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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey what’s up guys this is George
Peterson the third aka Da Bull your 2019 Arnold classic classic physique
champion we’re gonna go over a typical lunch meal for me so let’s get it on the menu is some good old tilapia so
I’ve been mostly eating white fish to help bring that weight down and these are
these pieces of tilapia are some huge pieces so this is this will be more than enough
for one meal probably a little bit a little bit more than I actually need but
I’ll just save the rest for the next meal if I need to so I clean it I just wash
it off dry it off and then a little Pam spray wait for that to heat up and then
I fry in the pan I’m also gonna be having some sweet potato in this meal
only three ounces of sweet potato and a cup of spinach the pan is nice and hot don’t you just love that sound a little bit of salt so it’s gonna let
it sit there for a little bit and we’re gonna flip it since it’s so big you have
to keep this in here a little bit longer than the small pieces of tilapia small
pieces cooking faster this is a big piece so it’s gonna take a little bit
longer not too much longer so you gotta flip this over now there’s alternatives to tilapia you know in
case if you’re someone out there who you know is not a fan of tilapia if you
want another good you know fish source you know you can do flounder you can do cod I’m
actually a big fan of salmon but salmon is uh it’s more of a fatty fish you know
then um the tilapia is so if you’re like really trying to lean out good I would
recommend tilapia over salmon definitely can’t wait to get into this meal
especially like a meal like tilapia like it’s usually it’s not gonna fill you up like
you know it’s not like a like a steak meal or chicken meal those meals might fill
you up a lot better and hold and hold you over a little bit longer but tilapia
it’s so light that um you know it’s not gonna really hold you over that long all
right so here’s the mother load of my
carbohydrate source just preheat the oven to 450 leave them in there for an
hour and then boom they’re ready to go so for this meal I’m only going to have three
ounces of uh of one of these which is hardly nothing all right so fish is
ready so here we have three ounce of sweet potato
which as you can see is not much and we have a cup of spinach we’re gonna
measure out seven ounces of our tilapia here it’s important to measure your food
so you know where you’re at when you measure your meals you’ll be able to
gauge if you need to increase or decrease you just know where you
stand you know okay so I just set the unit to ounces cause I want seven ounces there
we go As you can see right now it’s on zero so
you want seven we got five six point eight so you go so may not look as
pretty but it gets the job done so you got seven ounces tilapia three ounces
sweet potato and also a cup of spinach raw spinach no no no just a little bit
of salt on the on the on the tilapia and that’s it like I said I mean if you’re looking
for different methods to make your food taste better you can do different
seasoning like you could do Mrs. Dash they have another one out there called
flavor God those different things you can use to make your food more you know
I guess flavorful for me I’m very you know simplistic
and I just have it just like this and it’s good enough for me

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  2. You’re supposed to weigh the fish raw. That’s what the macros are based off of. You’re shorting yourself precious macros.

  3. People talking shit too much I swear, even talk about handle of the pan like wtf? 🤦🏽‍♂️ its all about gainz cunts 😂

  4. hopefully the dont raise classic max body weight again. like the do everything else. they will juat look like open pros

  5. You forgot to mention is it 1st, 3rd, 10th lunch. These body builders don't stop eating.. one of the guys was eating at the doctor's, even in the toilet…
    What a miserable life!!!!

  6. Bro even your cheeks have muscles on them!! WTF!! I dont even have muscles in places i should.lmfao XD

  7. He should add sauce made using his own tears considering how sad this meal is.

    Next week: Kai Greene prepares a grapefruit dessert

  8. “Better to have tilapia than salmon, if you want to really lean up, less fat in tilapia”
    Fries tilapia in the pan

  9. Let's be real people. You can look like him without steroids. Just takes years and the perfect diet. Most people aren't willing to do the work, it's like a second job. You can't mess up your food intake which makes it REALLLLY hard.

  10. I like ur content but I have to get this off my chest u actually look like a snapping turtle no disrespect

  11. My dude……season that fish. A little bit of Cajun seasoning isn’t gonna make you gain twenty pounds. lol.

  12. Before I watch this video, it’ll involve the following foods: Chicken, tilapia, spinach, sweet potatoes, rice, broccoli.

    These people have the most unoriginal, boring diets.

  13. I like these videos a lot i just wish it was just a little more diverse like get in a vegan or someone who eats halal or something like that. Like different so it can appeal to minorties and maybe some people could incorporate their way of eating

  14. Darn he looks like one of those dudes who shout 'TIA!' at me before shoving blood diamonds down my throat.

  15. Bodybuilders logic: eat healthy but inject steroids which is 100 times more harmful than junk food XD

  16. Avocado oil is way healthier you can get it in a spray can, that Pam spray is bad oil. That salt has anti-caking agent in it why not jus use sea salt? Keep it clean and simple that’s weird you’re using that stuff

  17. Respect. Just gotta say brotha to brotha that Tilapia is not good fish at all. It's all processed and farm raised. Red Salmon of course is fattier, oilier and much much more expensive, but it's all natural. You're better off eating Pink salmon. Peace

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