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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “What To Eat To Gain Weight Part 1 Muscle Building Breakfast

  1. i am 15 years old i have been underweight my hole life im am 93 pounds and 5.5 u can see my hart beat out of my chest yes im that skinny i need serious help i thoght smoking weed would help from the munches i did that for about 2 year and no a single pound plz help me i would appresate it thank u.

  2. Hi, im using mornflake are they good for weight gain ?? per 100g contains abou 350g Calories, 11g protein, 60g Carbon H, Please help, thanks

  3. Maybe i am not dedicated enough right now. I am not eating millet (isn' that bird feed) raisans and water that is prison food.

    Good video though I am sure it works.

  4. @GymInstructor4u He meant that the white has more protein and is leaner. Too many yolks will through your bad cholesterol up.

  5. @ahopetoday1 you can start 5×5 workout when you beginner but when you intermediate bodybuider I think you should do asplit. I do not know how long you have been training. let me know on [email protected]

  6. @marinescar267 yes you can but milk is not good for everyone. lots of people has allergy .I do not prefer milk too much lactose .

  7. @OKzs of course you can eat every day something different like porridge ,spelt flakes or rye flakes. this is just suggestion.

  8. @Bartolini87 nie kazdy moze pic mleko . zobacz sobie diety kazdego profesjonalnego kulturysty nikt nie pije mleka. to jest dobre dla krowy.

  9. @googagaz Thanks man
    i know that my english is not very good but
    i try to help people get idea what to eat.

  10. @bazzwkd work for everyone you can replace this food for spelt flakes, porridge or rye flakes. If you want proper diet send me email – subject meal plan

  11. Looking for help out there anyone I'm 94 pounds want to gain weight i'm 14 everyone . I got sickle cell I'm not sure if that's preventing me from gaining weight or getting BIgger muscles. Help please I explain in vid COmment rate. I got motivation I got inspiration. Just need Help got a weight gym in my basement. BRother says it'll stunt my growth to lift weights. is it true? tell ur friends about me cousins family anyone who can help me. Thank you VIsit my channel

  12. @gurpreetbangi Have the bannanas 30minutes before workout and then some more afterwards. If you are doing moderate to high intensity training eat foods high in CHO (carbs) eg. Pasta, rice, potatoe etc. Have these for dinner and lunch with lean meats high in protien such as fish or lean chicken. Eat eggs for breakfast say
    3-4 on wholemeal toast. Goodluck 🙂

  13. @gurpreetbangi Honestly bananas won't give u much weight but one of best things to eat is atleast at start, high calories food, maybe eat a burger+chips in fast foods and then few eggs for your weight gain. But i suggest you doing this idk what size you are but if you are really skiny get good 15-20kgs of weight and then begin the training if u wanna build up. if u wanna get weight really quick you can basically eat a lot of junk food(i mean a lot don't drink to much sodas though).

  14. @Denjin384 well I have no idea what you said in the beginning I'm 14 too I weigh 100 pounds and lifting weights will only stunt your growth if u lift the weights over your head you can sit down and lift it by arm weights

  15. You can eat raw eggs but you can get really sick ! if you just happen to eat a wrong one. I Love Rocky Balboa movies but he gave a bad example taking raw eggs. It's risky business when it comes to eating raw food especially eggs, so watch out !
    The benefits are not worth the risk.

  16. @gurpreetbangi eat bread and drink a coke before bed eat about 2 slices (add salt or w.e if wanted) and drink a coke goto bed it will help you gain weight im in the same struggle im 15 6ft and only 120lbs i used to only be 115 till i started working out and doing that muscle weighs more then fat so working out is key work out you will eat more and gain more weight and PROTEAN PROTEIN PROTEIN!

  17. @gurpreetbangi depends if ur like 16 u cud get weight gainers eat with its within like 8 weeks u shud see some good results like 20 pounds if u do it as required workout and eat with it 3 meals nd 2 shakes a day shud be good

  18. or you can just eat a regular breakfast and eactually enjoy eating meat , then rather drinking and wasting money on protein supplements, and just work out afterwards, just eat carbs and protein after uwork out , enjoy eating

  19. @gurpreetbangi well i was also a skinny guy so i am i know what i am talking about
    well every morning go out for jog – if u want do some exercise every 3rd day – after traning eat eggs and milk (if u worked out 1-2eggs) and 2-3cups milk – depends on how much u can … eat a fruit after that and rest – then later just try to eat a lot of calories and proteins -and eat healthy 6 times a day
    if u dont know how much calories u ate use website fitday . com
    u should see changes in probs a month

  20. actually,if you eat a lot in the morning then you try to make muscles all the day,the food won't help you gain weight,you eat a lot in the morning then everything you do the entire day helps you diggest what you ate faster,if you eat at night,the food isn't digested that fast and you should gain weight,but thats what I think

  21. @16vastraturbo Lol no you can't, there is a chance you'll get salmonella and you'll be out for 6 months being sick …

  22. @16vastraturbo Lol no you can't, there is a chance you'll get salmonella and you'll be out for 6 months being sick …

  23. Im 15 and weigh 110 lbs, i need to gain weight. Can someone tell me some exersises and foods to eat. Right now i just do 150 curl ups in a row 1 time per day. And i do 100 push ups. 10 sets of 10

  24. @gurpreetbangi. hey try a bowl of porrage and 3-4 eggs for breakfast…dusnt get much better than that

  25. @ty6789288 Okay dude, I am 17 now, and I weight 165 lbs. When I was ur age I had the same problem (working out every day, eating a lot) but nothing. I was afraid to go to the gym, because I thought ppl will laugh at me. And then I started to do "ROCKY" training: 6 raw eggs in the morning,2 raw eggs after lunch,and 2 before bed. Doing 100.200.300 pushups, pull-ups on the tree branches, and at the park, going to the gym every night when is not crowded,and a lots of protein,and carbs.

  26. @gurpreetbangi Stop complaining, shut up and eat more. If you wanna gain weight put more calories in than you are getting out and do workouts based around compound exercises.

  27. @ty6789288 workout 5 days a week but different muscle groups. one day or shoulder/lats/delts, one day for chest, one day for bicep, one day for tricep, and one day for calfs and glutes. for the shoulder look up "funk roberts shoulder" and u'll see some good stuff, for chest do dumbell press, dumbell chest fly's,, for biceps do bicep/hammer curls and use a curl bar if u have one as well, for triceps do dips and lay on a bench and lift a weight with both arms and bring it back n for legs.. u kno?

  28. @ty6789288 i weigh the same. forget exercise it just makes your job harder. Because have this bodytype any fat we accumilate wont take as long as someone else. Just eat eat and eat. swap out all low calorie foods and at the start just add a little extra to each thing you currently eat. if you eat one round of toast now eat 2. eat chocolate and some fried foods. I your goal is to be big and ripped forget the whole thing. its easier to get big with some fat and lose it thenn gain muscle believe me

  29. EAT a LOT. Don't pay attention as to really what, since your really young you need to eat all you can now. Your stomach is like a meat grinder. Mostly eat a lot of proteins such as chicken breast, red meat, a lot of salaries and work out like crazy.

  30. you need to get a high quality suppliment that is 100% gold standard whey can buy it at the suppliments strore.its very powerful source of protein that helps to build lean muscle digests easily…Iam 18 years old and weigh 120 lbs.i am using this suppliment it really helps it……..and about excercise i used to do push ups 10 of 10 sets………..biceps 10 sets of 10……..triceps…….10 sets of 10…….forearms 10 sets of 10…….that is my workout……..

  31. lift heavy enough you can only do 10 curl ups,for 3 sets,also focus on doing your push ups slower,and the most difficult way of doing them.

  32. Cheers for the clip. Youtube is made for this type of thing.

    My friend used to be bullied. He said he was planning to grow muscle mass. I chuckled… Right up until suddenly he added 40 pounds of absolute muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (look for it in Google). Nobody dares to intimidate him anymore. 🙂 I registered earlier this week. See exactly what goes on. Plus this mans emails are fascinating!!!

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