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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

If you don’t coat the pans your food gonna
stick and that ain’t what you want what’s up muscle and strength I’m Rob I’m
Jesse this is Bentley and we’re about to cook some breakfast for you we’re here today to basically show you
what we’re gonna do for our daily morning breakfast and kind of how it
different how it’s different differentiates yes my words in the
morning are very good yeah so I’ll be making eggs with a bowl of oatmeal and also
shake for fiber all right and I’ll be basically kind of doing the same without
the shake but I’ll be putting everything together and making a pancake out of it
so what I’m gonna do first is I’m gonna use about a half a cup of oats for my
type of pancake and I use gluten-free rolled oats and me I just keep it simple
I’ll just do the quicker quick one-minute oats now I’ll be making one
cup of those with four whole eggs and a cup of egg whites so for about half a
cup of oats we usually have it’s about 28 grams of carbs so when you’re
starting to look at kind of what people would say macros I would have about 28
grams in my so I use about a cup which is about 60 about 60 grams of carbs all
right for my two protein sources that I use I’ll be using egg whites and then
I’ll be using a scoop of the protein so the egg whites again I use about 1/2 a
cup same thing as with the carbs it gives me about 13 grams of egg whites
as in protein and then the whole scoop will be about 25 grams so I’ll get about
40 protein going into this meal and me only keep it at about 50 I’ll get 24
grams from the eggs the whole eggs the four whole eggs and then I’ll get about
25 grams from one cup of egg whites I keep my breakfast pretty much the same
during off season and on season it’s just during my off season I’ll eat more carbs throughout the day during the on season I’ll keep my carbs for my energy
but cut them back throughout the day so I mix mine up with a little bit of
flavor I like blueberries so I’ll be using like the blueberry protein but you
can pretty much have like an excitement of any kind of flavor you want by either
putting in fruits that you like or using flavored protein and then you can also
add some other flavors like it’s iso splash or Walden farms
and I’m just gonna oil my pan with a little grape seed oil I’ll use that too
but right now I’m going to use coconut oil in one tablespoon you get about 14
grams of fat so I use about one teaspoon of that and about an average of five
that it gotta make sure you coat the pan you don’t coat the pan your food gunna stick and that
ain’t what you want you can usually tell what pan I
use cause it usually ends ups bent all right like I said I just do about a cup of egg whites
and this will give me my 25 grams of protein so I combined all mine together
so I’m just gonna blend it right now so every morning when I get up I make a
green shake after my cardio um and it’s added with my breakfast so I’ll take a
spring mix fill it to the top my shaker to the top with other greens and something
simple it makes it super easy and then I’ll get my prune juice put a cup of this in
my shake put a fiber because being a bodybuilder you eat a lot of meat and a
lot of meat equals bad digestion and that’s not something you want and then a
lot of times we worry about our macronutrients and never the
micronutrients I throw a handful of blueberries in there and then I take this is a crazy
superfood spirulina super high protein and very low amounts so I’ll take a spoon full of spirulina and then also a digestive aid lemon
throw it in there as well and ginger and like I said for me it’s all about
digestion and I know these are foods that help with digestion and aid in that
digestion and so we make a shake for it and it’s not a big shake but it is a
protein or nutrient packed shake throw my top on that so he never really
likes to eat greens itself so this was one way of kind of just combining it all
there we go

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