared to what he says!

  12. Unreal – how was it ever going to be chicken and rice for breakfast. You fooled me I was not expecting that secret combination first thing in the morning. I am going to put my oats and egg whites to meal number 2 now to trick the body switch it up

  13. So, this guy eats eggs 🍳 🥚 for breakfast 🥞 but just throwing in a pinch of rice 🍚 🍛 and a bit of chicken 🐔 🍗 🐓 basically he’s having an omelette 🥘 basically

  14. It's really quite interesting to see how the bodybuilding community preps meals. I probably stereotypically envisioned you all choking down a half dozen broiled chicken breasts and a head of plain lettuce and washing it down with a power shake. I'm actually quite surprised at how many carbs you guys eat. Everybody freaks out about carbs but they are so essential as "quick fuel". Nothing wrong with lean meat and taters. Man food.

  15. People like to point out that every bodybuilder eats chicken and rice. Well, wth are you supposed to eat? You can't be stuffing yourself with beans or nuts because of the carbs….

  16. sometimes i make a similar version from this "bodybuilder fried rice" for my diet since almost 2 years ago, finally i knew someone would do the same. Its quick and very useful when you are in a hurry but you have to prep a meal

  17. There i was, about to applaud the man for eating something other than oats and eggsand it's the only meal more common than oats and eggs !

  18. What’s w the metric system? One thing to talk grams of protein but not when you talk about the meat and carb…ounces please 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. He's right about the vacuum sealing. I own the foodsaver and it is awesome. You can go to a Costco or Sams Club and buy huge amounts of family sizes of chicken breasts, and vacuum them down to smaller portions and freeze the rest.

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