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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey what’s up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of and today I just want to talk a little bit about how to structure
your pre-cardio meal to maximize your losses in body fat. So the question of what to eat
before cardio is usually met with a pretty wide variety of answers. Some will recommend
performing your cardio on a completely empty stomach, others will tell you to consume some
protein but no carbs, while others will say that a small meal containing both protein
and carbs is going to be ideal. But what’s the real answer here? Well, the real answer
here is that there really is no “best” answer. In fact, there’s really no need
at all to worry about the specific foods or liquids that you consume leading up to your
cardio workout. The human body is a highly complex and dynamic machine, and trying to
influence the type of fuel that it uses during exercise, whether it be carbs or fat, is honestly
just a waste of your time and your effort. For example, fasted cardio makes sense in
theory because it would seem logical that the body would be forced to break down more
stored fat for fuel since there is no food in the stomach. However, as I talked about
in a previous video lesson, the research has shown that fasted cardio does not result in
a greater amount of net fat loss, and that it may actually may be inferior since it decreases
the thermic effect of exercise and often reduces training intensity as well. Another example
is consuming a protein shake only and no carbs and the logic here being that your body will
spare more muscle and turn to fat since no carbs are present for energy, but this is
also wrong because if your body does require carbohydrates for fuel during your cardio
sessions, it’s simply going to turn to its glycogen reserves, which is the stored form
of carbohydrates in your muscles and your liver. On top of this we also know that the
type of fuel that is used during your cardio sessions is not necessarily indicative of
its overall effects on your bottom line fat loss. For example, low intensity, long duration
cardio burns a greater percentage of fat during the actual session in comparison to high intensity,
low duration cardio, which mainly uses carbohydrates. However, high intensity, low duration cardio
results in a significantly greater amount of total net fat loss due to the longer lasting
effect that it has on your resting metabolic rate. So when it all comes down to it, fat
loss is dictated by net energy balance which is calories consumed versus calories burned
and NOT by nitty-gritty details such as the specifics of your pre-cardio meal. So the
answer here is actually very simple and that is to eat whatever you want and spaced as
far or as close to your cardio session as you want, based on what maximizes your own
personal performance, your stomach comfort during the actual workout and your overall
motivation and how it fits into your meal plan. If that means a simple whey protein
shake 1 hour before, fine. If it means a solid meal of cottage cheese and fruit 2 hours before,
fine. If it means a full on plate of chicken and rice an hour before, fine. It’s a highly
individual thing and it’s going to vary quite a bit from person to person, so it really
just comes down to your own individual preference. Just remember, fat loss is the result of the
cumulative effect of maintaining a net calorie deficit over time and not by what happens
in short blocks of 20 to 45 minutes a few times per week. When it comes to your fat
burning nutrition, focus on the big picture. As long as your pre cardio meal fits into
your overall diet as a whole, the specifics of that meal are really just a non-issue.
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35 thoughts on “What To Eat Before Cardio? (Best Pre Cardio Meal)

  1. Do you have the mp3 versions of all your vids? So that I can listen to what you say on my phone without having to visit youtube.

  2. I find that oatmeal with some fruits and added protein an hour before gives me the most energy before both cardio and weight lifting. I assume feeling good during the workout means it's good for me. I used to go with eggs but they didn't give me as much energy or felt as filling.

  3. Finally someone who doesn't candy coat the answer, just the straight honest truth thanks Sean. I will click the subscribe button

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  5. great video man and you kept a good speed with your voice and did not have me sitting here saying hurry the f up under my breath πŸ™‚

  6. Thank you Sean. I'm 45 years old and I haven't worked out in 20 years. I'm looking forward to taking control of my health since it's not too late. Thanks again for the information, it was very well said!!!

  7. This video tells you nothing. You basically ramble for 4 minutes and give no real answer. If someone asks Sean if the sky is blue, Sean would probably reply with, "Well, it all depends on how you look at it. See, some people think it might be red based on where they are raised, and some people may thing it's green if they have certain eye features, but what's important is that you always maintain a safe opinion on what color the sky could be."

  8. Thank you! Now I know more about how cardio works I don't use to do cardio but I'm at 13-14% fat and want to get lean. Yesterday I tried fasted cardio with climbing stairs at low intensity for 10min becuase if I last longer i might lose muscle but today I ate proteins and carbs then I did burbees for 2min with 20s rest between each 30s what do think is better to burn fat without riskin muscle? Thank you

  9. +Sean Nalewanyj Hi Sean. Great info as always bud.
    Some advice please Sean…I wake at 6am…walk to the gym at 6.15……get there and workout at 6.30…..what would be a good intake (if any) in this scenario?
    Many thanks

  10. Man, you're pretty ripped in this video.
    I have a question about pre-worout powder. Would do you think about taking c4 before a bike ride? I ride between 5-10 miles (fixed gear). I usually take C4 before lifiting weights… What's your input on taking C4 before biking?

  11. What is the best diet for gas! If I want to stop being a short distance guy and turn into a longer distance guy.

  12. Thank you for that, I prefer long steady cardio rather than hiit style. I have found that if I don't eat before a workout I lose fat and muscle so I am going to try different things from now on to see what benefits myself and stop bothering about what others are doing.

  13. in my case, I run like 2 minutes and I'm already tired. it's like if my body wasn't able to turn fat into energy. I don't care about efficiency I just would like to know if there is anything that I can eat that helps my body to turn fat into energy like any other person's body, I mean there must be any food, supplement or something

  14. Wow. First time any person was able to get my attention. Very easy to listen to and he really explains things well. You sir should be a teacher. I just subscribed !

  15. To get an answer like that β€œjust eat whatever you want” I just wasted 5 minutes of my life I’ll never-get back

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